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The following is a chronological list of television series and individual programmes where David Attenborough is credited as writer, presenter, narrator or producer. In a career spanning seven decades, Attenborough's name has become synonymous with the natural history programmes produced by the BBC Natural History Unit.


Year Title Duration Subject Credit(s) DVD Release
1952 "Coleacanth" 10 min Sir David Attenborough's first programme for the BBC, which discussed the rediscovery of the prehistoric coelacanth. The programme was presented by Julian Huxley. Producer No
1952 Animal, Vegetable, Mineral Unknown A quiz show based on the game Twenty Questions, which ran until 1959, in which eminent scientists would try to guess the origin of specimens from museum and university collections Producer No
1953 Song Hunter 6x20 min Series on folk music, presented by and featuring performances by Alan Lomax Producer No
1953 The Pattern of Animals 3 episodes Sir David Attenborough's first natural history series, on animal camouflage, warning signals and courtship displays, was studio-based and presented by Julian Huxley Producer No
1954 Zoo Quest 6x30 min Zoo Quest is a series of multi-part nature documentaries broadcast on BBC Television between 1954 and 1963. It was the first major programme to feature David Attenborough. Writer, presenter, sound-recordist and producer No
1955 Zoo Quest to Guiana 6x30 min For the second Zoo Quest expedition, David Attenborough and Lagus introduced British television viewers to the natural history of South America Writer, presenter, sound-recordist and producer No
1956 Zoo Quest for a Dragon 6x30min This Zoo Quest series features the first known footage of the Komodo dragon Writer, presenter, sound-recordist and producer No
1957 Quest for the Paradise Birds 6x30min Attenborough's first trip to the island of New Guinea in an attempt to film the courtship displays of the native birds of paradise Writer, presenter, sound-recordist and producer No
1959 Zoo Quest in Paraguay 6x30min For the fifth Zoo Quest, David Attenborough returned to South America and visited the grasslands and wetlands of Paraguay

The episodes: Return from the Chaco; Cactus Island in the Desert ; The Gran Chaco; Argentine Excursion; Oven Birds and Capybaras; Butterfly Birds and Armadillos.

Writer, presenter, sound-recordist and producer No


Year Title Duration Subject Credit(s) DVD Release
1960 The People of Paradise 6x30min A series on the anthropology and natural history of the South Pacific. Episode list: “The Land Divers of Pentecost”, “Cargo Cult", “The Fire Walkers of Fiji”, “Outer Islands of Fiji” Writer, presenter, sound-recordist and producer No
1960 Elsa the Lioness 30 min BBC documentary produced, hosted and narrated by David Attenborough. Follows Joy and George Adamson as they search for Elsa and her three cubs. Shows footage of Meru National Park and its wildlife Producer and presenter No
1960 Travellers' Tales Unknown A long-running series made by Attenborough's BBC Travel and Exploration Unit, which also featured Armand and Michaela Denis's On Safari programmes.

Episodes associated with Sir David Attenborough:

Savage New Guinea; Festival in Kano; Hill Tribes of the Deccan; White Elephant; Men of the Dream Time; Caribbean Expedition; Hunters of Spitzbergen; The Opium People; The Leg Rowers of Burma; Chop! Music and Zulu Dancing; Adriatic Journey; Antarctic Adventure; Dancing Dervishes; In Search of Stanley; Overland to Singapore; The Hidden Valley of Apa Tanis; Pygmies of the Congo; The Choco Indians of Colombia; Head Hunters and Giraffe Women; The Fur-trappers of Greenland; Lapland Summer; The Bird Cliffs of Lofoten; The Strange Creatures of Galapagos; Unknown India; Chinese Journey; The Ascent of Annapuma IV; 'Sherpa'; Land of the Lost; The Land of the Gurkhas.

