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Davao Eagle
Davao Eagle
Type of site
Available inEnglish
HeadquartersDavao City, Philippines
Area servedPhilippines
Created byMichael Vicente
Founder(s)Michael Vicente
Richard Diongson
Alexa rank3,422,570 (June 2019) [1]
LaunchedBlog: 2010; 9 years ago (2010)
Current statusActive

The Davao Eagle (also known as Davao Eagle Online or DEO) is an online media publication and a community blog that covers local tourism, personalities, and events concerning or related to Southern Mindanao.


Davao Eagle Online started as an online marketplace for Davaoeños in 2010. From there, it launched a different platform that supports Davao City. In 2011, Davao Eagle Online with its core team started writing about current events, local news, and stories it deemed inspiring. Later on, it became the hub for Davaoenos where they can find share-worthy stories in the Davao Region. In 2015, Davao Eagle Online bloggers Pat Maruhomadil and Key Manatad were nominated as Blogger of the Year by Globe Telecom Media Excellence Awards for their write ups about current events and local issues in Davao. In its 2016 Mindanao leg, DEO won the GMEA Social Media Campaign of the Year award for their Year-End Poll Awards 2015 (YEPA) campaign.[2][3]


Prior to the time when Davao Eagle Online became a community blog, the website was built as an online marketplace for Davao Region.

The website delivers Davao related content and also President Rodrigo Duterte's policies when he was still a Mayor of Davao City. Davao Eagle Online also uses the Eagle as its symbol to give a "bird’s eye view" of what is happening in Davao Region.[4] In 2015, Davao Eagle Online published a video of a singing security guard who sang Back at One by Brian McKnight in which both ABS-CBN News and GMA News featured as a Viral Video.[5][6]


By January 2017, the website has a total of 1.5 million users which Davao Eagle Online team claimed that the website has been the top blogging community in the City of Davao, surpassing the engagement metrics of local media groups in the region. The blog site, davaoeagle.com reportedly registered over 10 million hits from January 2015 – 2017.


YEPA 2015[edit]

The "Year-End Poll Awards 2015 (YEPA)" was introduced in 2015. The winners of the 2015 "Davao YEPA Awards" were announced on January 31, 2016 at Bogser's by the Sea Seafood Restaurant and Tiki Bar.

Nominees and winners[7][edit]

