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Dave Luckett (born 1951) is an Australian children's writer born in Stanmore, New South Wales. He has written three non-fiction books about cricket and medieval weapons and armour. He has also written three series of fantasy books as well as a number of standalone fantasy books. One of the series, The Rhianna Chronicles, has been reprinted in the United States and Poland. His A Dark Winter won the Aurealis Award for best fantasy novel in 1998.


Children's fantasy[edit]

School of Magic[edit]

  1. The Truth About Magic (2005)
  2. The Return of Rathalorn (2005)

Tenabran Trilogy[edit]

  1. A Dark Winter (1997)
  2. A Dark Journey (1999)
  3. A Dark Victory (1999)

The Rhianna Chronicle[edit]

  1. Rhianna and the Wild Magic (2000) (US title The Girl, the Dragon, and the Wild Magic (2003))
  2. Rhianna and the Dogs of Iron (2002) (US title: The Girl, the Apprentice, and the Dogs of Iron (2004))
  3. Rhianna and the Castle of Avalon (2002) (US title: The Girl, the Queen, and the Castle (2004))

Standalone fiction books[edit]

  • Jupiter Tonnens (1993)
  • The Patternmaker (1994)
  • The Adventures of Addam (1994)
  • The Wizard and Me (1995)
  • Night Hunters (1995)
  • Switching Current (1996)
  • Deals On Wheels (1996)
  • The Best Batsman in the World (1996)
  • The Last Eleven (1997)
  • I am Cool (2000)
  • City, Seen by Lightning (2003)
  • Subversive Activity (2009)

Short fiction[edit]


  • Cricket Australia: Kids' Ultimate Fan's Handbook (2004)
  • Iron Soldiers: A Story of Arms and Armour (2005)
  • Howzat!: A Celebration of Cricket (2005) with (Max Fatchen)

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