Dave Ullrich

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Dave Ullrich
Born Oshawa, Ontario
Origin Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Genres Indie rock
Occupation(s) Drummer
Record producer
Years active 1992–present
Associated acts The Inbreds

Dave Ullrich (born c. 1970) is a Canadian musician and entrepreneur.

Early life[edit]

Ullrich attended O’Neill High School in Oshawa, Ontario [1] and Queens University.[2]


Ullrich performed as drummer and vocalist with bassist Mike O'Neill in the alternative rock duo The Inbreds in the 1990s.[3][4][5] The pair released a number of EPs,[6] and singles, as well as seven albums,[7] and were nominated for an East Coast Award and a Juno Award[8] before disbanding in 1998.[7]

Following the band's breakup, Ullrich formed the independent record label Zunior Records,[9][10][11] Canada's first online-only music label.[12] "Zunior" is Ullrich's childhood nickname.[13][14]

In 2005, Ullrich started a band called Egger,[1][15][16] with guitarist/singer Paul Linklater, bassist Doug Friesen and drummer/singer Don Kerr. The band features Ullrich's songwriting and singing.[17] Egger released one album, Force Majeure, in 2005, through Zunior Records. The band made one public performance.[18]

In addition to his work with Zunior, Ullrich has worked as an IT consultant.[12]


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