Dave Halili

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Dave Halili
Born David M. Halili
(1968-04-30)April 30, 1968
Fullerton, California
Nationality American
Known for Painting / drawing / graphics / illustration / digital art / printmaking / textile arts / screen printing
Notable work Ice-T album covers
Movement Social realism / graffiti / symbolism/ urban art / street art / hip hop / b-boying

Dave Halili is a contemporary American fine arts illustrator, graffiti writer and graphic designer of album cover paintings, posters, logos, T-shirts along with other forms of representational merchandise. His best-known works are album covers for Body Count (Body Count, Born Dead), Ice-T (Home Invasion, VI - Return of the Real), The Skeletones (Skeletones Red) and Moon Ska Records compilation California Ska-Quake. An array of collaborations in the Hollywood entertainment industry and indie music scene have garnered him a Diamond record plaque, three Platinum awards, three Gold records and two Gold Europe plaques certified and registered by the RIAA.[1]


Halili has also worked with N.W.A, No Doubt, Gwen Stefani, Kurtis Blow, Donald D, King Tee, Stone Temple Pilots, Everlast, Monie Love, Ednaswap, Fishbone /Angelo Moore, Autolux, Carla Azar, Gripsta, Keith Sweat, Afrika Islam, DJ Evil E , Prince Whipper Whip, Grandmaster Caz, D-Roc the Executioner, Hijack, Lord Finesse, Dance Hall Crashers, The Toasters, Royal Crown Revue, Hepcat, Let's Go Bowling, Robert "Bucket" Hingley , Reel Big Fish, DJ Yutaka, DJ Honda and Zebrahead.[2]

Body Count album cover[edit]

Cover art for the album Body Count

Halili's artwork on the cover of Body Count came to symbolize the band's song "Cop Killer", which was widely criticized by the authorities, and raised questions about the boundaries between artistic freedom and censorship.[3][4][2][5][6] This controversy, together with an executive clash over Halili's proposed montage for the jacket of Home Invasion, forced Ice-T to leave Warner Bros. Records.[7] On March 23, 1993, Ice-T released the album with Halili's original illustration, produced by his own record label Rhyme $yndicate Records.[8]

Personal life[edit]

Halili resides and works in Orange County, California, where he runs a studio and screen printing workshop named Halili-Style Graphics & More.[9]

Halili is also a lifetime member of the Universal Zulu Nation and the original Los Angeles-based Rhyme $yndicate. A friendship between Halili and TV producer Michael G. Moye led to a fortuitous business co-op where Halili designed and manufactured media publicity products for Fox's first prime-time T.V. sitcom Married... with Children.[5]


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