Producer and narrator No
1961 Zoo Quest to Madagascar 6x30 min An expedition to film and collect animals in Madagascar, including lemurs, at the time little-known in Europe Writer, presenter, sound-recordist and producer No
1961 Japan A series presented by Hugh Gibb on the history and culture of the Japanese people Producer No
1962 Destruction of the Indian 3 episodes This short series looked at how contact with the modern world has affected remote Indian tribes of the South American rainforest. Producer No
1963 Attenborough and Animals 10x25min Sir David Attenborough's first series for children, in which different species were compared Presenter No
1963 Quest Under Capricorn 6x30 min The final Zoo Quest series, filmed in the Northern Territory of Australia, was also David Attenborough's final natural history series before moving into BBC management.

Episode list: “The Desert Gods”, “Hermits of Borolloola”, “The Artists of Arnhem Land”, “Bush Walkabout”, “The First Australians"; Buffalo, Geese and Men”.

Writer, presenter, sound-recordist and producer No
1965 Zambezi 3x50 min During a break from studying for an anthropology degree, David Attenborough filmed a journey down the Zambezi. Episode list: “Lord of the Land”, “The Ancient Highway”, “Livingstone's River” Writer and presenter No
1967 Life- East Africa 3 episodes A series of interviews with African conservationists, filmed during a sabbatical from management duties, for Desmond Morris's Life series on BBC Two Writer and presenter No
1967 "The World About Us Unknown Commissioned during his tenure as Controller of BBC Two, Attenborough narrated around 20 episodes of this long-running series between 1969 and 1982 Occasional narrator No
1969 The Miracle of Bali 3x50min Attenborough visited the Indonesian island of Bali to film the traditional music and culture. Episode list: “Midday Sun”, “Night”, “Recital of Music” Narrator and producer Yes


Year Title Duration Subject Credit(s) DVD Release
1973 Eastwards with Attenborough 6x30min Sir David Attenborough's first natural history series after resigning as BBC Controller took him to South East Asia.

Episode list: The Strange Caves Of Borneo; Fire Giants Of Sumatra; Mudbuilders Of Borneo; Green Ceilings Of Borneo; Borneo's Cathedral Of Trees; Life And Death In Paradise.

Writer and presenter No
1973 The Life Game 1x90min A "Science Special" on genetics and evolution, written by Nigel Calder and produced by Adrian Malone. Presenter No
1973 Natural Break 15x10min A series of short programmes based on archive footage, produced by John Sparks Presenter No
1973 Flying Prince of Wildlife unknown The story of the conservation efforts of Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands (1911 - 2004) Presenter No
1973 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures 6x60min Science lectures on the language of animals Writer and presenter No
1975 The Explorers 10x50min A series of drama-documentaries recreating the voyages of famous explorers, at the time the most expensive series ever commissioned by the BBC.

Episode titles: The Story of Roald Amundsen, The Story of Charles Montague Doughty, The Story of Henry Morton Stanley, The Story of Burke And Wills, The Story of Mary Kingsley, The Story of Jedediah Strong Smith, The Story of Alexander von Humboldt, The Story of Captain James Cook, The Story of Francisco Pizarro, The Story of Christopher Columbus.

Introducer and narrator No
1975 Fabulous Animals Unknown A series for children's television which featured David Attenborough reading from books on mythological creatures.

Episode 1: Here Be Monsters

Episode 2: Marvels of the Deep

Episode 3: Dragons and Serpents

Episode 4: Winged Creatures

Episode 5: Horns of Magic

Episode 6: Man or Beast

Presenter No
1975 The Tribal Eye 7x50min A series on tribal art, of which Attenborough is a keen collector. Episode list:

"Behind the Mask"

"The Crooked Beak of Heaven"

"The Sweat of the Sun"

"The Kingdom of Bronze"

"Woven Gardens"

"The Man Blong Custom"

"Across The Frontiers"

Writer and presenter Yes
1976 The Discoverers 6x30min A series on pioneering explorers, discoverers and scientists in the field of natural history. Episode list: The Bone Hunters”, “The Bug Collectors”, “The Wanderer and the Woodsman”, “The Unknown Ocean”, “The Rare and the Curious”. Narrator No
1977 Wildlife on One 253x30min This series of half-hour natural history programmes for BBC One ran annually until 2005 Narrator No
1979 Life on Earth 13x55min Covering the history of life on Earth, this acclaimed series was three years in the making and notable for its groundbreaking footage.

