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Dave Halili
Body Count Album Cover.jpg
Body Count's album cover, featuring artwork by Dave Halili

David M. Halili

Alias : H ~STYLE
(1968-04-30)April 30, 1968
Fullerton, California
Nationality American
Known for Painting / Drawing / Graphics / Illustration / Digital art / Printmaking/ Textile arts / Screen printing
Notable work Ice-T album covers
Movement Social realism / Graffiti / Symbolism/ Urban art / Street art / Hip hop / b-boying

Dave Halili is a contemporary American fine arts illustrator, graffiti writer and graphic designer of album cover paintings, posters, logos, T-shirts along with other forms of representational merchandise. His best-known works are the album covers for Body Count (Body Count, Born Dead), Ice-T (Home Invasion, VI - Return of the Real), The Skeletones (Skeletones Red) and Moon Ska Records compilation California Ska-Quake. An array of collaborations in the Hollywood entertainment industry & Indie music scene have garnered him 1 Diamond record plaque, 3 Platinum awards, 3 Gold records and 2 Gold Europe plaques certified and registered by the RIAA.[1]

Halili's artwork on the cover[2] of Body Count[3] became to symbolize the band's song Cop Killer that was widely criticized by the authorities, raising questions about the boundaries between artistic freedom and censorship.[4][5][6] This controversy, together with an executive clash over Halili's proposed montage for the jacket of Home Invasion, forced Ice-T to leave Warner Bros. Records.[7] On March 23, 1993 Ice-T released the album with Halili's original illustration produced by his own record label Rhyme $yndicate Records.[8]

In addition to the above-named, Halili has also worked with N.W.A, No Doubt, Kurtis Blow, Donald D, King Tee, Stone Temple Pilots, Everlast, Monie Love, Ednaswap, Fishbone /Angelo Moore, Autolux, Carla Azar, Gripsta, Keith Sweat, Afrika Islam, DJ Evil E , Prince Whipper Whip, Grandmaster Caz, D-Roc the Executioner, Hijack (group), Dance Hall Crashers, The Toasters, Royal Crown Revue, Hepcat, Let's Go Bowling, Robert "Bucket" Hingley , Reel Big Fish, DJ Yutaka, DJ Honda and Zebrahead.[4]

The artist is also a member of the Universal Zulu Nation and the original L.A. based Rhyme $yndicate. A friendship between Halili and T.V. producer Michael G. Moye ( via Moye's assistant Rocky ) led to a fortuitous business co-op providing promotional merchandise for Fox Broadcasting Company's first prime-time sitcom Married... with Children.[5]

Halili resides and works in Orange County, California where he runs a studio and screen printing workshop named 'Halili-Style Graphics & More'.[9]


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