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The following is a chronological list of television series and individual programmes where Sir David Attenborough is credited as writer, presenter, narrator or producer. In a career spanning eight decades, Attenborough's name has become synonymous with the natural history programmes produced by the BBC Natural History Unit.

Major projects[edit]


Year Title Duration Subject Credit(s)
1951 Coelacanth 1x10 min The rediscovery of the prehistoric coelacanth. Attenborough's first programme for the BBC (as producer). Presented by Julian Huxley. Producer
1952 Animal, Vegetable, Mineral? - Quiz show based on the game Twenty Questions, which ran until 1959. Scientists would try to guess the origin of specimens from museum and university collections. Episode list: "Belfast Museum and Art Gallery"; "Bankfield Museum"; "The Royal Scottish Museum"; "Royal Albert Memorial" (all 1953).
1953 Song Hunter 6x20 min Folk music, presented by and featuring performances by Alan Lomax.
The Pattern of Animals 3 episodes Animal camouflage, warning signals and courtship displays. Presented by Julian Huxley. Attenborough's first natural history series.
1954 Zoo Quest 6x30 min A series of multi-part nature documentaries broadcast on BBC Television between 1954 and 1963. It was the first major programme to feature Attenborough. Writer, presenter, sound-recordist and producer
1955 Zoo Quest to Guiana 6x30 min Second Zoo Quest expedition. History of South America.
1956 Zoo Quest for a Dragon 6x30 min This Zoo Quest series features the first known footage of the Komodo dragon.
1957 Quest for the Paradise Birds 6x30 min Attenborough's first trip to the island of New Guinea in an attempt to film the courtship displays of the native birds of paradise. Episodes: "Base Camp in New Guinea"; "Into the Stone Age"; "People of the Wahgi Valley"; "Pygmies and Paradise Birds".
1959 Zoo Quest in Paraguay 6x30 min Fifth Zoo Quest. Attenborough returned to South America and visited the grasslands and wetlands of Paraguay. Episode list: "Return from the Chaco"; "Cactus Island in the Desert"; "The Gran Chaco"; "Argentine Excursion"; "Oven Birds and Capybaras"; "Butterfly Birds" and "Armadillos".


Year Title Duration Subject Credit(s)
1960 The People of Paradise 6x30 min Anthropology and natural history of the South Pacific. Episode list: “The Land Divers of Pentecost”, “Cargo Cult", “The Fire Walkers of Fiji”, “Outer Islands of Fiji”. Writer, presenter, sound-recordist and producer
Elsa the Tamworth Lioness 1x30 min Following Joy and George Adamson as they search for Elsa the Lioness and her three cubs. Producer and presenter
Travellers' Tales - Long-running series made by Attenborough's BBC Travel and Exploration Unit, which also featured Armand and Michaela Denis's on Safari programmes. Episodes associated with Attenborough: "Savage New Guinea"; "Festival in Kano"; "Hill Tribes of the Deccan"; "White Elephant"; "Men of the Dream Time"; "Caribbean Expedition"; "Hunters of Spitzbergen"; "The Opium People"; "The Leg Rowers of Burma"; "Chop! Music and Zulu Dancing"; "Adriatic Journey"; "Antarctic Adventure"; "Dancing Dervishes"; "In Search of Stanley"; "Overland to Singapore"; "The Hidden Valley of Apa Tanis"; "Pygmies of the Congo"; "The Choco Indians of Colombia"; "Head Hunters and Giraffe Women"; "The Fur-trappers of Greenland"; "Lapland Summer"; "The Bird Cliffs of Lofoten"; "The Strange Creatures of Galapagos"; "Unknown India"; "Chinese Journey"; "The Ascent of Annapurna IV"; "'Sherpa'; Land of the Lost"; "The Land of the Gurkhas". Producer and narrator
1961 Zoo Quest to Madagascar 6x30 min Filming and collecting animals in Madagascar. Writer, presenter, sound-recordist and producer
Japan - History and culture of the Japanese people. Producer
1962 Destruction of the Indian 3 episodes How contact with the modern world has affected remote Indian tribes of South America.
1963 Attenborough and Animals 10x25 min First series for children. Comparing different species. Episodes: "Apes, Lemurs and Orang-utangs"; "Armadilloes, Sloths and Anteaters"; "Bird Architects – From the Argentine to Australia"; "Bird Mysteries and Problems, Including the Rhea and the Birds of Paradise"; "Lizards from Australia, South America and Malaya"; "Crocodiles and Turtles – And How to Catch Them"; "Ants from America, Australia and Africa"; "Moths, Mud Wasps and Praying Mantises"; "Clams and Crabs from the Pacific and Indian Oceans". Presenter
Quest Under Capricorn 6x30 min Final Zoo Quest series, filmed in the Northern Territory of Australia, was also Attenborough's final natural history series before moving into BBC management. Episode list: “The Desert Gods”, “Hermits of Borroloola”, "Buffalo, Geese and Men”, “The Artists of Arnhem Land”, “Bush Walkabout”, “The First Australians". Writer, presenter, sound-recordist and producer
1965 Zambezi 3x50 min A journey down the Zambezi. Episode list: “Lord of the Land”, “The Ancient Highway”, “Livingstone's River” Writer and presenter
1967 Life - East Africa 3 episodes Series of interviews conducted by Attenborough with African conservationists.
The World About Us - Commissioned during his tenure as Controller of BBC Two, Attenborough narrated around 20 episodes of this long-running series between 1969 and 1982. Episode list: "Koko the Gorilla"; "Unnatural History"; "Asmat – Cannibal craftsmen of New Guinea"; "The Predators"; "Courtship"; "Lions of Serengeti"; "Extinction"; "Goblins of the Forest"; "The Field – the Great Bustard"; "Elephant Kingdom"; "The Hyena Story"; "Baboons of Gombe"; "Baobab"; "Geese are only Human"; "Dangerous Venomous Animals"; "El Condor"; "Yanomami – Sons of the Blood"; "A Sheltered Existence"; "The Discoverers: The 400th Edition of the World around Us"; "Wild Dogs of Africa"; "Woodpecker"; "Voices in the Forest"; "A Noble Savage"; "Ascension Island"; "The Underground Movement"; "Lemurs - Ghosts at the End of the World"; "Greenpeace Voyages to Save the Whale". Narrator
1969 The Miracle of Bali 3x50 min The Indonesian island of Bali. Narrator and producer


