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David Myers is a chef and restaurateur.

Myers was born in Boston, and grew up in Cincinnati, and originally went to college to study international business, but left to pursue a career in the restaurant industry.

Myers studied under the chefs Charlie Trotter, Gerard Boyer, Daniel Boulud and Joachim Splichal. The year after opening his restaurant Sona, he was named one of Food & Wine Magazine's Best New Chefs.[1] Myers' approach towards cooking involves sourcing his ingredients locally and seasonally. He was the co-host of the TV show Shopping with Chefs on the Fine Living network with Jill Davie.[2] He was named Chef of the Year by Angeleno magazine in 2004.[2]

Restaurants which Myers has worked in include Hinoki & The Bird in Century City [3][4] (no longer affiliated),[5] Comme Ça at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas (closed), Comme Ça in West Hollywood (closed), Sona in Los Angeles (closed),[6] Comme Ca Bakery in Los Angeles (closed),[7] Boule in Los Angeles (closed),[8] Pizzeria Ortica in Costa Mesa (no longer affiliated),[5] Sola in Tokyo, and the David Myers Cafe in Tokyo.

In Spring 2015 David Myers has also arrived at the Gastronomy in Singapore and serves at Marina Bay Sands at "Adrift". [9]

David Myers also owns three restaurants in Japan: Saltwater, Saltwater Kitchen and David Myers Café. He also has a restaurant in Hong Kong called Another Place, and soon to open a restaurant in Dubai.


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