Facebook Star of the Year Instagram Star of the Year Twitter Star of the Year YouTube Star of the Year
  • Cherry Maning
    • Jagspher Flores
    • Megan Romero
    • Gian Bacalso
    • Francis Bonguyan
    • Marc Ken Mariscal
    • Jannine Cartagena
    • Angel Chey Yap
    • Jamaica Choi
    • Dotty Ibañez
  • Keeno Valdez
    • Chad Penkian
    • Angela Leyson
    • Dewanie Kim Catapang
    • Jan Riel Briones
    • Antoine Pedregosa
    • Prince Jayson Castino
    • Mike Espino
  • Dave Lamban
    • Jimmer Ariate
    • Wowie Roche
    • Zhaun Ortega
    • Rain Gamboa
    • Weg Labos
    • Kristine A. Reyes
    • Katherine Lara
    • Malditong Kyut
    • Quennie Vicente
  • Rex Hart Valdez
    • Jagspher Flores
    • Jade March Hipe
    • Hello World
    • Neil Rey Llanes
Hunk of the Year Babe of the Year Campus Sweetheart Campus Hearthrob
  • Ryan Dusaban Guillamaso
  • Elijah Palma Gil
    • Chemp Raña
    • Alex Gil
    • Dennis Montero
    • Abdul Mali
    • Dave Dennis Peralta
    • John Peralta
    • Isaiah Palma Gil
    • Tommy Monteverde
  • Sheanne Bernardin
    • Arianne Buenviaje
    • Princess Asturias
    • Glorie Bellados
    • Armina Paraiso
    • Arnee Caminade
    • Jamaica Choi
  • Fjonna Saskia
    • Irjana Xyza Arcena
    • Jessa May Mimi Bonguyan
    • Ivy Vera Cruz
    • Tashea Mae Nabayra
    • Frances Aubrey Lumahang
    • Jamaica Choi
    • Jerrrylle Miel
  • Kidd Polinar
    • Earl Kim Franco
    • Kenneth Pasco
    • Darbbie Pasco
    • Elton Baranaskas
    • Wilbert Rosalyn
    • Neo Flores
    • Mark Justine Quitor
    • Toshi Ikegami
    • William Balaan
Most Influential Personality Most Liked Group/Tandem Athlete of the Year Partyphile of the Year
  • Piper Ramboanga
    • Naprey Almario
    • Vina Araneta-Pilapil
    • Nash Villa
    • July Arquiza
  • Digos Good Vibes
    • No Direction
    • Acousteens
    • Y~Fi
  • Mar Israel
  • Eric Dulay
    • Odile Digamon
    • Ian Dela Cruz
    • William Doromal
    • Dan Crasey
    • Nicho Mauricio
    • Jessner Ang
    • Catherine Segura
    • Yrish Yngayo
  • Dondie Mark Gado
    • Madie Boie Sahid
    • Hernz Panes
    • Kakay Sevilla
    • AJ Mode
    • Janvie Tiu
Band of the Year Music Award of the Year Performer of the Year Song Cover of the Year
  • Daybreak
    • Avalon Beyond
    • Jazzistas de Davao
    • LMTM - Last Minute To Midnight
    • Duchess inThrone
    • THEA
    • Crowns Down
    • C Shifter
    • Off Limits
    • Gecko
  • Kaye Cal
    • Gilda Joy Togonon
    • Domiliza Estremos
    • Manuel Torrejon
    • Lara Borrega
    • Y~Fi
  • Charles Ivan Jamison
    • ACE
    • Kervy Salazar
    • Rigel Micolob
    • Zhalia
  • Christian Faunillan "Pare, Mahal Mo Raw Ako"
    • John Eidderf Tan Abellana II "Hahaha Hasula"
    • Jezreel Dave Lacida "Roar"
    • SCPh "Silent Night"
    • Chemp and Elton "Amnesia"
    • Lara Borrega "Chandelier"
Most Liked Radio/TV Personality Viner of the Year Confession Page of the Year Fashion Icon of the Year
  • Baby Bungot
  • Claudette Centeno
    • Cherry Maning
    • Papa Kiko
    • Rovic Cuasito
    • Onnie Alfaro
    • John Paul Seniel
  • Megan Romero
    • Keith Marvin Pacatang
    • Martin John Flores
    • Chuck Rodriguez
    • Weg Labos
  • USEP Concerns & Controversies
    • AdDu Confessions
    • Kemfet Confession
    • SPC Confessions
    • HCDC Confessions
  • Katrin Su
    • Claudine Claire Chua
    • Janvie Tiu
    • Clarice Tiu
    • Lhal Parrot
Photographer of the Year Viral Video of the Year
  • Erika Morales
    • Bobcat Gregorio
    • Brian Dexter M. Medija
    • JM Santillan
    • Jon Adriane Leynes
    • Jose Patet Fermin
    • Ralph Casquejo
  • Markserye
    • Batang Biritero ng Davao
    • Tagum Dancing Traffic Enforcer
    • Singing Security Guard ng Davao


In 2016, Davao Eagle Online launched "Project GanDavao (#GanDavao)". Through this project, the team aims to unite local talents and boost the local music and entertainment scene in the region Encourage local music artists and producers to create more original compositions to uplift the Davaoeño spirit and promote our culture, motivate local influencers to take part in boosting local tourism, promoting responsible use of social media, and inspire positive social change.[8]

In June 2018, the team released the official lyric video of the song "GanDavao (#GanDavao), an independent collaborative project of davao talents including local artists and social media influencers that aims to send the message of love to filipinos and promote the beauty of being a Davaoeño and the Davao Region. The GanDavao team is composed of the Davao Eagle Online members, local artists and musicians, bloggers, and social media influencers who wanted to make a difference by introducing the Davaoeño talents and culture to the world and invite people to come and experience Davao Region.