Episode list: “The Infinite Variety”, “Building Bodies”, “The First Forests”, “The Swarming Hordes”, “Conquest of the Waters”, “Invasion of the Land”, “Victors of the Dry Land”, “Lords of the Air"”, “The Rise of the Mammals”, “Theme and Variations”, “The Hunters and Hunted”, “Life in the Trees”.

Writer and presenter Yes


Year Title Duration Subject Credit(s) DVD Release
1980 The Spirit of Asia 8x60min BBC series on the cultures and religions of the people of Asia.

Episodes: 1: The World of Shadows

Episode 2:The Morning of the World

Episode 3: Land of the Cosmic Mountain

Episode 4: The Story of Rama

Episode 5: The Haunted Land

Episode 6: Artists in Exile

Episode 7: God-Kings of Angkor

Episode 8: Land of a Million Buddhas

Narrator No
1981 The Ark in South Kensington 1 episode Story of the Natural History Museum at South Kensington Presenter No
1984 The Living Planet 12x55min Episode list: “The Building of the World”, “The Frozen World”, “The Northern Forests”, “Jungles";Seas of Grass”, “The Baking Deserts”, “The Sky Above”, “Sweet Fresh Water”, “The Margins of Land”, “Worlds Apart”, “The Open Ocean”, “New Worlds”. Writer and presenter Yes
1985 The Million Pound Bird Book 1x60min Biography of American naturalist John James Audubon Writer and presenter No
1986 World Safari 90 min A live television event featuring broadcasts from across the world, with contributors including The Duke of Edinburgh and Indian prime minister Rajiv Gandhi Co-presenter No
1987 The First Eden 4x60 min A series on the Mediterranean, examining the natural history of the region and the impact that successive human civilisations have had on the environment. Episode list: “The Making of the Garden”, “Gods Enslaved”, “The Wastes of War”, “Strangers in the Garden”. Writer and presenter Yes
1989 Lost Worlds, Vanished Lives 4x40 min A series on fossils, a passion that Attenborough has had since childhood.

Episode list: “Rare Glimpses”, “Dinosaur”, “Putting Flesh on Bone”, “Magic in the Rock”.

Writer and presenter Yes


Year Title Duration Subject Credit(s) DVD Release
1990 The Trials of Life 12x50 min The final part of the Trilogy of Life.

Episode list: “Arriving”, “Growing Up”, “Finding Food”, “Hunting and Escaping”, “Finding the Way”, “Home Making”, “Living Together”, “Fighting”, “Friends and Rivals”, “Talking to Strangers”, “Courting”, “Continue the Line”.

Writer and presenter Yes
1993 Q.E.D. "Gallop to Freedom" 1x45min Prezewalski horses Narrator No
1993 Life in the Freezer 6x30min Antarctica

Episode list: “The Bountiful Sea”, “The Ice Retreats”, “The Race to Breed”, “The Door Closes”, “The Big Freeze”, “Footsteps in the Snow”.

Writer and presenter Yes
1994 Heart of a Nomad 1x60min Explorer and writer Wilfred Thesiger Presenter No
1995 The Private Life of Plants 6x50 min Episode list: “Travelling”, “Growing”, “Flowering”, “The Social Struggle”, “Living Together”, “Surviving”. Writer and presenter Yes
1996 Winners and Losers 2x45 min Follows life forms examined in Eugene Schumacher's 1960s documentary The Rare Ones Narrator No
1996 IMAX - "Survival Island" 42 min South Georgia island Writer and Narrator Yes
1996 Attenborough in Paradise and Other Personal Voyages Various Collection of seven documentaries recorded between 1971 and 2004. Episode list: “A Blank on the Map” (1971); “Attenborough in Paradise” (1996), “The Lost Gods of Easter Island” (2000), “Bowerbirds: The Art of Seduction” (2000), “The Song of the Earth” (2000), “Life on Air: David Attenborough’s 50 Years in Television” (2002), “The Amber Time Machine” (2004).

