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Dave Kleiman
Born 1967
Died April 26, 2013
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Occupation Forensic Computer Investigator
Website http://www.davekleiman.com/

Dave Kleiman (1967 – April 26, 2013)[1] was a noted Forensic Computer Investigator, an author/coauthor of multiple books and a noted speaker at security related events.[2][3][4]

Computer security & forensics[edit]

For a number of years in the 1990s, Kleiman was a sworn law enforcement officer for the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office (PBSO).[3][4] While there, he attained the rank of detective. Also, while at the PBSO, he worked as a System Security Analyst in the Computer Crimes Division and also helped set up the Computer Forensics Lab.[3][4]

Dave Kleiman is a regular contributor to a wide array of online forums and mailing lists where he assists network engineers and other IT professionals of varying levels in solving their issues, regardless of the level of difficulty involved. Kleiman is also well known as an advisor to engineering professionals in numerous industries.[2][3][4]

Dave also regularly volunteers his time and expertise assisting local and federal law enforcement agencies in cases both domestic and international in scope.

He is the creator of the "one-shot server lockdown utility" S-lok for Microsoft Windows servers.[3][4]

On January 1, 2007 he was named Microsoft MVP for Windows - Security



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