Year Title Duration Subject Credit(s)
1971 A Blank on the Map 1x60 min Encounters with the Bikaru people in the New Guinea forest. Writer and presenter
1973 Eastwards with Attenborough 6x30 min First natural history series after resigning as BBC Controller. Visit to South East Asia. Episode list: "The Strange Caves Of Borneo", "Fire Giants Of Sumatra", "Mudbuilders Of Borneo", "Green Ceilings Of Borneo", "Borneo's Cathedral Of Trees", "Life And Death In Paradise".
The Life Game 1x90 min Genetics and evolution, written by Nigel Calder and produced by Adrian Malone. Presenter
Natural Break 15x10 min A series of short programmes based on archive footage, produced by John Sparks
Flying Prince of Wildlife - The story of the conservation efforts of Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands (1911–2004)
Royal Institution Christmas Lectures 6x60min Science lectures on the language of animals. Episodes: "The Languages of Animals: Beware", "The Languages of Animals: Be Mine", "The Language of Animals: Parents and Children", "The Language of Animals:Foreign Languages", "The Languages of Animals: Animal Language, Human Language". Writer and presenter
1973 - 1975 The Explorers 10x50 min Recreating the voyages of famous explorers, at the time the most expensive series ever commissioned by the BBC. Episode list: "The Story of Roald Amundsen", "The Story of Charles Montagu Doughty", "The Story of Henry Morton Stanley", "The Story of Burke and Wills", "The Story of Mary Kingsley", "The Story of Jedediah Strong Smith", "The Story of Alexander von Humboldt", "The Story of Captain James Cook", "The Story of Francisco Pizarro", "The Story of Christopher Columbus". Introducer and narrator
1975 Fabulous Animals - Children's television series which featured Attenborough reading books about mythological creatures. Episode list: "Here be Monsters", "Marvels of the Deep", "Dragons and Serpents", "Winged Creatures", "Horns of Magic", "Man or Beast". Presenter
The Tribal Eye 7x50 min BBC documentary series on tribal art, of which Attenborough is a keen collector. Episode list:"Behind the Mask","Crooked Beak of Heaven","The Sweat of the Sun", "Kingdom of Bronze", "Woven Gardens", "Man Blong Custom", "Across the Frontiers Writer and presenter
1976 The Discoverers 6x30 min Pioneering explorers, discoverers and scientists in the field of natural history. Episode list: "The Bone Hunters”, “The Bug Collectors”, “The Wanderer and the Woodsman”, “The Unknown Ocean”, “The Rare and the Curious”. Narrator
1977 Wildlife on One 253x30 min Half-hour natural history programmes for BBC One. Ran annually until 2005.
1979 Life on Earth 13x55 min The history of life on Earth. Took 3 years to make - notable for its groundbreaking footage. Writer and presenter


Year Title Duration Subject Credit(s)
1980 The Spirit of Asia 8x60 min The cultures and religions of the people of Asia. Episodes list: "The World of Shadows", "The Morning of the World", "Land of the Cosmic Mountain", "The Story of Rama", "The Haunted Land", "Artists in Exile", "God-Kings of Angkor", "Land of a Million Buddhas". Narrator
1981 The Ark in South Kensington - The Natural History Museum at South Kensington. Presenter
1984 The Living Planet 12x55 min How various living organisms have adapted to their surroundings. Writer and presenter
1985 The Million Pound Bird Book 1x60 min Biography of American naturalist John James Audubon.
1986 World Safari 1x90 min A live television event featuring broadcasts from across the world. Co-presenter
1987 The First Eden 4x60 min The Mediterranean. Writer and presenter
1989 Lost Worlds, Vanished Lives 4x40 min Fossils. Episodes: "Magic in the Rocks"; Putting Flesh on Bone"; Dinosaur"; "The Rare Glimpses"


Year Title Duration Subject Credit(s)
1990 The Trials of Life 12x50 min The final part of the Trilogy of Life. Writer and presenter
1993 QED "Gallop to Freedom" 1x45 min Release of Przewalski horses. Narrator
Life in the Freezer 6x30 min The natural history of Antarctica. Writer and presenter
1994 Heart of a Nomad 1x60 min Explorer and writer Wilfred Thesiger. Presenter
1995 The Private Life of Plants 6x50 min Life cycle of plants. Writer and presenter
1996 Attenborough in Paradise 1x55 min Various kinds of birds of paradise in the forests of Papua New Guinea. Writer and presenter
Winners and Losers 2x45 min Following life forms examined in the 1960s documentary The Rare Ones. Narrator
IMAX – "Survival Island" 1x42 min Various animal populations of South Georgia island. Writer and narrator
1998 The Life of Birds 10x50 min Various species of birds and their ways of life. Writer and presenter
The Origin of Species: An Illustrated Guide 1x30 min Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. Narrator
1999 Sharks – The Truth 1x50 min Part of BBC One's Shark Summer season.
They Said It Couldn't Be Done 7x60 min Attenborough interviews wildlife film-makers at the Royal Geographical Society. Presenter


Year Title Duration Subject Broadcaster Credit(s)
2000 State of the Planet 3x50 min The detrimental effect mankind has on environment. BBC Writer and presenter
The Lost Gods of Easter Island 1x50 min The history of an Easter Island figure Attenborough bought at an auction in the 1990s. BBC
Living with Dinosaurs 1x50 min The reasons why some reptiles living at the time of dinosaurs did not die out with them. Narrator
The Greatest Wildlife Show on Earth 1x50 min Christmas special. Presenter
The Song of the Earth 1x50 min A Natural History of Music. Included in the Attenborough DVD collection. BBC
Satoyama: Japan's Secret Garden 2x52 min How the residents of a village in Satoyama live in harmony with nature. Narrator
2001 The Blue Planet 8x50 min The natural history of the World's oceans. BBC
2002 The Life of Mammals 10x50 min Mammals. BBC Writer and presenter
Great Natural Wonders of the World 1x60 min Sequel to The Greatest Wildlife Show on Earth. Presenter
Life on Air 1x60 min Attenborough's 50 Years in Television. Included in the Attenborough DVD collection. BBC Guest Interviewee
2005 Animal Crime Scene 5x60 min Examining the "Murder Cases" in the animal kingdom. Narrator
Life in the Undergrowth 5x50 min The life of insects and invertebrates. BBC Writer and presenter
2006 Planet Earth 11x50 min The variety of the entire planet. Filmed over four years in 64 countries. BBC Narrator
Planet Earth - The Diaries 2x60 min Look behind the scenes how "Planet Earth" was filmed.
The Truth about Climate Change 2x60 min Global warming. BBC Writer and presenter
Gorillas Revisited 1x60 min Attenborough revisits the group of Rwanda's mountain gorillas Presenter
2007 Climate Change: Britain Under Threat 1x60 min The effects of climate change on Great Britain.
Tom Harrisson: The Barefoot Anthropologist 1x60 min Biography of Tom Harrisson.
Attenborough Explores... Our Fragile World 1x60 min The issue of the global environmental crisis. Writer and presenter
2008 Life in Cold Blood 5x50 min The life of reptiles and amphibians. BBC
Humpbacks: From Fire to Ice 1x50 min The humpback whale - made for Australian television. Narrator
Tiger: Spy in the Jungle 3x60 min The life of tiger cubs. Writer and presenter
2009 Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life 1x60 min Darwin's theory of evolution. BBC
Nature's Great Events 6x50 min Some of the greatest annual wildlife events on the planet. BBC Narrator
Uncovering Our Earliest Ancestor: The Link 1x60 min Documentary coinciding with the announcement of a 47-million-year-old primate fossil.[1][2] BBC Writer and narrator
Life 10x50 min Wildlife from all over Earth in ten episodes. BBC


