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Not to be confused with Daughter (band).
Origin Providence, Rhode Island, United States
Genres Mathcore, noise rock,
grindcore (early)
Years active 2001 (2001)–2009 (2009), 2013-Present
Labels Hydra Head, Robotic Empire
Associated acts As the Sun Sets, Fang Island, Snowbird, Brrrmuda, Fucking Invincible, WAY OUT, Tongue Dynasty, Kayo Dot
Members Alexis S.F. Marshall
Jon Syverson
Nicholas Andrew Sadler
Samuel Moorehouse Walker
Past members Brent Frattini
Gary Potter
Jeff Worms
Jeremy Wabiszczewicz
Perri Peet
Pat Masterson

Daughters is an American rock band formed in 2001 in Providence, Rhode Island after the demise of Providence-based As the Sun Sets.

Daughters have four releases including their self-titled EP, Canada Songs LP Hell Songs and last album Daughters. The band has re-released their self-titled EP under the title 2002 EP on April 1, 2009. Recording for Daughters' final full-length album began in late April, 2009.[1] It was released March 9, 2010 on Hydra Head Records.[2]

Sometime before the release of the band's third and final album, longtime lead guitarist Nicholas Sadler and bassist Samuel Walker left the group, leaving the future of Daughters in doubt. The band's management has announced the band will not be touring in support of the self-titled album, and that it will presumably be their last. From 2006/2007 to 2011 Sadler was a member of rock group Fang Island and is currently releasing small runs of solo work via Foreign Sounds, composing for film, and playing bass in post-punk band WAY OUT. In 2012 Alexis formed Fucking Invincible with members of other Providence bands and a local tattoo artist. Syverson played several shows with Wet Lungs featuring Gabe Serbian of The Locust and Mike Morowitz whom daughters named a song after. Syverson is now drumming for Pushmen featuring members of Made Out of Babies and Employer Employee.

On September 13, 2013, Daughters reformed for one show in Rhode Island.[3][4] Due to popular demand, a second show was added on September 15.[5] Although no further official statements have been made, ever since the reunion the band has had heavy activity in their Facebook page, and have several shows tentitively planned for 2015.

In December 2013, a personal interview was with Marshall, asking about the situation of the band. Marshall stated that the band is in fact still together, and they "Never really broke up", but the band members needed time off because "[they] didn't like each other anymore". [6]

In the summer of 2014, the band began posting pictures hinting at a new album, followed by a video of drummer Jon Syverson playing drums with the description "Demos".

In September of 2016, the band announced via Instagram that they will "record, once again, during [their upcoming tour] with no real agenda nor timeline for release."[7]


  • Pat Masterson - bass (2001-2004)
  • Jeremy Wabiszczewicz - guitar (2001-)
  • Brent Frattini
  • Perri Peet


Studio albums[edit]



  • "The First Supper" (2010, Hydra Head)[8]

Live albums[edit]

  • Live from CBGB's (2004, City of Hell)

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