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Dave W. Longaberger (1934–1999) was an American businessman who founded the Longaberger Company, makers of handcrafted maple wood baskets and accessories. Dave has two daughters, Tami Longaberger, who was CEO of the Longaberger Company, and Rachel Longaberger Stukey, President of the Longaberger Foundation.[citation needed]

Longaberger grew up in a poor family of 14.[citation needed] He suffered from a stuttering problem and epilepsy, both of which he managed to control.[citation needed]


Longaberger was also a philanthropist, focusing on Dresden, Ohio.[citation needed] He gave millions of dollars to the local community and schools, and provided much-needed services to the community.[citation needed]

Longaberger was interested in history.[citation needed] Later, after he became prosperous, Longaberger undertook the restoration of many historic buildings in the Dresden, Ohio, area.[citation needed] Some of the buildings saved were:

  • The Captains House (1850),
  • The Dresden Hotel (early 20th century),
  • The Dresden Iron Mill (circa 1880),
  • The Dresden Woolen Mill (circa 1890),
  • The Prospect Place mansion (1856),
  • The Cox House, Trinway (circa 1900),
  • The Dresden railway station.

Additionally, Longaberger purchased and refurbished many other historic buildings on Main Street in Dresden, Ohio.[citation needed]