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David Martin Abrahams (born 13 November 1944),[1] is a property developer and political activist.[2]

Early life[edit]

Abrahams was born in Newcastle upon Tyne as the only child in a strongly political family.[3] His father Bennie Abrahams was a Labour councillor for the Monkchester ward of Newcastle City Council, and in 1981/2 Lord Mayor of Newcastle.[citation needed]

Political career[edit]

He was a councillor for the Labour Party on Tyne and Wear and was deselected as the Labour candidate for Richmond, Yorkshire in the 1992 General Election.[4]

He faced high-profile media accusations in 2007 that he had illegally channelled £630,000 in donations to the Labour Party,[5] by channeling the donations through four different individuals.[6] The Donorgate scandal put pressure on then Prime Minister Gordon Brown.[7] Abrahams was subsequently cleared of any wrongdoing.[8]

The BBC spotlighted Abrahams in their 'Political Lives' series, detailing his life's work.[9] In the BBC interview footage he reveals that "I've been active politically all my life, still am and still taking an active interest in Labour - these things don't go away. But it's not the be all and end all, being in the Commons - people have still got the qualities, got the skills, still got the talent and use them in different directions."[9]

Abrahams is a Vice President at the Royal United Services Institute,[10] and a Freeman of the City of London.


Abrahams is currently finalising a £1 billion business park at Durham Green, County Durham.[11]


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