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Dave Lawson is an Australian comedian and TV and radio personality. He participates in a talk back radio segment on the Nova 100 Australian commercial radio station, and is also a regular performer on the stand up comedy circuit. He plans to quit comedy and radio in April 2011 to pursue a career as a tram driver.

Born on 25 September 1978, Lawson grew up in the Bayside area of Melbourne and completed his secondary education at Haileybury College.


Lawson is also known for his long involvement in hosting the Nickelodeon Australia shows Saturday Nick Television, Sarvo, Nick Takes Over Your School and Camp Orange. He also co-hosted with fellow Sarvo host James Kerley and Sophie Monk for the 2006 Nickelodeon Australian Kids' Choice Awards. He announced his intention to leave Nickelodeon Australia on 16 February 2007, although several remarks by Kerley hinted that Lawson may return at a later stage.

Lawson returned to television work in April 2008 co-hosting The Dave & Kerley Show with James Kerley at 10am, Sunday mornings on Channel V. He is also a host and participant in the Ten Network's Guerrilla Gardeners, where because of his experience he was hired primarily "to spin lines to the councils [attempting to stop the show] when they turned up".[1]

He also appeared in the Toyota Memorable Moments series of television commercials depicting great moments in the history of Australian rules football with fellow comedian Stephen Curry. Curry plays the straight man, while an over-enthusiastic Lawson annoys and is usually hurt by the players as they recreate the scenes. Lawson also appeared in the music videos for Alex Lloyd's "Green", Duncan James's "Speed Of Life" and Gerling's "Dust Me Selecta".[2]

Lawson is a great-grandson of the Australian poet and author Henry Lawson[citation needed], and is reputed to have fashioned his laconic persona around several of his great-grandfather's ideas as expressed in such works as "The Cant and Dirt of Labour Literature" (1894), "The Advanced Idealist" (1895), "Diogenes" (1900), and "The Casual Australian" (1922).[3]

Lawson has been awarded the coveted Comedy Custodians Award for Best New Talent for his comedy show entitled "Life as Henry Lawson's Grandson and other funny things about me".

Lawson appeared on the 2013 ABC comedy series It's A Date along with Poh Ling Yeow.


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