"The Lost Gods of Easter Island (2000)"

"Bowerbirds: The Act of Seduction (2000)"

"The Song of The Earth (2000)"

"Life on Air (2002)"

"The Amber Time Machine (1994)"

Writer and presenter Yes
1998 The Life of Birds 10x50 min

Episode list: “To Fly or Not to Fly”, “Mastery of Flight”, “Insatiable Appetite”, “Meat Eaters”, “Fishing for a Living”, “Signals and Songs”, “Finding Partners”, “Demands of the Egg”, “Problems of Parenthood”, “Limits of Endurance”.

Writer and presenter Yes
1998 The Origin of Species: An Illustrated Guide 30 min Charles Darwin's theory of evolution Narrator No
1999 Sharks - The Truth 50 min Part of BBC One's Shark Summer season Narrator No
1999 They Said It Couldn't Be Done 7x60 min Attenborough interviews wildlife film-makers at the Royal Geographical Society Presenter No


Year Title Duration Subject Credit(s) DVD Release
2000 State of the Planet 3x50 min Episode list: “Is there a Crisis?”, “Why is there a Crisis?”, “The Future of Life”. Writer and presenter Yes
2000 The Lost Gods of Easter Island 50 min Easter Island.

Sir David Attenborough in 2016 listed this documentary as one of his four "Passion Projects".

Writer and presenter Yes
2000 Living with Dinosaurs 50 min Narrator No
2000 The Greatest Wildlife Show on Earth 50 min Christmas special Presenter No
2001 Dingoes: Outlaws of the Outback 30 min Narrator Yes
2001 The Blue Planet 8x50 min Natural history of the world's oceans. The series won multiple BAFTA TV and Emmy awards for its music and cinematography.

Episode list: "The Blue Planet / Ocean World"; "The Deep"; "Open Ocean"; "Frozen Seas"; "Seasonal Seas"; "Coral Seas"; "Tidal Seas"; "Coasts"

Narrator Yes
2002 The Life of Mammals 10x50 min Follow up to The Life of Birds.

Episode list: “A Winning Design”, “Insect Hunters”, “Plant Predators”, “Chisellers”, “Meat Eaters”, “Opportunists”, “Return to the Water”, “Life in the Tree”, “Social Climbers”, “Food for Thought”.

Writer and presenter Yes
2002 Great Natural Wonders of the World 60 min Sequel to The Greatest Wildlife Show on Earth Presenter No
2004 Satoyama: Japan's Secret Water Garden 2x52min Documentary about how the residents of a village in Satoyama live in harmony with nature. Narrator No
2005 Animal Crime Scene 5x60min Episode list:

Outback Assassin

Ocean Assassin

Arctic Assassin

African Assassin

Amazon Assassin

Narrator No
2005 Life in the Undergrowth 5x50min Insects and invertebrates.

Episode list: “Invasion of the Land”, “Taking to the Air”, “The Silk Spinners”, “Intimate Relations”, “Supersocieties”.

Writer and Presenter Yes
2006 Planet Earth 11x50min Episode list: “From Pole to Pole”, “Mountains”, “Fresh Water”, “Caves”, “Deserts”, “Ice Worlds”, “Great Plains”, “Jungles”, “Shallow Seas”, “Seasonal Forests”, “Deep Oceans". Narrator Yes
2006 The Truth about Climate Change 2x60min Global warming.

Episodes: "Are We Changing Planet Earth";"Can We Save Planet Earth".