Year Title Duration Subject Credit(s)
2010 David Attenborough's First Life 2x60 min The origin of life on Earth, investigating the evidence from the earliest fossils. Writer and presenter
The Death of the Oceans? 1x60 min The pressure of human population on world oceans.
Flying Monsters 3D 1x70 min 3D film about pterosaurs.
2011 Madagascar 3x60 min The landscape and wildlife of Madagascar. Narrator
Attenborough and the Giant Egg 1x60 min The extinct "elephant bird" of Madagascar. Writer and presenter
Desert Seas 1x60 min The wildlife off the coast of Saudi Arabia. Narrator
Frozen Planet 7x60 min The natural history of the polar regions. Narrator/presenter
2012 The Penguin King 1x75 min Sky 3D film charting the lives of king penguins on South Georgia. Writer and narrator
Secrets of Wild India 3x60 min Indian wildlife series, broadcast on Nat Geo Wild. Narrator
Superfish: Bluefin Tuna 1x60 min Bluefin tuna in the wild.
Kingdom of Plants 3D 3x60 min 3D series filmed at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew. Writer and presenter
Attenborough's Ark: A Natural World Special 1x60 min Attenborough picks ten endangered animals.
Attenborough: 60 Years in the Wild 3x60 min Attenborough's career in wildlife filming.
Hummingbirds: Jewelled Messengers 1x45 min Hummingbirds. Presenter
2013 Galapagos 3D 3x45 min Galapagos Islands. Writer and presenter
David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities 5x30 min Series 1. Episode list: “Stretched To The Limit”, “A Curious Hoax?”, “Young Wrinklies”, “A Curious Twist”, “Seeing the Pattern”.
Africa 6x60 min Africa. Narrator and presenter
Micro Monsters 3D 6x22 min 3D filming techniques show lives of bugs and insects. Episode list: “Conflict”, “Predator”, “Courtship”, “Reproduction”, “Family”, “Colony”.
Wild Cameramen at Work 4x30 min The work of leading wildlife cameramen. Episode list: “Sky”, “Ice”, “Sea”, “Land”.
Attenborough's Rise of Animals: Triumph of the Vertebrates 2x60 min 500 million year rise of vertebrates. Writer and presenter
2014 Sir David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities 10x30 min Series 2. Episode list: "Virgin Births", "Armoured Animals", "Life in the Dark", "Curious Imposters", "Bad Reputations", "Shocking Senses", "Life on Ice", "Spinners and Weavers", "Strange Parents", "Magical Appearances"
David Attenborough's Natural History Museum Alive 1x65 min CGI imagery is used to bring to life several of the extinct animals housed in the Natural History Museum in London.
Life Story 6x60 min Animals dealing with challenges in various stages of their life. Narrator and presenter
2015 David Attenborough's Conquest of the Skies 3D 3x60 min Birds, bats and flying insects. Writer and presenter
Attenborough's Paradise Birds 1x60 min The history of Paradise birds.
David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities 6x22 min Series 3. Episode list: "Impossible Feats"; "Curious Minds"; "Expandable Bodies"; "Curious Feeders"; "Curious Cures"; "Remarkable Regeneration"
Wild City 3x45 min The wildlife of Singapore. Narrator
The Hunt 7x60 min The hunting strategies of key predators. Narrator and presenter
Great Barrier Reef with Sir David Attenborough 3x60 min Great Barrier Reef to which Attenborough returns after 50 years. Writer and presenter
2016 Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur 1x60 min The excavation of bone remains of a gigantic dinosaur in southern Argentina.
Attenborough's Life That Glows 1x60 min Various examples of bio-luminescence in the natural world.
Attenborough's Passion Projects 4x60 min Attenborough chooses four favorite documentaries from his 60 years of filming. Interviewee / presenter
Planet Earth II 6x60 min Sequel series to Planet Earth. Narrator & Presenter
Zoo Quest In Colour 1x90 min Old Zoo Quest footage shown in color for the first time. Interviewee, Narrator & Presenter
2017 Plants Behaving Badly 2x45 min Two groups of plants that fascinated Charles Darwin. Episode list: “Murder and Mayhem” (carnivorous plants), “Sex and Lies” (orchids).[3] Presenter
David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities 6x22 min Series 4. Episode list: "Animal Frankensteins"; "Finding the Way"; "Extreme Babies"; "Curious Counters"; "Incredible Shells"; "Ferocious Fighters" Writer and presenter
Blue Planet II 7x60 min Sequel series to The Blue Planet. Narrator & Presenter
Attenborough and the Giant Elephant 1x60 min "Jumbo" the famous Circus elephant. Writer & Presenter
2018 The Queen's Green Planet 1x45 min Exploring the gardens of Buckingham Palace with The Queen. Presenter
Attenborough and the Sea Dragon 1x60 min Ichthyosaur – a giant sea dragon that once ruled the oceans. Writer & Presenter
David Attenborough's Tasmania[4] 1x50 min Tasmania's diverse habitats, seasons and animals. Narrator
Dynasties[5] 5x60 min Episode list: "Lions", "Hunting Dogs", "Chimpanzees", "Tigers", "Emperor Penguins" Narrator & Presenter
2019 Wild Karnataka 53 min UHD documentary film on the rich biodiversity of Karnataka, India. Narrator
Our Planet[6] 8x60 min Netflix series produced in collaboration with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). Narrator & Presenter
Climate Change - The Facts 1x60 min Climate crisis.
Seven Worlds, One Planet 7x60 min Earth's seven continents.


