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== Early life ==
== Early life ==
Dave Dameshek received his undergraduate degree in broadcast journalism from [[Indiana University]] and moved to [[Chicago]] shortly after college.
As a young boy, his mother once hit him in the car after saying "bite me." Dave Dameshek received his undergraduate degree in broadcast journalism from [[Indiana University]] and moved to [[Chicago]] shortly after college.
== Professional career ==
== Professional career ==

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Dave Dameshek
Born William David Dameshek
(1970-06-11) June 11, 1970 (age 47)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Alma mater Indiana University , Poupon University[1]
Occupation Radio personality, television writer, podcast host
Years active 1999–present
Height 5'5" - 5'6"
Spouse(s) Cindi Brodack (2006-present)
Children Baby Oprah and Jean Claude Van Dameshek
Website www.davedameshek.com

Dr. William David "Funny Dave" Dameshek (born June 11, 1970 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), a.k.a. "The Shek," a.k.a. "Billy D. Dameshek," a.k.a. "Sheckles the Clown,"[2] is an American television writer and radio personality. Dameshek is best known as the former sports reporter on the syndicated morning radio program The Adam Carolla Show, and current podcast host of Daves of Thunder on the ACE Broadcasting Network.

Early life

As a young boy, his mother once hit him in the car after saying "bite me." Dave Dameshek received his undergraduate degree in broadcast journalism from Indiana University and moved to Chicago shortly after college.

Professional career

Early career

In 1999, Dameshek moved to Los Angeles, where, according to current podcasting co-host and hollywood sitcom writer David Feeney, he made a grand entrance. "He had a woman on each arm, called himself, 'The Shek,' and vowed to 'cut out the noise,' of talk radio." His key catchphrase was, "That's the name of the game," a phrase popularized by Hulk Hogan's character on Rocky III. He spent the better part of his first two years in Hollywood writing for cable television shows including Fox Sports Net's Sports Geniuses and Comedy Central's Battlebots. He received his first big break in 2001 when he was hired as a writer on Comedy Central's The Man Show, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla. He worked there for the show's third and fourth seasons, during which time he met his future wife Cindi. They married in 2006 and have two young children.

While working on The Man Show, Dameshek became co-host of a Fox Sports Radio show with radio veteran Kent Voss. The late-night show aired for about four months. Dameshek also wrote and appeared in several segments with Jimmy Kimmel on Fox's NFL pre-game show.

Dameshek moved on to write for the second and third seasons of Comedy Central's Crank Yankers, co-created by Kimmel and Carolla, as well as for I'm With Busey and Trigger Happy TV. In 2002, he began writing for Kimmel's new late-night talk show on ABC, Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he made several appearances in addition to his main responsibility of working on the show's nightly monologue.

In 2004, Dameshek became the weekly sports correspondent on the Los Angeles FM station Indie 103.1's Mighty Morning Show, hosted by Dicky Barrett, while making periodic appearances on regional and national ESPN Radio programs.

The Adam Carolla Show

The Adam Carolla Show debuted in January 2006, recorded in Los Angeles and airing in syndication on stations across the western United States. Dameshek was a regular cast member on the show from the beginning, serving as the show's official sports reporter. In December 2006, he and several other staff members were cut from the show, a move attributed to a ratings drop in the second half of the year. Dameshek wrote in a December 17 post on the show's online message board that he had been fired and would be replaced by Danny Bonaduce; CBS officially announced four days later that Bonaduce would be joining the show in Dameshek's stead.[3][4] Bonaduce left The Adam Carolla Show a year later, going on to host his own one-hour program on KLSX.[5]

Sports radio and podcasts

From January to July of 2007, Dameshek hosted Dave Dameshek's Sports Contraption on radio station WTZN (now KDKA-FM) in his hometown of Pittsburgh. The show's guests trended towards untraditional sports personalities, rather than well-known sports journalists. Regular guests included the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review's Rob Rossi and John Harris, and the creators of the websites Pitt Blather and Mondesi's House. ESPN.com writer Bill Simmons guest-hosted in April.

In November 2007, Dameshek debuted a new sports-oriented radio show, The Dave Dameshek Show, broadcast by ESPN Radio on 710 AM in Los Angeles.[6] The following June, Dave Denholm and Brian Long joined the show as co-hosts and it was renamed The Dameshek, Denholm and Long Show. With the transition, Dameshek's weekly feature "The Jerk List" was relocated from that program to The B.S. Report, an ESPN podcast hosted by Bill Simmons. Soon afterward, Dameshek left the show, which was subsequently renamed again to The Denholm and Long Show.

In July 2008, Dameshek debuted his own podcast, Dave Dameshek On Demand. The podcast is recorded at the KSPN offices. On November 11, 2009, Dameshek had his final Dameshek on Demand podcast for ESPN. Dameshek then moved his podcast over to Accuscore[1]. The Dave Dameshek Show Powered by Accuscore lasted 13 episodes.

On the March 1, 2010 episode of The Adam Carolla Podcast, Dameshek announced his new podcast with co-host David Feeney would premiere March 2nd on Carolla's ACE Network[7]. Daves of Thunder soon became the second most popular podcast on the network.

During the course of the podcast, numerous show characters besides the two Daves have contributed to the mosaic of humor that constitutes the podcast. These include:

"Jacuzzi Pete" (Peter Fokes) - The producer of the show, who in addition to his duties producing the show, reads listener e-mails and is the butt of many fat jokes. In an oft-repeated segment titled "Jacuzzi Thoughts," Pete listens to Dameshek's podcasts from his Jacuzzi and writes down random thoughts.

"Blaster Girl" (Katie Levine) - She also works behind the glass, assisting Jacuzzi Pete in production duties. She has long been rumored to be the love interest of David Feeney, and is known for her much-publicized feet and what some listeners call her cute "pot-head like" laugh.

"Singleton" (Tyler) - The first intern on the show, who abruptly left to pursue his own podcast that was strikingly similar in style to Dameshek's.

"Doubleton" (Reuben) - An intern that was hired after an extensive, one-episode search, he is now the current intern/butler of the show. His other alias on the show is "Dufresne," due to his occupation as an accountant.

"Donovan" (Donovan) - Doesn't really contribute to the show, but they swear he works there.

In 2010 Dameshek was awarded a prestigious honorary "Doctor of Mustard" degree from Poupon University for his work on the spicy brown awareness front, hence his new title "Dr. Funny Dave Dameshek, M.D."

In the fall of 2010, Dameshek signed a seven figure deal to yap and make pages about fantasy football on nfl.com. Despite readying himself most of his life for this moment, Dameshek has been accused on more than one occasion of being less than prepared for the moment. Looking down nervously as he awaits his turn to speak, deferring to the female host (he never did that with Strasser), and so on and so on. Alas, this lack of confidence on screen is a myth, as one poster on Dameshek's message board surmised. "Dave does look a little uncomfortable, but I think he'll loosen up. He also looks down most of the time, and I don't think it's a self esteem issue. I think his nose is too heavy." And that's the name of the game.


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