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Also known as Golden Era of Daughter-in-Law
Daughters-in-Law's Golden Age
Genre Romance
Written by Jo Jung-sun
Directed by Jung Hae-ryong
Starring Kim Ji-hoon
Lee Pil-mo
Lee Soo-kyung
Seo Young-hee
Country of origin South Korea
Original language(s) Korean
No. of episodes 54
Producer(s) Bae Kyung-soo
Running time Saturdays and Sundays 19:55
Original network KBS2
Original release 28 July 2007 (2007-07-28) – 24 January 2008 (2008-01-24)
Preceded by A Happy Woman
Followed by Mom's Dead Upset
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Hanja 며느리
Revised Romanization Myeo-neuri Jeonseongsidae
McCune–Reischauer Myŏ'nŭri Chŏnsŏngsidae

Daughters-in-Law (Hangul며느리 전성시대; RRMyeoneuri Jeonseongsidae) is a South Korean drama that aired from July 28, 2007 to January 20, 2008 in Korea by KBS2 starring Kim Ji-hoon, Lee Pil-mo, Lee Soo-kyung and Seo Young-hee. It premiered on KBS2 every Saturday and Sunday at 19:55 for 54 episodes.

The Korean title "며느리 전성시대" can be literally translated to "The Golden Age of Daughters-in-Law". This is an ironic reference to the fact that the traditional role of a Korean daughter-in-law was a life filled with thankless drudgery. This show explores whether modern life and ethos have improved the lives of daughters-in-law in various circumstances with a comedic tone.[1]



Main characters[edit]

The only son among four sisters, Boksu is the apple of his mother's eye. He is the "jang-son" of his family - the oldest son of the oldest son who is expected to carry on his family's legacy, and he feels the weight of that responsibility on his shoulders. Although he is handsome and graduated from the prestigious Seoul National University, he does not hail from a fancy background, as his family owns a pig's feet ("jok-bal") restaurant.
Mijin has such a silly and cute personality that her husband's nickname for her is Dooly. But she is also very ambitious and capable at her job at SOPY Fashion, a clothing design company. She grew up in an affluent family. She meets Boksu at work, and marries him. Although very independent and modern, she abides by tradition and moves in with his family to live behind the pig's feet restaurant, to the dismay of her mother.
Mijin's older brother. Studied at NYU Stern School of Business, but dropped out and returned to Korea to become a filmmaker. Currently works as a production assistant for a serial drama.
Boksu's younger sister. All her life, she felt overshadowed by her brother. Unlike her new sister-in-law Mijin, she doesn't care about her appearance, frequently dressing slovenly, and always wearing her owl-like glasses. Her mother is proud of her, but her grandmother doesn't think any man will marry her. She currently works as a writer for a serial drama where she meets Inwoo.

Supporting characters[edit]

Lee family
Mother of Soogil and Myunghee and Grandmother of Boksu and Boknam. As the matriarch, she handles her family with an iron fist, and everyone lives in fear of her. Although she is a scary mother-in-law, she is wise. Holds the secret recipe for the pig's feet dish that she intends to pass down to her children.
Father of Boksu and Boknam. Works at the pig's feet restaurant. Lives in fear of his mother Hyangsim, who he never disobeys. Appears easygoing, but can also have an explosive temper like his mother.
Served her family and raised her children like a good, traditional daughter-in-law for decades. Very devoted to her son, Boksu. When Mijin becomes her daughter-in-law, she looks forward to ordering Mijin around like Hyangsim ordered her around, but things do not go her way.
Jo family
Stylish and flamboyant mother of Mijin and Inwoo. Frequently dresses in mini-skirts and heels, she is a popular "karaoke therapist" for housewives. She is dismayed when her daughter marries into a common family like Boksu's, and constantly finds them not up to her standard of elegance and luxury. She is also very disappointed by her son for dropping out of business school.
Easygoing and good-humored husband of Inkyung. Quit his corporate job to fulfill his dream of opening a French restaurant. Does not have a problem with his in-laws like his wife does.
Ko family
  • Kim Hye-ok (김혜옥) as Lee Myunghee (이명희)
Daughter of Hyangsim and sister of Soogil. Married into a rich, prestigious family, and uses her status and wealth to get what she wants. Despite her wealth, she takes great pride in how well she serves her husband with meticulous housework and cooking skills. Very disapproving of pretty much everyone. Probably the most abusive mother-in-law in the series and an all-around cold-hearted bitch.
Husband of Myunghee, and father of Joonmyung. An accomplished doctor and the director of a hospital. Although he has a much more easygoing personality than his wife, and loves to laugh, he has somewhat neglected his family over the years due to his focus on his career.
An only child, he is also a doctor who works at his father's hospital. Fell deeply in love with Soyoung, who was a nurse, and married her against his mother's wishes. Soyoung left him after a year of marriage because she couldn't take her mother-in-law's abuse. Then Joonmyung marries Soohyun. Although he tries to be a good husband to his second wife, he remains very resentful towards his mother.
Joonmyung's second wife, and the daughter of a former university chancellor. Soohyun is the head designer of SOPY Fashion, where Boksu and Mijin also work. Soohyun's mother died of illness a few years ago and Joonmyung was her doctor. Her husband praises her for having a calm and patient personality. But although Soohyun loves her husband, she comes to realize that his heart is somewhere else.
Extended cast
A talented photographer who Soohyun hires to work for SOPY Fashion. He has a gruff, sarcastic manner.
Owns a neighboring restaurant to the Lee family, and loves to gossip. Very curious about the going-ons of her neighbors.
Employee of SOPY Fashion, and Mijin's superior.
  • Lee Ha (이하) as Noh Seungyoo (노승유)
Employee of SOPY Fashion. Recommends that Soohyun hire Giha, his friend.
  • Sung Eun (성은) as Huh Gina (허지나)
A designer at SOPY Fashion who becomes interested in Boksu because of his good looks and high position in the company, but drops him quickly after discovering that he is the scion of a pig's feet restaurant. Even though she rejected Boksu, she continues to be jealous when Mijin finds happiness with him.


2007 KBS Drama Awards

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