David-Maurice-Joseph Mathieu de La Redorte

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David-Maurice-Joseph Mathieu de La Redorte
David Maurice Joseph Mathieu de la Redorte.jpg
General of Division David-Maurice-Joseph Mathieu de La Redorte
Born20 February 1768 (1768-02-20)
Saint-Affrique, Aveyron, France
Died1 March 1833 (1833-04) (aged 65)
Paris, France
AllegianceFrance France
Years of service1783–1830
RankGeneral of Division
Battles/warsBattle of Valmy (1792)
Battle of Otricoli (1798)
Capitulation of Dornbirn (1805)
Battle of Tudela (1808)
Battle of Alba de Tormes (1809)
Battle of Fort Monjuich (1811)
Battle of Montserrat (1811)
Battle of Altafulla (1812)
Siege of Tarragona (1813)
AwardsLégion d'Honneur, 1804
Order of the Iron Crown, 1807
Order of Saint Louis, 1814
Other workCount of the Empire, 1810
Peer of France, 1819

David-Maurice-Joseph Mathieu de Saint-Maurice de La Redorte or Maurice Mathieu (20 February 1768 – 1 March 1833) became a division commander in the armies of Napoleon. He was born into a French noble family and entered the French Royal Army as an Officer cadet in 1783. During the French Revolution he became an aide de camp to a general and subsequently served in several armies of the First French Republic. He was appointed a general officer in 1798 and fought against the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies that year and the next. During the campaign he was badly wounded in the right arm and had to leave the army.

In 1805 campaign, Mathieu was named to command the 2nd Division of the VII Corps under Marshal Pierre Augereau. From 1806 to 1807 he served King Joseph Napoleon in the puppet Napoleonic Kingdom of Naples. In 1808 he was appointed to command the 1st Division of the III Corps in Spain. He fought at Tudela in November 1808. He transferred to Marshal Michel Ney's VI Corps in 1809 and was present at Alba de Tormes. From 1811 to 1813, he commanded a division in the Army of Catalonia, leading his troops at Fort Monjuich, Montserrat, Altafulla, and Tarragona.

Under King Louis XVIII of France he served as an inspector general. He switched allegiance to Napoleon during the Hundred Days but was soon restored to favor. In 1819 he became Count de La Redorte. After the July Revolution of 1830 he was sworn into the nobility but turned down an army post. He died in Paris in 1833.

Mce MATHIEU is one of the names inscribed under the Arc de Triomphe, on Column 36.


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