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Dr. David Gelperin chaired the working groups developing the IEEE 829-1989 software testing documentation standard.[1] With Jerry E. Durant he went on to develop the High Impact Inspection Technology that builds upon traditional inspections but utilizes a test driven additive.[citation needed]

Gelperin received his PhD in Computer Science from Ohio State University. Together with his partner William C. Hetzel, he co-founded the Software Quality Engineering consultancy firm in 1986. The firm played a leading role in organizing the International Conference on Software Testing[2] and the Software Testing Analysis & Review conference.[3] Gelperin and Hetzel had developed the STEP methodology for implementing the original IEEE-829 Standard for Test Documentation.[4] Their firm was instrumental in gaining recognition for testing as a separate discipline within the software industry.[3]

He is CTO & President of ClearSpecs Enterprises in Minneapolis, Minnesota.[5]


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