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Dave Aronberg (born May 4, 1971) is the State Attorney for Palm Beach County, Florida and a former member of the Florida Senate. He was elected to the Senate in 2002, as its youngest member [1] and served for almost a decade. He is a Democrat.[1]

Prior to serving in the Senate, Aronberg worked as a lawyer in both the public and private sectors for over a decade. He returned to prosecution most recently, when he announced his candidacy for the position of State Attorney of Palm Beach County.[2] He was first elected to the office in November 2012 and re-elected without opposition on May 6, 2016. [3] [4]

Aronberg married his wife, Lynn, a public relations executive, on May 10, 2015.

Early life and career[edit]

Aronberg was born in Miami. He graduated from North Miami Senior High School in 1989, attending Harvard College for a degree in Government in 1993. After he completed his undergraduate studies, Aronberg attended Harvard Law School, where he graduated with honors in 1996 with a Juris Doctor.

After graduation, Aronberg spent three years gaining legal experience by working in corporate litigation. After that three-year period, Aronberg decided to enter the public service, so he took a leave of absence to work for Bill Nelson, who was then serving as Florida’s insurance commissioner.[citation needed]

Former Commissioner Nelson and Aronberg worked hand in hand to investigate European insurance companies that refused to honor World War II era policies sold to victims of the Holocaust. Nelson lauded Aronberg's work and contribution to the cases, saying that they Aronberg had helped to bust "the largest consumer fraud case in the world." [1]

Florida Assistant Attorney General, Economic Crimes[edit]

Aronberg worked as an assistant Attorney General on two separate occasions. After completing his first year of work during 1999-2000, he participated in a year-long White House Fellowship. After completing the fellowship, Aronberg returned to the Attorney General's office during 2001-2002 as an assistant Attorney General where he worked with the division of Economic Crimes.[5]

Consumer Scams[edit]

In his first year as assistant attorney general, Aronberg worked to protect consumers from exploitation and identity theft. Former Florida Attorney General Bob Butterworth called Aronberg's effort to protect consumers from fraud “relentless”.[6]

Prescription Drug Companies[edit]

During his second year as assistant Attorney General, Aronberg participated in one of the nation’s first investigations of Purdue Pharma, the manufacturer of the prescription drug Oxycontin, for its marketing practices.[7]

Phone-Scam Psychic "Miss Cleo"[edit]

Aronberg participated in Florida’s investigations of "Miss Cleo, a phone psychic who would provide "readings" of the future for customers. Miss Cleo's organization was investigated for deceptive and illegal marketing practices.[8] Miss Cleo was fined $5 million by the Federal Trade Commission and forced to cancel 500 million dollars in customer bills.[9]

White House Fellows[edit]

In 2000, Aronberg was selected to be one of 15 White House Fellows from across the country.[10]

Aronberg represented the Treasury Department at a global summit on money laundering and the laundering of terrorist assets in Malaysia.[11]

Florida Senate[edit]

Aronberg was elected to the Florida Senate in 2002 as its youngest member.[1]

Sexual Predators[edit]

Aronberg sponsored legislation that removed the statute of limitations for victims of rape who were under 16.[12]

Gang Violence[edit]

During 2008 and 2009, Aronberg helped pass anti-gang legislation. The legislation restricts felons and certain others from possessing bulletproof vests. The bills also increased penalties for habitual offenders convicted of gang-related crimes and better witness protection programs.[13]

During his tenure in Senate, Aronberg was the Legislature's only Democrat who was the chairman of a standing committee, serving as the chair of the Military Affairs and Domestic Security Committee.[14]

Attorney General candidacy[edit]

In 2010, Aronberg made a bid for the office of Attorney General of Florida.[15][16] Aronberg was unsuccessful in the primary.[17]

Special Prosecutor for Drug Trafficking[edit]

In early 2011, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi appointed Aronberg a special prosecutor for drug trafficking, based on his experience at the Attorney General's office.[18]

State Attorney of Palm Beach County[edit]

In January 2012, Aronberg announced that he would be running for State Attorney of Palm Beach County.[19] Aronberg won the office with 58% of the vote in the November 6, 2012 election and was re-elected without opposition on May 6, 2016.[20] He took office on January 8, 2013.[21]

Aronberg successfully secured a $275,000 appropriation from the Florida Legislature to launch in July 2016 a multi-agency task force to ensure the efforts to take on sober homes are effectively implemented in the county. [22] He also launched in early 2016 a task force to protect seniors from scams. [23]


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