Year Title Duration Subject Credit(s)
2020 Extinction: The Facts 1x60 min Biodiversity loss Narrator & Presenter
David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet 83 min David Attenborough's "witness statement". He reflects on his career as a naturalist and the devastating changes he has seen.
2021 A Perfect Planet 5x60 min David Attenborough discovers how diverse forces work together to keep our planet in perfect balance.[7] Narrator
Life In Colour 3x59 min Life In Colour sees Sir David Attenborough exploring the many ways animals use colour throughout their lives.[8] Presenter
Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet 73 min David Attenborough and scientist Johan Rockström examine Earth's biodiversity collapse and how this crisis can still be averted.[9] Presenter
The Mating Game 5x60 min David Attenborough explores the extraordinary intricacies of animal mating habits.[10] Narrator
The Earthshot Prize: Repairing Our Planet 5x60 min David Attenborough and Prince William explore simple, ambitious ideas to repair our planet - solutions offering hope for nature and humanity.[11] Narrator & Presenter
2022 Attenborough's Wonder of Song 1x60 min David Attenborough chooses seven of the most remarkable animal songs found in nature and explores the significance of these songs in the lives of their species.[12] Narrator & Presenter
The Green Planet 5x60 min The series examines some of the most remarkable species of plants and trees.[13] Presenter
Dinosaurs: The Final Day with David Attenborough 1x90 min David Attenborough looks into how exactly dinosaurs died out.[14] Presenter
Dynasties II 4x60 min The second season of Dynasties follows four families of wild animals – the elephant, cheetah, puma and hyena – as they try to survive with the odds stacked against them. Narrator
Prehistoric Planet 5x42 min Presented by David Attenborough, this documentary series follows a series of animal stories built around diverse dinosaur species who lived around the globe in various climates 66 million years ago. Uses the latest paleontological research and computer-generated imagery to vividly reimagine the lives of dinosaurs and other life of that period. Narrator[15]
Frozen Planet II 6x60 min Nature documentary series that focuses on world’s coldest regions: Arctic, Antarctic, frozen deserts, boreal forest and high mountains.[16] Narrator
TBC Wild Isles (working title) 5x60 min The diverse landscape and wildlife of the British Isles[17] Presenter
TBC Planet Earth III TBA A Sequel to Planet Earth and Planet Earth II Narrator
TBC Blue Planet III TBA A Sequel to The Blue Planet and Blue Planet II Narrator

Other programmes[edit]

In addition to writing, presenting, narrating and producing his own documentaries, Sir David Attenborough has made regular appearances as an on-screen and off-screen participant in other film-makers' documentaries and on other numerous television programmes. The following list includes some of his more notable appearances plus long-running shows:


Year Title Duration Subject Credit(s)
1953 "The Dreaded Savage" - Alain Gheerbrant recounting his experiences among the Guaharibo Indians near the Orinoco. Producer
1954 "It's a Small World: Musical Toys " - Miniature toys.
"Out of Doors " - Hiking/camping/gardening.
1955 "The Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1955–58" 6x30 min The progress of Vivian Fuchs and his Commonwealth expedition's overland crossing of Antarctica. Presenter and producer
"BBC Panorama: Programme 12" - Guest Interviewee
1956 "The Berbers of the Atlas Mountains" - Producer
1957 "Bororo: The Unknown Nomads" - Presenter
"The Savage Image" - Omnibus BBC series.
"Mainly for Women" - BBC series. Producer
1958 "The Volcanos of Sahara" - The Tibesti mountains of northern Chad.
1959 "Sails off Singapore" - Narrator
"Science is News" -


Year Title Duration Subject Credit(s)
1961 Adventure 150+ eps Attenborough is credited as narrator or producer of following episodes: "The Shrines of China"; "Crusaders Path"; "The Land of the Queen of Sheba"; "Voodo Island"; "Dyak"; "Turkoman"; "The Tombs of Petra"; "Lhasa", "Forbidden City"; "The Peaks of Peru"; "Dalai Lama"; "Magicians of the Black Hills"; "Sixty-five Survivors"; "North through Afghanistan"; "The Wandering Herdsmen of the Sahara"; "Wings in the Malayan Forest"; "The Hidden Sanctuaries of Prester John"; "The Tunnel of Samos"; "The Lost Men of Malaya"; "The Unknown Mountains of Nepal"; "Search for the Hobolos"; "The Caviar Fishermen of the Caspian"; "Ballon from Lake Manyara"; "Voyage Under the Earth"; "Ballon from Zanzibar"; "Trail to Dawson City"; "The Cave of the Assassins"; "Ballon to Serengeti"; "The Dragon Story"; "The Cocaine-Eaters of Colombia"; "Bushmen of the Kalahari"; "The Men without a Bow"; "Kon-Tiki"; "Snakes Alive"; "The Riddle of Easter Island". Narrator and producer
1962 "Video Guide To British Garden Birds" - Species of birds found in British town and country gardens. Presenter
1963 "Lets Imagine – The Perfect Horse" - Various breeds of horses. Narrator
1964 "Discovery of the Penicillin" 1x45 min The discovery of penicillin by Alexander Fleming.
"Indoors and Out: Man and the Land" 8x20 min Series of short documentaries in which Sir David Attenborough visits London, the Scotland Highlands, Fair Isle, New Forest and other places in the UK. Episode list: "Mountains and Moorland"; "Island Home"; "Concrete Desert"; "The Fens"; "The Highway"; "Granite Cliffs"; "Green Forests"; "The Open Fields". BBC series.
1965 Two Quest - "Attenborough Discovers Manchester" 1x6 min Short parody on Sir David Attenborough's work on various documentaries based on exploring Manchester.
1966 "Faraway Places – The Quests of David Attenborough" - Twelve short documentaries based on material filmed during the Zoo Quest expeditions.