Writer and presenter Yes
2006 Gorillas Revisited 1x60min Rwanda's mountain gorillas Presenter No
2007 Climate Change: Britain Under Threat 1x60min Presenter No
2007 Tom Harrisson: The Barefoot Anthropologist 1x60min Biography of Tom Harrisson Presenter No
2007 Attenborough Explores... Our Fragile World 60 min Writer and presenter No
2008 Life in Cold Blood 5x50 min Reptiles and amphibians.

Episode list: “The Cold Blooded Truth”, “Land Invaders”, “Dragons of the Dry”, “Sophisticated Serpents”, “Armoured Giants”.

Writer and Presenter Yes
2008 Humpbacks: From Fire to Ice 50 min A documentary made for Australian television on the humpback whale Narrator No
2008 Tiger: Spy in the Jungle 3x60min Writer and presenter Yes
2009 Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life 1x60min Writer and presenter Yes
2009 Nature's Great Events 6x50min The film techniques of Planet Earth are deployed to dramatise some of the greatest annual wildlife events on the planet.

Episode list: “The Great Melt”, “The Great Salmon Run”, “The Great Migration”, “The Great Tide”, “The Great Flood”, “The Great Feast”.

Narrator Yes
2009 Uncovering Our Earliest Ancestor: The Link 1x60min A special documentary to coincide with the announcement of a 47-million-year-old primate fossil Writer and narrator Yes
2009 Life 10x50min Episode list: “Challenges of Life”, “Reptiles and Amphibians”, “Mammals”, “Fish” ,“Birds”, “Insects”, “Hunters and Hunted”, “Creatures of the Deep”, “Plants”, “Primates”. Writer and narrator Yes


Year Title Duration Subject Credit(s) DVD Release
2010 David Attenborough's First Life 2x60 min Episode list: “Arrival”, “Conquest”. Writer and presenter Yes
2010 The Death of the Oceans? 60 min Writer and presenter Yes
2010 Flying Monsters 3D 70 min 3D film about pterosaurs Writer and presenter Yes
2011 Madagascar 3x60 min Episode list: Island of Marvels; Lost Worlds; Land of Heat and Dust. Narrator Yes
2011 Attenborough and the Giant Egg 60min The elephant bird. Writer and presenter Yes
2011 Desert Seas 60min Wildlife off the coast of Saudi Arabia Narrator No
2011 Frozen Planet 7x60min The natural history of the polar regions. Episode list: “To the Ends of Earth”, “Spring”, “Summer”, “Autumn”, “Winter”, “The Last Frontier”, “On Thin Ice”, “The Epic Journey”. Narrator/presenter Yes
2011 The Penguin King 3D 1x75min Sky 3D film charting the lives of king penguins on South Georgia Writer and narrator Yes
2012 Secrets of Wild India 3x60min Indian wildlife series, broadcast on Nat Geo Wild.

Episode list: “Desert Lion”, “Elephant Kingdom”, “Tiger Jungles”.

Narrator Yes
2012 Superfish: Bluefin Tuna 1x60min Narrator No
2012 Kingdom of Plants 3D 3x60 min 3D series filmed at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew. Episode list: “Life in the Wet Zone”, “Solving the Secrets”, “Survival”. Writer and presenter Yes
2012 Attenborough's Ark: A Natural World Special 1x60min David Attenborough discusses ten endangered animals. Writer and presenter No
2012 Attenborough: 60 Years in the Wild 3x60min Episode list: “Life on Camera”, “Understanding the Natural World”, “Our Fragile Planet”. Writer and presenter Yes
2012 Hummingbirds: Jewelled Messengers 45min Presenter No
2013 Plants Behaving Badly 2x45 min 2-part special on plants. Episode list: “Murder and Mayhem”, “Sex and Lies”. Presenter Yes
2013 Galapagos 3D 3x45 min Sky 3D series on the Galapagos Islands.

Episode list: “Origin”, “Adaptation”, “Evolution”.

