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Dave "Bucket" Colwell is a guitarist from the United Kingdom and has been a member of Bad Company, Samson, ASAP, The Eastenders, The Entire Population of Hackney, 720, The Torpedos, Angel Street, Roger Chapman's Shortlist, The Jones Gang and FM. He recorded Back on Track with Humble Pie in 2001, touring with them until the band broke up in 2003.

Solo album[edit]

Colwell started recording his first solo album Guitars, Beers & Tears in 2008, and it was released in 2010. There were a number of Colwell's associates playing on this album, including Steve Conte (New York Dolls), Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden), Robert Hart (The Jones Gang), Edwin McCain, Bekka Bramlett, Danny Bowes (Thunder), Spike (The Quireboys) and Jaz Lochrie.


Colwell is credited with writing the song "Reach Out", performed by Iron Maiden and used as a b-side on the "Wasted Years" single. He is also credited on seven of the ten tracks featured on Humble Pie's Back on Track[1] album released by Sanctuary in 2002.[2] He co-wrote two songs for the Bad Company album " Here comes trouble" also five songs for Bad Company's " Company of strangers" in 1995 and again two songs for their album " Stories Told & Untold" released 1996.

DBC & Friends[edit]

In 2013 Colwell, together with Ross McEwen, put together a live line up of a Colwell solo band. This band toured Scotland and Cyprus successfully, performing a set list of the greatest hits of Bad Co, Free and material from Colwell's 2010 solo album. In 2014 the band entered the studio to record its first original material. The resulting track 'WhiskeyLand', written by Colwell & McEwen, was released in July 2014


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