Year Title Duration Subject Credit(s)
1972 "Around the World in 80 Minutes – A Guided Tour of Our Spectacular Planet" - Narrator and presenter
Late Night Line Up 1x8 min The last episode of the show, featuring an interview with Sir David Attenborough. Guest Interviewee
1974 "Spectacular Britain" - BBC series. Narrator
1975 Children of The Way - The life of the various Muslim communities in Great Britain. BBC series.
1976 "In Search of Strange Animals" -
BBC's "The Zoo" - The history of the London Zoo.
1978 Sunday Special: The Gold of El Dorado - One episode. Presenter


Year Title Duration Subject Credit(s)
1980 "Gilbert White Lived Here" - British naturalist Gilbert White. BBC. 1 episode. Presenter
"Wild Britain" - BBC series.
"Wildlife Talkabout" - BBC
"The Private Life of the Robin: Robin Scott - The BBC Remembers" - BBC series. Guest Interviewee
"In the Limelight with Lesley" - Lesley Judd's show in which Sir David Attenborough answers questions to audience of 50 children Guest
1981 "An Everyday Miracle" - Narrator
"The Primates: Upright Man" - Sir David Attenborough gives an insight into the conditions of man's emergence through the evolution of the African apes and the evolution of man, tracing the emergence of the Homo sapiens back five to ten million years ago to our origins in the African plains. Narrator
1982 Omnibus - Sir David Attenborough interviews Lucie Rie about her studio pottery. Series 16, episode 6. Presenter
"Wildlife Jubilee" - The development of BBC's "Natural History Unit" in Bristol. Interviewee
1983 "Rainbow Safari" - Narrator
ABC's "Voices in the Forest" - Documentary about the use of Paradise bird feathers in life of New Guinea people. Narrator
1984–2019 Natural World - BBC Two series still on air, for which Attenborough has narrated or presented in following episodes:

1984: The Kiwai, Dugong hunters of Daru

1988: Twilight of the Dreamtime

1992: Mpingo: The Tree That Makes Music

1993: Echo of the Elephants

1994: Killer Whales: Wolves of the Sea; Mysteries of the Ocean Wanderers

1996: Echo of the Elephants: The next Generation; Incredible Suckers; Lions: Pride in Peril; Attenborough In Paradise; Sperm Whales: Back from the Abyss

1997: Echo of the Elephants: Africa's Forgotten Elephants

1998: Dragons of Galapagos; South Georgia: An Island All Alone

1999: Islands of the Vampire Birds

2000: Bowerbirds: The Art of Seduction

2001: The Lost Elephants of Timbuktu

2003: Highgrove: A Prince's Legacy

2004: Five Big Cats and a Camera; Shark Coast; The Amber Time Machine

2005: Echo of the Elephants – The Final Chapter

2006: Satoyama Japan's Secret Water Garden

2007: Battle to Save the Tiger; Desert Lions

2008: Badgers Secrets of the Sett; Clever Monkeys; Cuckoo; Lobo: The Wolve that Changed America; Snow Leopard, Beyond The Myth; Superfish

2009: Cassowaries; Bringing Up Baby

2010: Birds of Paradise; Echo an Unforgettable Elephant; Elsa, The Lioness That Changed The World; Panda Makers; The Himalayas

2011: Animal House; Komodo Secrets of the Dragon

2012: Madagascar, Lemurs and Spies; The Real Jungle Book Bear; Attenboroughs Ark; Living with Baboons

2013: Giant Squid Filming the Impossible; Meerkats Secrets of an Animal Superstar; The Mating Game

2014: Attenboroughs Fabulous Frogs; The Bat Man of Mexico

2015: Africa's Fishing Leopards; Attenboroughs Big Birds; Galapagos: Islands Of Change; Mountain Lions: Big Cats in High Places

2016: Jaguars: Brazil's Super Cats; Giraffes: Africa's Gentle Giants

2017: Attenborough and the Empire of the Ants; Hotel Armadillo; Puerto Rico: Island of Enchantment

2018: Attenborough's Wonder of Eggs

2018: Pangolins - The World's Most Wanted Animal

2019: Tasmania: Weird and Wonderful

2019: Hippos: Africa's River Giants

Occasional narrator, writer or presenter
1986 BBC's TV50: "Television and Natural History" - Desmond Morris gives an overview of natural history programs on BBC. Guest interviewee
"Interest the Boy in Nature" -
"Huw Wheldon by His Friends" - BBC's omnibus.
1987 "Glass Kingdoms at Kew" - Conservatories at Kew. BBC series. Narrator and presenter
"Politics of the Jungle" - The destruction of Borneo jungles in order to plant oil palms. Narrator
1988 "Waorani – The Last People" - The life of the last 100 Waorani Indians in Guyana.
Brathay Trust's – "Brathay Explores" 1x18 min Exploration expeditions of the Brathay Trust from 1948-1988.
1989 "The Pitt Rivers Museum is Shut" 1x37 min Pitt's River Museum. Guest presenter
"Beyond 2000 - Climate in Crisis" - Documentary warning on climate change. Interviewee
"Nature's Champion: A Tribute to Sir Peter Scott" - Work of Peter Scott, leading British naturalist. Interviewee


Year Title Duration Subject Credit(s)
1990 "Animals of the British Countryside" - Narrator
1991 "Lime Grove – The Television Years" - BBC's Lime Grove Studio. Interviewee
1992 "BBC2 Goes Colour - 25 Anniversary" 1x15 min BBC's documentary about introduction of colour TV. Introduction
"Eagles - Majestic Hunters" Documentary about eagles on 5 continents. Narrator
1993 "H.M.S. Pandora : in pursuit of the Bounty." - The story of the Royal Navy frigate, PANDORA, sent to the Pacific in 1790 to capture Fletcher Christian and his band of BOUNTY mutineers. Sir David Attenborough narrates the discovery of the largely intact wreck on the outer Barrier Reef and its recovery by the Queensland Museum Narrator
"Wildlife 100" - 100th episode of Wildlife on One. Attenborough selected his favourite episodes. Narrator
"Flying with Dinosaurs" - Attenborough examines living reptiles, bats, and birds to discover answers about flight. BBC series.
Joan Bakewell's – "Memento" 1x25 min Attenborough presents a number of mementos that are dear to him.
"Portrait Painter to the Birds" - The work of William Cooper and his painting of Paradise Birds. BBC series.
"K: Kenneth Clark 1903 – 1983" - Documentary about the life of Kenneth Clark. Guest Interviewee
1995–2007 BBC Wildlife Specials 22x50 min List of specials narrated by Attenborough: Great White Shark: The True Story of Jaws; Polar Bear: The Arctic Warrior; Crocodile: The Smiling Predator; Leopard: The Agent of Darkness; Eagle: The Master of the Skies;Humpback Whale: The Giant of the Oceans; Wolf: The Legendary Outlaw; Tiger: The Elusive Princess; Lions: Spy in the Den; Grizzly: Face to Face;Gorillas: On the Trail of King Kong; Serpent: Through the Eyes of the Snake; Killer Whale; Elephants: Spy in the Herd; Smart Sharks: Swimming With Roboshark; Bears: Spy in the Woods; Trek: Spy on the Wildebeest;Tiger: Spy in the Jungle. Narrator
1995 "Heroes of Comedy" - Episode: "Joyce Grenfell". BBC series. Interviewee
"Spirits of the Forest - Year of the Gagadju" - Documentary about Huli people their rituals in regards to Paradise birds Narrator
"Himself and Other Animals - Tribute to Gerald Durrell - Documentary about the life of British naturalist Gerald Durrell Interviewee
1996 QED "The Secret Life of Seahorses" 1x45 min Breeding seahorses. Narrator
Menuhin at 80 1x120 min Documentary on life of Yehuda Menuhin with concert of Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Presenter
"Reputations" 1x55 min The life of Joy Adamson is re-examined. Attenborough is interviewed in episode: "Born Wild". Interviewee
"Auntie's All-Time Greats" 1x120 min BBC series.
"BBC's "Natural History Night" - BBC show. Introduction & host
"BBC's "Lost Wilderness" - Traces the history of the modern wilderness conservation movement and visits the species which survive today as a result of its efforts. Narrator
1997 "Auntie – the Inside Story of the BBC" - Three part documentary series on the development of BBC. Guest interviewee
BBC's "Natural History Night" - Show on filming nature documentaries Guest interviewee
1999 Animal People – Octopus Hunter - Narrator
Kingdoms of Survival - ITV series. Episode: "Tigers Next Door".