Presenter Yes
2013 David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities: Series 1 5x30 min Episode list: “Stretched To The Limit”, “A Curious Hoax?”, “Young Wrinklies”, “A Curious Twist”, “Seeing the Pattern”. Writer and presenter Yes
2013 Africa 6x60 min Episode list: “Kalahari"; Savannah"; Congo”, “Cape”, “Sahara”, “The Future”, “The Greatest Show on Earth”. Narrator/presenter Yes
2013 Sky 3D Micro Monsters 3D 6x22 min Episode list: “Conflict”, “Predator”, “Courtship”, “Reproduction”, “Family”, “Colony”. Narrator/presenter Yes
2013 Wild Cameramen at Work 4x30min Series looking at work of leading wildlife cameramen. Episode list: “Sky”, “Ice”, “Sea”, “Land”. Narrator/presenter No
2013 Sir David Attenborough's Rise of Animals: Triumph of the Vertebrates 2x60min Episode list: “From the Seas to the Skies”, “Dawn of the Mammals”. Writer and presenter Yes
2014 David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities: Series 2 10x30min Episode list:

1) Virgin Births – Naturalist David Attenborough shines the spotlight on some of nature's evolutionary anomalies and how these curious animals continue to baffle and fascinate. In this edition, he examines the unusual ways in which Komodo dragons and aphids reproduce.

2) Armoured Animals

3) Life in the Dark

4) Curious Imposters

5) Bad Reputations

6) Shocking Senses

7) Life on Ice

8) Spinners and Weavers

9) Strange Parents

10) Magical Appearances

Writer and presenter Yes
2014 David Attenborough's Natural History Museum Alive 64 min Natural History Museum in London Writer and presenter Yes
2014 Life Story 6x60 min Episode list: “Steps”, “Growing Up”, “Home”, “Power”, “Courtship”, “Parenthood". Narrator/presenter Yes
2015 David Attenborough's Conquest of the Skies 3D 3x60min Episode list: “The First to Fly”, “Rivals”, “Triumph”. Writer and presenter Yes
2015 Attenborough's Paradise Birds 60 min Writer and presenter No
2015 David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities: Series 3 6x22min Episode list:"Impossible Feats"; "Curious Minds"; "Expandable Bodies"; "Curious Feeders"; "Curious Cures"; "Remarkable Regeneration" Writer and presenter Yes
2015 Wild City (Singapore) 2x46min Narrator No
2015 The Hunt 7x60 min Episode list:"The Hardest Challenge"; "In the Grip of the Seasons (Arctic)"; "Hide and Seek (Forests)"; "Hunger at Sea (Oceans)"; "Nowhere to Hide (Plains)"; "Race Against Time (Coasts)"; "Living with Predators (Conservation)" Presenter Yes
2016 Great Barrier Reef with David Attenborough 3x60 min Episode List: "Builders", "Visitors", "Survival". Writer and presenter Yes
2016 Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur 1x60min Writer and presenter Yes
2016 Attenborough's Life That Glows 1x60min There are many amazing creatures out there which dazzle and enchant our minds. To anyone who has seen a fire-fly you would know that it is hard not fall under it’s spell. From fascinating creatures in the ocean to magical light shows in the air this documentary explores the life that glows.

To begin, why would any animal actually produce their own light? Until recently this has largely been unknown but through technological breakthroughs the truth about living light can now be revealed in this stunning documentary film. One significant breakthrough is camera technology which has allowed scientists and film makers alike to document these amazing creatures in great detail revealing just some of their secrets. Another is a new bread of submersibles that can get up close to alien creatures lurking in some of the worlds deepest oceans.

In the Life That Glows documentary Sir David Attenborough uses technology to explore these largely unseen worlds from a brand new perspective.

