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Dave Hall (A.K.A. Dave "Jam" Hall) is an American record producer. He is famous for working on Mary J. Blige's debut album What's the 411?[1] (including the #1 R&B hit single "You Remind Me"); with Madonna, co-writing and co-producing several tracks from her 1994 album Bedtime Stories, including the single "Human Nature," for working with R&B harmony group Brownstone, and for co-producing two of Mariah Carey's #1 hits, "Dreamlover" and "Fantasy." He also had produced for such acts like Usher, Donell Jones, CeCe Peniston, and Joe early in their music careers.

He is also a remixer responsible for remixes of "Scream" (1995) by Michael and Janet Jackson and "Goldeneye" (1995) for Tina Turner.

He was married to comedian Wanda Sykes from 1991 to 1998.

Production discography[edit]

Brand NubianOne For All (1990)

  • Try To Do Me

Heavy D. & the BoyzPeaceful Journey (1991)

  • Body and Mind (produced with Nevelle Hodge)

Strictly Business- Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1991)

Stephanie Mills – Something Real (1992)

  • I Just Want Love

Shinehead – Sidewalk University (1992)

  • Try My Love

Father MCClose to You (1992)

  • All I Want

Mary J. Blige – What's the 411? (1992)

Intro – Intro (1993)

  • Let Me Be the One
  • It's All About You
  • So Many Reasons

JoeEverything (1993)

  • Baby Don't Stop

Mariah CareyMusic Box (1993)

Jomanda – Nubia Soul (1993)

  • Back to You
  • Tonight's the Night

Eddie F. and the Untouchables – Let's Get It On (1994)

Changing FacesChanging Faces (1994)

  • Am I Wasting My Time

JadeMind, Body & Song (1994)[2]

  • If the Mood Is Right
  • If the Lovin' Ain't Good

UsherUsher (1994)

BrownstoneFrom the Bottom Up (1994)

MadonnaBedtime Stories (1994)

  • I'd Rather Be Your Lover
  • Human Nature
  • Love Tried to Welcome Me

Intro – New Life (1995)

  • Funny How Time Flies
  • My Love's on the Way

SilkSilk (1995)

  • Now That I've Lost You

Phyllis HymanI Refuse to Be Lonely (1995)

  • It's Not About You (It's About Me)

Mariah Carey – Daydream (1995)

Horace Brown – Horace Brown (1996)

  • Taste Your Love
  • I Like
  • Gotta Find a Way

Kenny LattimoreKenny Lattimore (1996)

  • Never Too Busy
  • I Won't Let You Down

Assorted Phlavors – Assorted Phlavors (1996)[3]

  • Tell Me
  • Hiding Place
  • Trust
  • What Ya Gonna Do (Interlude)
  • Patience
  • Don't Let Go
  • Tonight (Interlude)
  • Can't Get You Off My Mind
  • Love So Real (Interlude)
  • Don't Stop (Interlude)
  • Patience (Remix)

CeCe PenistonI'm Movin' On (1996)

BrownstoneStill Climbing (1997)

  • In the Game of Love

KuruptKuruption! (Disc Two) (1998)

  • Who Do U Be (Produced by RJ Rice, additional production and remix by Dave "Jam" Hall)

Mariah CareyThe Rarities (2020)

  • Slipping Away (Written and produced by Mariah Carey, additional production by Dave "Jam" Hall)


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