Year Title Duration Subject Credit(s)
2000 Wilderness Men 3x45 min Sir David Attenborough comments in episode about Alexander von Humboldt. Interviewee
My Generation 3x45 min Sir David Attenborough participates in episode "Into the Light". Guest Interviewee
2001 "Secrets of the Screen" 1x30 min Conservation of 18th century Japanese folding screen that was painted by Utagawa Toyoharu.
NOVA's "Flying Casanovas" 1x53 min The courtship of various bird species. Narrator
"A Window on the World" - BBC series. Guest interviewee
"The Human Face" 4x60 min BBC series.
"The Ultimate Wild Paradises – The Top Ten Destinations" - BBC series.
2002 BBC's Timeshift – "Attenborough the Controller" 1x45 min The work of Sir David Attenborough as BBC Two Controller.
Attenborough in Conversation with Mark Lawson 1x30 min
The Indispensables Development of color TV.
Reading the Decades - Best selling books through decades. Sir David Attenborough in 1 episode.
2003 "Great Wildlife Moments" - Archive footage
Greenpeace Film's "The Ancient Forests" 1x3 min Narrator
Hands on History: Conserving the Dark Age Legacy of Sutton Hoo - Sutton Hoo archaeological site.
Rainforest Information Center, "On The Brink" 1x34 min Presenter & narrator
"The Many Lives of Richard Attenborough" - Richard Attenborough's work on various films and the Oscar winning Gandhi. Interviewee
2004 BBC's "William Hodges:The Art of Exploration" 1x35 min William Hodges who accompanied Captain Cook on his voyages in the Pacific. Presenter
"Whats the Point of the BBC" - Panorama - Guest Interviewee
"The Truth about the 60's TV" - BBC series.
2005 "Selfish Green" 1x60 min Sir David Attenborough participates in a discussion of environmental issues. Interviewee
"The Wild Life of Gerald Durrell" 1x60 min BBC series
"Sport in the Sixties: TV Revolution" - BBC series.
How Art Made the World 5x60 min A BBC documentary series looking at the influence of art on our society. Guest presenter
BBC's Play It Again - Panel Game 1x30 min A BBC documentary looking at various panel games broadcast on TV. Guest presenter
BBC's Timeshift - The Lost Road - Overland to Singapore 1x40 min The travels of six Oxbridge undergraduates from London to Singapore. Guest interviewee
BBC's The 50 Great Documentaries - Guest presenter
2006 BBC's "Masterpieces of the British Museum" 6x30 min Sir David Attenborough contributes in "The Durer Rhinoceros" and "Head of an Ife King from Nigeria". Guest interviewee
BBC's Nation on Film series- Kearton's Wildlife - Documentary on the life of British naturalist Cherry Kearton Interviewee
BBC's Gilbert White - The Nature Man 1x60 min The life and work of 18th century English naturalist Gilbert White. Guest presenter
BBC's "Suez A Very British Crisis" 3x58 min Sir David Attenborough describes his contacts with Anthony Eden during Suez Canal crisis. He contributes in episodes "Betrayal" and "War". Guest interviewee
BBC's "Folk Britannia" 3x58 min Sir David Attenborough is interviewed in the first episode, "Ballads & Blues".
BBC's Horizon: "War On Science" 1x49 min Archive footage
BBC's Planet Earth: The Future 3x60min Companion to the "Planet Earth" series. Episodes: "Saving Species"; Into the Wilderness", "Living Together". Interviewee
2007 Natural History New Zealand's: "Wild South. Grandma : the oldest albatross" 1x50 min Documentary about "Grandma" who was the matriarch of the Northern Royal Albatross colony at Taiaroa Head. She was the oldest banded bird at that time with an estimated age of sixty years. Narrator
BBC's Sharing Planet Earth - Presenter
100 Years of Wildlife Films 1x120 min Bill Oddie highlights pioneering filmmakers. Guest presenter
BBC's "Peter Scott: a Passion for Nature" - A documentary on the life and work of naturalist Peter Scott Narrator and presenter
BBC's "Watching Desmond Morris" 1x60 min Documentary about the zoologist/anthropologist Desmond Morris. Narrator and guest interviewee
BBC's "Silbury: The Heart of the Hill" 1x60 min The archaeological excavations of the Silbury Hill Mound Guest interviewee
BBC's "Favourite Attenborough Moments" 1x67 min
BBC's "Demob Happy: How TV Conquered Britain " 1x67 min The development of broadcasting in Great Britain after WWII.
2008 BBC's "Fossil Detectives" 8x29 min Episode 1 – "Central England"; Episode 2 – "London"
NOVA's "Lord of the Ants" 1x53 min Documentary on the work of naturalist E.O. Wilson
BBC2 – "The Great British Parakeet Invasion" 1x9 min A short BBC documentary about the introduced parakeet population in southeastern England
BBC's "Art of Arts TV" 3x60 min
BBC's "The Duke: A Portrait of Prince Philip" 2x60 min
2009 BBC Horizon, "How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth?" 1x59 min Presenter
Carnyx Wild, "The Great Bustard" 1x8 min The reintroduction of the Great Bustard into Great Britain. Narrator
"The Funny Side of Animals" - Guest Interviewee
"Personal Histories in Archaeological Theory & Methods" 1x10 min 2009 Panel – "Archaeology and TV". Co-presenter
BBC's Timeshift – "Archaeology: Digging the Past 1x59 min Guest Interviewee
BBC's "The Story of the Open University" 1x49 min


