Daumen Group

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Daumen Group
Großer Daumen
Highest point
Peak Großer Daumen
Elevation 2,280 m (7,480 ft)
Coordinates 47°25′N 10°21′E / 47.417°N 10.350°E / 47.417; 10.350Coordinates: 47°25′N 10°21′E / 47.417°N 10.350°E / 47.417; 10.350
Daumen Group is located in Alps
Daumen Group
Daumen Group
Location of the Daumengruppe
Country Germany
State Bavaria
Parent range Allgäu Alps

The Daumen Group (German: Daumengruppe) is a mountain range of the Allgäu Alps,[1] named after Großer Daumen, the highest mountain in the range.


Major peaks include:


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