The song was written by Fatima Maruhomadil, produced and arranged by Khail Tuboro (Khail SOLO) and features rap verses by Jovanny Sumabal and additional vocals from several other recording artists, including Maric Gavino, Thea Pitogo, Chrisel Joy dela Cruz, Pao Lofranco, Earl Aquino, Pau Pau Tolentino, The Echoistic (Ernest, Paula, Andrea, JR M. Galura), Blaine Corda Nasser, Cherry Lyn Acero Mayormita, Chierald Cadiente Tan, Christian Faunillan, Philippine Popular Music Festival 2018 "Grand Champion" Chud Festejo, Normilah Mae Ojendras Villanueva, Gracel Maganding, Singer/Composer of Himig Handog 2019 song "Ikaw at Linggo" Eamarie Gilayo ,Nairud sa Wabad (Tatot Libres, Earl Gioielli), Ville Oliver Lonzaga, Mel Brian Agonia Ojendras, JR Oclarit, Madayaw Cultural Ensemble, Davao Conyo (Phillip Te Hernandez), Lara Borrega , Mans To ,Rashley Ipanag and Ren Grace that formed the group "One Davao Artists".

Top 100 Faces of Davao[edit]

It is a contest designed to showcase Davao’s finest young men and women who are ambassadors of beauty, goodwill and success.

Nominees and winners[edit]

Year Awards Winners Minor Awards
Male Winner Joshua Eric "Jef" Fresco
  • Prime Participation
  • Spotlight Award
  • Teen Advocate of the Year
  • Mr and Miss Image District
1st Runner-up Eujay Ren Regner
  • Image District Choice
  • Darling of the Crowd
2nd Runner-up Daniel Lomantas
  • Prime Participation
Female Winner Kathleen Carriedo
  • Prime Participation
  • Teen Advocate of the Year
1st Runner-up Jasmin Catalan
  • Image District Choice
2nd Runner-up Dianne Iris Rallos Acto
  • Campus Magazine Choice
Candidate Melzheen Pecision
  • Miss Image District
  • Miss iFlex
Candidate Prince Silva
  • Mr. IFlex
  • Rockstar Rookie
  • People's Choice Award
Candidate Raul Carreon
  • Mission Possible Award
  • Prime Participation
Candidate Maria Jasmin Catalan
  • Mission Possible Award
  • Darling of the Crowd
Candidate Trisha Togonon
  • Rockstar Rookie
Candidate Mikka Del Campo
  • Spotlight Award
Candidate Zander Alad-ad
  • Pop Culture Pro
Candidate Mayumi Marquez
  • Pop Culture Pro
Candidate Angel Montecillo
  • Diversity Pride
Candidate Roselle Santander Cruz
  • Peoples Choice Award


  • 2014 Davao Blogs Awards - Best Gateway Blog (nominated).[9]
  • 2015 Globe Media Excellence Award - Blogger of the Year (nominated).[10]
  • 2016 Globe Media Excellence Award - Social Media Campaign of the Year (awardee).[11]
  • 2017 Globe Media Excellence Award - Social Media Campaign of the Year (nominated).[12]
  • 2017 Globe Media Excellence Award - Blogger of the Year (nominated).[13]


Davao Eagle Online Team


  • Key Manatad
  • Pat Maruhomadil
  • Jimmer Ariate

Member Contributors[edit]

  • Dave Stephenn Villamora
  • Nath Mindanao
  • Ethel Joyce Boligor
  • Julius Gabriel Alba
  • Normilah Mae Villanueva
  • Jefrry Puno
  • Mel Brian Orejandras
  • Cherry Lynn Mayormita

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