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Daule Canton
Cantón de Daule
Flag of Daule Canton
Coat of arms of Daule Canton
Coat of arms
Location of the Daule Canton within Ecuador.
Location of the Daule Canton within Ecuador.
Coordinates: 01°52′0″S 79°59′0″W / 1.86667°S 79.98333°W / -1.86667; -79.98333
Country  Ecuador
Province Bolívar Province
Established 24 June 1824
Seat Daule
 • Total 475 km2 (183 sq mi)
Population (2010)
 • Total 120,326
Time zone ECT (UTC-5)
Website http://www.daule.gob.ec

Daule, also known as Villa Daule, is a canton located in the Guayas province in Ecuador. Created in 1820, it is one of the most important cites of Guayas thanks to its rice production and other products such as corn and eggs.[citation needed]

The Daule canton covers an area of 462 square kilometres (178 sq mi) and at the 2001 census it had a population of 85,148 people. The seat or capital of the canton is the city of Daule.[1]


Ethnic groups as of the Ecuadorian census of 2010:[2]


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Coordinates: 1°52′S 79°59′W / 1.867°S 79.983°W / -1.867; -79.983