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Daulatabad is a panchayat village in Kiraoli Tehsil of Agra district. This village is dominated by Sisodia rajputs. This village is surrounded by three towns viz Kiraoli, Acchhnera and Fatehpur Sikri. Administratively it is a Village Panchayat (Code: 39048) under Fatehpur Sikri,[1] and includes three villages satha,Daulatabad and Naya Bass.[2] It is 30 km from Agra and 25 km from Bharatpur.

The village has a 32 kV substation. The village is situated near a canal which is the main source of irrigation.


Coordinates: 29°27′N 78°21′E / 29.450°N 78.350°E / 29.450; 78.350