Writer and presenter No
2016 Attenborough's Passion Projects 4x59min "A Blank On The Map"

"The Lost Gods of Easter Island“

"Lost World, Vanished Lives“

"Darwin's Tree of Life“

Guest Interviewee & Presenter Yes

Other programmes[edit]

In addition to writing, presenting, narrating and producing his own documentaries, David Attenborough has made regular appearances as an on-screen and off-screen participant in other film-makers' documentaries and on other numerous television programmes. The following list includes some of his more notable appearances plus long-running shows:

Year Title Duration Subject Credit(s) DVD Release
1955 "The Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1955-58" 6x30min An occasional series following the progress of Vivian Fuchs and his Commonwealth expedition's successful overland crossing of Antarctica Presenter and producer No
1955 "BBC Panorama: Programme 12" Unknown Guest Interviewee No
1956 "The Berbers of the Atlas Mountains" Unknown Producer No
1957 "Bororo: The Unknown Nomads" Unknown Presenter No
1957 "Omnibus: The Savage Image" Unknown Presenter No
1957 "The Strange Creatures of Galapagos" Unknown Producer No
1957 "The Cliff Birds of Lofoten" Unknown Producer No
1957 Laplanders and Reindeer Unknown Producer No
1958 "The Volcanos of Sahara" Unknown Producer No
1959 "Sails off Singapore" Unknown Narrator No
1959 "Science is News" Unknown Narrator No
1960 "Lapland Summer" Unknown Producer No
1961 "The Fur Trappers of Greenland" Unknown Producer No
1961 "Adventure" Over 150 episodes Attenborough is credited as narrator or producer of following episodes: The Shrines of China; Crusaders Path; The Land of the Queen of Sheba; Voodo Island; Dyak; Turkoman; The Tombs of Petra; Lhasa, Forbidden City; The Peaks of Peru; Dalai Lama; Magicians of the Black Hills; Sixty-five Survivors; North through Afghanistan; The Wandering Herdsmen of the Sahara; Wings in the Malayan Forest; The Hidden Sanctuaries of Prester John; The Tunnel of Samos; The Lost men of Malaya; The Unknown Mountains of Nepal; Search for the Hobolos; The Caviar Fishermen of the Caspian; Ballon from Lake Manyara; Voyage Under the Earth; Ballon from Zanzibar; Trail to Dawson City; The Cave f the Assassins; Ballon to Serengeti; The Dragon Story; The Cocaine-Eaters of Colombia; Bushmen of the Kalahari; The Men without a Bow; Kon-Tiki; Snakes Alive; The Riddle of Easter Island Narrator and producer No
1963 "Lets Imagine - The Perfect Horse" Unknown Narrator No
1964 "Dancing Dervishes" Unknown Narrator No
1965 "Men Alone" Unknown Narrator No
1966 "Faraway Places - The Quests of David Attenborough" Unknown Narrator No
1967 "The Time of my Life" Unknown Narrator No
1972 "Around the World in 80 Minutes" Unknown Narrator and presenter No
1974 "Spectacular Britain" Unknown Narrator No
1975 Children of The Way Unknown Narrator No
1976 "In Search of Strange Animals" Unknown Narrator No
1978 Sunday Special: The Gold of El Dorado 1 episode Presenter No
1978 "Hugo van Lawicks Africa" 3 episodes Series of documentaries by Jane Godall and Hugo van Lawick narrated by David Attenborough.

