Daund Junction railway station

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Daund Junction
Express train and Passenger train station
Daund Junction railway station.jpg
LocationRailway Hospital Road, New Daund, Maharashtra, India
Coordinates18°27′50″N 74°34′44″E / 18.4640°N 74.5788°E / 18.4640; 74.5788Coordinates: 18°27′50″N 74°34′44″E / 18.4640°N 74.5788°E / 18.4640; 74.5788
Owned byIndian Railways
Line(s)Mumbai-Chennai line
Mumbai Dadar-Solapur section
Daund - Manmad branch line
Daund-Baramati line[1]
Bicycle facilitiesYes
Other information
Station codeDD
Division(s) Solapur , Pune
Fare zoneCentral Railway zone
Daund Jn. railway station is located in Maharashtra
Daund Jn. railway station
Daund Jn. railway station
Location in Maharashtra

Daund Junction railway station is a major railway station on the Mumbai-Pune-Wadi route of Indian Railways located in Pune district, Maharashtra, India. Northbound trains from Pune towards Ahmednagar and Manmad pass through this station. Daund is a major stop for passenger trains and is a major freight redistribution hub. The short-distance railway track to Baramati starts from Daund junction.


Daund railway station has refreshment stalls serving vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, retiring room, waiting room and a book stall.

Bypass line[edit]

Daund railway station

Trains from Pune going towards Ahmednagar and Manmad stop at Daund railway station and then reverse the direction to proceed to Ahmednagar. The railway engine has to be detached from one end and attached at the other end. This takes minimum 15 minutes at the station and the total time taken is almost half an hour. Engines for about 40 trains have to be detached and re-attached every day. Many fast trains such as Karnataka Sampark Kranti Express have only technical halt at Daund to change direction. These trains can save more than one hour by bypassing Daund and going directly from Pune towards Ahmednagar and Manmad.

A bypass track or chord line starting just before Daund railway station and after Patas railway station and joining the track towards Ahmednagar has been proposed at estimated cost of Rs.30 crore.[3] This 1.5 km long chord will save considerable time and fuel as trains can go towards Ahmednagar without going to Daund station.[4] The work was included in the annual budget of 2017-18 and a small token amount was allocated for this work in the budget. However, no visible progress has been made until April 2018. Land for the chord line with an additional platform on it has not been acquired by the Pune civil administration.[5] It is not known whether the process of acquisition of land has been started at all.[needs update] Work has already been started but two of the 19 Farmers have concern over compensation.

Pune-Daund suburban trains[edit]

Pune Junction Mainline rail interchange BSicon LDER.svg Parking
Ghorpuri West
Manjari Budruk
Daund Goods Yard
Daund Junction Mainline rail interchange Parking
Malad Gaon
Baramati Parking

Many persons daily commute from Daund to Pune city for work. Four DEMU (Diesel Electric Multiple Units) shuttle trains operate between Pune and Daund. Short and long-distance trains such as Pune-Baramati shuttle, Pune-Manmad passenger, Pune-Nizamabad passenger and two shuttle trains between Pune and Solapur are useful for people to commute to Pune City.

The track was electrified in October 2016. Electric suburban trains (EMU) have been proposed on electrified Pune-Daund section similar to Lonavla-Pune electric suburban trains. However suburban electrified trains have not started operating on this section as of April 2018.


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