Year Title Duration Subject Credit(s)
2010 BBC's Horizon "Death of Oceans" 1x59 min Presenter
Lophelia's "Cold Water Corals" 1x5 mins Short documentary about cold water corals. Narrator
"The Symphony of Science" 20x4 mins Participant
BBC's "Genius of Britain" 5x60 min Documentary series about famous British scientists. Episodes: "The First Five"; "A Roomful of Brilliant Minds"; "The Lights Come On";"Out of the Darkness" and "Asking Big Questions". Sir David Attenborough contributed pieces on Christopher Wren and Joseph Banks in Episodes 1 and 2 and conclusions in Episode 5. Guest presenter
BBC's "Attenborough's Journey" 1x60 min Sir David Attenborough presents anecdotes from his work on various documentaries. Presenter
BBC's "Delia through the Decades" - Documentary series on cooking. Interviewee
BBC's "The Born Free Legacy" 1x60 min Documentary commemorating the 50th anniversary of Joy Adamson's book Born Free. Guest Interviewee
BBC's "Mad and Bad: 60 Years of Science on TV" 1x90 min The various science programs on TV in the UK.
BBC's Museum of Life 5x60 min Sir David Attenborough contributes in episodes "A Museum in a Modern World" and "A collection for the Future".
BBC's Timeshift – "When Britain Went Wild" 1x59 min Timeshift episode on how wildlife gained importance with British public during the 1960s.
BBC's "Birds Britannia" 4x60 min Wild birds in Great Britain. Interviewee
BBC's "Jane Goodall: Beauty and the Beast" 1x60 min The work of Jane Goodall with chimps at Gombe. Guest interviewee
Beyond the Brink 1x20 min A short documentary made by Ross Harrison based on his investigations on climate change.[18]
BBC's Culture Show Special – "A History of the World" - The story of human development through a list of 100 objects held at the British Museum. Sir David Attenborough presents small segment. Presenter
2011 PBS Nature, "Elsa's Legacy – The Born Free Story" 1x53 min Documentary about the life of lioness Elsa and the impact of her story on wildlife conservation. Guest interviewee
BBC's Great Thinkers: In Their Own Words 3x59 min Sir David Attenborough contributes in the episodes "The Culture Wars" and "Human All Too Human".[19] Guest commentator
"Ocean Drifters – A Secret World beneath the Waves" 16x30 min A short documentary about plankton written, produced and directed by Dr Richard Kirby from Plymouth University. Narrator
BBC's "Brave New World" 5x49 min Episodes: Machines; Health; Technology; Environment; Biology. In episode "Environment": At Longleat, Sir David Attenborough helps collect the DNA of an elephant for the Frozen Ark – a project to save all the world's species from extinction. Sir David Attenborough also introduces the work of the Millennium Seed Bank. Guest interviewee and presenter
BBC's "Ceramics: A Fragile History" 3x60 min Doocumentary about development of ceramics. Sir David Attenborough is in "The Art of the Potter" and "The Story of Clay". Guest interviewee
Animal Planet's "A City of Wild Cats" 1x11 min Short documentary on the cats living on Rome streets. Narrator
BBC's "The Secrets of Scott's Hut" 1x90 min The Antarctic expedition of Robert Falcon Scott Guest interviewee
Atlantic Productions "The Bachelor King" 1x75 min A 3D documentary about King Penguins. Writer and presenter
"Break the Science Barrier" - Richard Dawkins talks about the value of scientific endeavour. Guest Interviewee
2012 BBC's "The Grammar School: a Secret History" 3x90 min Documentary about the work of Grammar Schools in the 1950s and 1960s.
BBC's Culture Show – John Craxton - Sir David Attenborough comments the work of British painter John Craxton
BBC's "Tales of Television Centre" 1x90 min The history of the BBC's Television Centre building.
2013 When Björk Met Attenborough 1x30min Co-presenter
BBC's "Goodbye Television Centre" 1x130 min Documentary about the BBC production facility, the "Television Centre". Guest
BBC's "The Early Years" 1x29 min Guest interviewee
BBC's "Bill Bailey's Jungle Hero" 2x60 min Bill Bailey introduces naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace, contemporary of Charles Darwin and independent discoverer of the mechanics of natural selection and biological evolution. Sir David Attenborough appears in episodes: "In Borneo" and "In the Spice Islands".[20]
BBC's "Benjamin Britten on Camera" 60 min Documentary about the cooperation of Benjamin Britten and BBC
"The Forgotten Story of Alfred Russel Wallace" 1x5 min On the 100th anniversary of Wallace's death, Sir David Attenborough tells the story of the explorer. Writer & narrator
BBC's "Edwardian Insects on Film" 60 min British naturalist Percy Smith, who in 1908 filmed The Acrobatic Fly. Guest Interviewee
2014 The Folio Society's "For the Love of Books" 1x15 min Sir David Attenborough talks about his love of books. Presenter
Craghoppers "Hope" 1x15 min Documentary about the work of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International to protect mountain gorillas. Narrator
BBC's "All About Two" - The development of BBC2 Guest Interviewee
Channel 4's "Richard Attenborough: A Life" 1x60 min The life and work of Sir Richard Attenborough.
Sir Joseph Banks Society's "Sir Joseph Banks – Endeavour" 1x12 min Sir David Attenborough talks about the life and work of Joseph Banks and his travels with Captain Cook. Presenter
BBC's "50 Golden Years of Sport on BBC Two" - Sue Barker presents 50 years of sport coverage on BBC Two. Guest Interviewee
NHK's"Legends of the Deep:Deep Sea Sharks" 1x50 min Japanese scientists studying deep sea sharks of the coast of Japan. Narrator
A Culture Show Special "Sir Kenneth Clark: Portrait of a Civilised Man" - This Culture Show looks at the life of Sir Kenneth Clark, one of the most influential persons in 20th century British art. Guest Interviewee
University of Illinois film "Windows on a Lost World" 6x30 min Documentary about a major collection of amber from the Dominican Republic located at the Illinois State University. A grasshopper fossil found in this amber was named after Sir David Attenborough. Narrator
Lincoln School of Media "Sir Joseph Banks – Endeavour" 1x12 min Short documentary about Sir Joseph Banks. Guest Presenter
BBC's "Pop Goes BBC Two" 90 min Documentary that reviews 50 years of popular music on BBC Two. Sir David Attenborough introduces the film. Narrator
2015 Society of Biology "Biology – Changing the World" 1x14 min Sir David Attenborough is interviewed for Biology: Changing the World and discusses various topics, such as, what sparked his interest in the natural world, to the role biologists play in today's society. Guest Interviewee
BBC's "When President Barack Obama met Sir David Attenborough" 1x35 min The meeting that took place between President Obama and Attenborough.
RTS Huw Wheldon Memorial Lecture: Public Service Broadcasting – A House of Cards? 1x45 min Baron Michael Dobbs examines UK's public service broadcasting and asks will public service broadcasters will continue to play an important role in culture and society in the future.
Eden TV's "Wild Canada" 4x42 min The wildlife of Canada. Episodes: "The Wild West"; "Ice Edge"; "The Heartland"; "The Eternal Frontier" Narrator
BBC's "VE Day: Remembering Victory" 1x100 min Commemorating the 70th anniversary of VE day with contribution from leading British personalities, including Attenborough. Guest Interviewee
WLT's "Orchids of Baños" 1x5 min Sir David Attenborough introduces the work of World Land Trust (WLT) and its partner in Ecuador, the Fundacion Ecominga, to protect the micro orchids of Ecuador. These are some of the tiniest plant species on Earth, which are found high in the Andean cloud forests of central Ecuador. On-screen participant
2016 "A Plastic Ocean" 1x104 min Documentary on the effects of pollution by plastic waste on World oceans. Guest Interviewee
BBC's "Cue the Queen: Celebrating the Christmas Speech" 1x58 min Documentary on the Royal Christmas Broadcasts.
Sky's "Attenborough at 90: Behind the Lens" 1x45 min Documentary for Sir David ttenborough's 90th birthday. Shot over the period of 7 years, shows what it is like to be on the road with Sir David Attenborough during filming.
ECO2's "Grindahvalur" 1x29 min Documentary on the changing relation of Faroe Islanders towards whaling of the "Long-finned pilot whale (Globicephala melas)" or Grindahvalur. Sir David Attenborough makes the introductory remarks. On-screen participant
NHK's "Deep Ocean" series 3x56 min Episodes: "The Lost World of the Pacific", "Lights in the Abyss" and "Descent into the Mariana Trench". Narrator
UNEnvironment.org's "The Hole" 1x5 min Short documentary on the Montreal Protocol.
"The Hole: How Ronnie and Maggie Saved the World" 1x7 min How Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher had key roles in environmental protection.
BBC's "Attenborough at 90" 1x58 min Guest Interviewee
BBC's "Zoo Quest in Colour" 1x89 min Documentary based on original Zoo Quest films in colour that were re-discovered in BBC archive in 2016.
2017 "Richmond Park – National Nature Reserve" 1x21 min London's Richmond Park. Presenter
"In Search of Arcadia" 1x59 min Guest Interviewee
"South Africa – Eastern Great Escarpment" 1x21 min The protection of the Eastern Great Escarpment. Narrator
BBC Horizon's "Dippy and the Whale" 1x59 min Documentary about the replacement of Dippy the Dinosaur exhibit at the Natural History Museum.
ABC's "Into Hot Water" 1x25 min The effect of global warming on the Great Barrier Reef. Guest Interviewee
2018 "Living Thames" 1x60 min Sir David Attenborough introduces this documentary on the river Thames. On screen participant
Terra Mater Factual Studios - "Dragons and Damsels" 1x50 min Documentary about dragonflies. Narrator
2019 Pace Brothers "Year of the Salmon" 1x3 min The plight of the salmon.
WWF International "How to Save Our Planet" 8x8 min The state of Earth.
WWF International "Our Planet Our Business" 38 min Short documentary. On screen participant
Terra Mater Factual Studios - "Whale Wisdom" 1x50 min Documentary about whales. Narrator
"War on Plastic" 58 min Documentary about plastic waste, with Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall and Anita Rani. Sir David Attenborough participates in the last (third) episode of the series. On screen participant


