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David Allen, Dave Allen, David Allan, or Dave Allan may refer to:

Acting, entertainment and broadcasting[edit]


  • Daevid Allen (1938–2015), Australian poet, guitarist, singer, composer and performance artist, founder of Soft Machine and Gong
  • David Allan Coe (born 1939), American country music singer
  • David Clark Allen, Mexican-American founding member and lead singer for the band Carmen
  • Dave Allen (English musician) (born 1955), bassist for the post-punk band, Gang of Four
  • Dave Allen, American former bassist for the hardcore band Glassjaw
  • Dave Allen, lead singer and guitar player of the Irish band Hal
  • Dave Allen (died 1986), guitarist/vocalist for NOFX
  • Davie Allan, American rock guitarist
  • David M. Allen (born 1953), British record producer
  • Rockin' Dave Allen (1941–1985), Texas blues guitarist and singer



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