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David B. Lavery
Dave Lavery, FRC VCU 2006.jpg
Personal details
Born May 28, 1959

Dave Lavery is an American scientist and is the Program Executive for Solar System Exploration at NASA Headquarters. He is also well-known among participants of the FIRST Robotics Competition as a mentor of Team 116 (from Herndon High School) and was a member of the FRC Game Design Committee. As of January 2011, Lavery is no longer a member of the Game Design Committee.


Dave attended Virginia Tech, where he obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science.


Dave currently works at the NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC, as the Program Executive for Solar System Explorations. He oversees and is heavily involved with the Mars Exploration Rovers.

Other Works[edit]

Dave is also known for his work in creating the game animations for the FIRST Robotics Competition.[1]


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