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Dave Lowry is an American writer best known for his articles, manuals and novels based on Japanese martial arts.

A student of Japanese martial arts since 1968, when he began studying Yagyū Shinkage-ryū kenjutsu under Ryokichi Kotaro of the Nara Prefecture of Japan, he has also studied Shintō Musō-ryū, as well as karate, aikido, and Kodokan judo.

He has a degree in English, and has written about a variety of topics related to budō, the Japanese concept of the "martial way." He has written training manuals on use of weapons such as the bokken and jo, a few novels centered on the lifestyle of the budōka (one who follows the martial way), and countless articles on martial practices and traditional Japanese philosophy. He has been a regular columnist for Black Belt magazine since 1986, where he writes on the traditional arts.

He has written almost 20 books, primarily on the martial arts.[1]

He has also held positions as a published restaurant critic.

Books by Dave Lowry[edit]

  • The Connoisseurs Guide to Sushi
  • Clouds in the West: Lessons from the Martial Arts of Japan
  • Moving Toward Stillness: Lessons in Daily Life from the Martial Ways of Japan
  • Traditions: Essays on the Japanese Martial Arts and Ways
  • Autumn Lightning: The Education of an American Samurai
  • Persimmon Wind: A Martial Artist's Journey in Japan
  • Sword and Brush: The Spirit of the Martial Arts
  • Bokken - Art of the Japanese Sword
  • In the Dojo: A Guide to the Rituals and Etiquette of the Japanese Martial Arts
  • The Karate Way: Discovering the Spirit of Practice
  • The Essence of Budo: A Practitioner's Guide to Understanding the Japanese Martial Ways
  • Chinese cooking for diamond thieves (novel)