Davana Medina

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Davana Medina
— Bodybuilder —
Personal info
Nickname Funky cold Medina
Born (1974-01-28) January 28, 1974 (age 43)
Ponce, Puerto Rico
Height 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)
Weight (In Season): 128-130 lb.
(Off-Season):138-142 lb.
Professional career
Pro-debut NPC Figure National Champion, 2001
Best win IFBB Figure Olympia three times, 2001-2005
Predecessor None
Successor Jenny Lynn
Active since 2001

Davana Medina is a professional figure competitor from the United States.[1] Medina is the most successful figure competitor in the short history of the sport, winning the first three Figure Olympia titles to date.[2][3]


Davana was born on January 28, 1974 in Ponce, Puerto Rico. She won her first figure competition, the NPC Bev Francis Atlantic States.

Davana turned professional after winning the first NPC Figure Nationals in 2001. However, there were no professional figure contests until 2003, so she was forced to take a year off from competition. She has been the most successful woman in figure competition, winning the first three Figure Olympias to date.[4] Davana competes at 5'7" and 130 pounds.[5][6]

After missing the 2006 IFBB Figure Olympia, Medina retired from the sport. On July 14, 2010 it was confirmed that Davana would be making a comeback to the competitive stage as a bikini competitor at the IFBB Europa Hartford Bikini Championships. However, she later pulled out of the competition[7]

Contest history[edit]

  • 2001 NPC Bev Francis Atlantic States Figure Championships - 1st
  • 2001 NPC National Figure Championships - 1st
  • 2003 IFBB Figure International - 3rd
  • 2003 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Figure - 2nd
  • 2003 IFBB Night of Champions Figure - 1st
  • 2003 IFBB New York Pro Figure - 1st
  • 2003 IFBB Figure Olympia - 1st
  • 2004 IFBB New York Pro Figure - 1st
  • 2004 IFBB Figure Olympia - 1st
  • 2005 IFBB New York Pro Figure - 1st
  • 2005 IFBB Charlotte Pro Figure - 1st
  • 2005 IFBB Figure Olympia - 1st

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