Dave Riley

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Dave Riley
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Bass guitar
Associated acts Big Black

Dave Riley (born David Michael Riley) is an American musician.

Early life[edit]

Dave Riley is originally from Detroit.[citation needed]


Riley worked as an assistant audio engineer for George Clinton's stable of Parliament-Funkadelic bands. He is credited on albums Trombipulation and The Electric Spanking of War Babies. He also occasionally served as a session musician for his friends.[citation needed]

In the early eighties, he relocated to Chicago where he played various musical instruments in several bands including Savage Beliefs.[1] He joined Big Black playing bass guitar in 1984. The following year, he produced and played saxophone on the Ward EP by End Result.[2] In 1990, he played bass, piano, and percussion on the Algebra Suicide[3] album Alpha Cue.

Personal life[edit]

In 1993, he endured a stroke from which he has largely recovered, with his cognitive processes fully intact. Rumors of a failed suicide attempt are untrue; there is a history of early stroke on his mother's side of his family.[citation needed] Subsequently, Riley maintained an online journal under the pseudonym Paco Steinway, that outlined his experiences.


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