Year Title Duration Subject Credit(s)
2020 BBC - "The Romantics and Us" 60 min Simon Schama explores the enduring and powerful legacy the Romantics have left on our modern world. Sir David Attenborough participates in episode "The Chambers of the Mind". On screen participant
BBC's Horizon - "7.7 Billion People and Counting" 60 min Chris Packham Documentary On screen participant
BBC - "Deep Ocean: Giants of the Antarctic Deep" 60 min Narrator
BBC - "Travels of a Lifetime" 6x60 min Documentary on Michael Palins travels. Episodes: "Around the World in 80 Days", "Pole to Pole", "Full Circle", "Sahara", "Himalaya Part 1" and "Himalaya Part 2". On screen participant
BBC - "Planet Earth: A Celebration" 58 min On screen participant
Netflix - "David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet" 83 min Narrator
BBC - "Meerkat: A Dynasties Special" 58 min Follows the survival of a plucky meerkat family living in the harsh beauty of the Makgadikgadi salt pans. Narrator[21]
2021 Apple - "The Year Earth Changed" 60 min Showcasing exclusive footage from around the world after an unprecedented year, The Year Earth Changed is a timely documentary special that takes a fresh new approach to the global lockdown and the uplifting stories that have come out of it. Narrator
Listening Through the Lens 60 min A film about the pioneering career of Christopher Nupen, who founded one of the first independent production companies in the 1960s, at the dawn of the music documentary era. On screen participant
Prince Philip - Man behind the Crown 60 min On screen participant
Sky Nature - "David Attenborough's Global Adventure" 3x60 min Featuring previously unseen footage of some of the greatest filming sequences of David Attenborough's series. On screen participant[22]
Attenborough And The Mammoth Graveyard 60 min Documentary about Britain’s biggest Mammoth discovery in almost 20 years near Swindon and its archaeological excavation. Presenter[23][24]
2022 Attenborough's Wonder of Song 59 min David Attenborough chooses seven of the most remarkable animal songs found in nature and explores the significance of these songs in the lives of their species. Presenter[25]
Nova - "Dinosaur Apocalypse" 2x54 min Episodes: "Dinosaur Apocalypse: The New Evidence" and "Dinosaur Apocalypse: The Last Day". Newly discovered fossils in the Hell Creek Formation, North Dakota reveal life just before an asteroid impact 66 million years ago. Presenter[26]



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