"The Baboons of Gombe“

"The Wild Dogs of Africa“

"Lions of the Serengeti“

Narrator No
1980 "Gilbert White Lived Here" 1 episode Presenter No
1981 "An Everday Miracle" unknown Narrator No
1982 Omnibus 1 episode Series 16, Episode 6. Attenborough interviews Lucie Rie about her studio pottery Presenter No
1983 "Rainbow Safari" Unknown Narrator No
1983 Natural World Unknown BBC Two series still on air, for which Attenborough has narrated or presented in following episodes: 1983: The Kiwai, Dugong hunters of Daru - 1988: Twilight of the Dreamtime – 1992: Mpingo: The Tree That Makes Music - 1993: Echo of the Elephants - 1994: Mysteries of the Ocean Wanderers - 1995: Killer Whales-Wolves of the Sea - 1995: Echo of the Elephants, the next Generation - 1996: Bowerbird Brilliant Rainforest; Lions: Pride in Peril; Incredible Suckers ;Attenborough In Paradise; Sperm Whales Back from the Abyss - 1997: Echo of the Elephants - Africa's Forgotten Elephants - 1998: South Georgia, An Island All Alone; Dragons of Galapagos - 1999: Islands of the Vampire Birds - 2000: Bowerbirds the Art of Seduction - 2001: The Lost Elephants of Timbuktu - 2003: Highgrove: A Prince's Legacy - 2004: Five Big Cats and a Camera; Shark Coast; The Amber Time Machine - 2005: Echo of the Elephants - The Final Chapter - 2006: SatoyamaI Japans Secret Watergarden; Satoyama II Japans Secret Watergarden - 2007: Battle to Save the Tiger; Desert Lions - 2008: Badgers Secrets of the Sett; Clever Monkeys; Cuckoo; Lobo The Wolve that Changed America; Snow Leopard, Beyond The Myth; Superfish - 2009: Cassowaries; Bringing Up Baby - 2010: Birds of Paradise; Echo an Unforgettable Elephant; Elsa, The Lioness That Changed The World; Panda Makers; The Himalayas – 2011: Animal House; Komodo Secrets of the Dragon – 2012: Madagascar, Lemurs and Spies; Jungle Gremlins of Java; The Real Jungle Book Bear; Attenboroughs Ark; Living with Baboons – 2013: Giant Squid Filming the Impossible; Meerkats Secrets of an Animal Superstar; The Mating Game – 2014: Attenboroughs Fabulous Frogs; The Bat Man of Mexico – 2015: Africa's Fishing Leopards; Attenboroughs Big Birds; Galapagos, Islands Of Change; Mountain Lions Big Cats in High Places Occasional narrator, writer or presenter No
1987 BBC's "Glass Kingdoms at Kew" Unknown Narrator and presenter No
1987 "Politics of the Jungle" Unknown Narrator No
1988 "Waorani - The Last People" Unknown Narrator No
1989 "The Pitt Rivers Museum is Shut" 37 min Guest presenter No
1993 "Wildlife 100" Unknown To mark the 100th episode of Wildlife on One, Attenborough selected his favourite episodes from past series for this special Narrator No
1993 BBC's "Flying with Dinosaurs" Unknown Narrator No
1993 BBC's "K: Kenneth Clark 1903 - 1983" Unknown Kenneth Clark, the former director of the National Gallery in London Guest Interviewee No
1995-2007 BBC Wildlife Specials 22x50min The BBC Wildlife Specials are a series of nature documentary programmes commissioned by BBC Television. The series premiered in 1995, and 22 specials have been produced to date, with most of the more recent ones consisting of multiple episodes. The earlier programmes were produced in-house by the BBC's Natural History Unit, but the more recent Spy in the ... titles were made by the independent John Downer Productions. The first 18 specials, through 2008, were narrated by David Attenborough.

List of specials narrated by Sir David Attenborough:Great White Shark: The True Story of Jaws; Polar Bear: The Arctic Warrior; Crocodile: The Smiling Predator; Leopard: The Agent of Darkness; Eagle: The Master of the Skies;Humpback Whale: The Giant of the Oceans; Wolf: The Legendary Outlaw; Tiger: The Elusive Princess; Lions: Spy in the Den; Grizzly: Face to Face;Gorillas: On the Trail of King Kong; Serpent: Through the Eyes of the Snake; Killer Whale; Elephants: Spy in the Herd; Smart Sharks: Swimming With Roboshark; Bears: Spy in the Woods; Trek: Spy on the Wildebeest;Tiger: Spy in the Jungle.

Narrator Yes
1996 Q.E.D. "The Secret Life of Seahorses" 45min Narrator No
1997 BBC's "Auntie -the Inside Story of the BBC" Unknown Attenborough is interviewed in episode "Growing Pains: 1945-1960". Guest interviewee No
1999 Animal People - Octopus Hunter Unknown Narrator No
2000 BBC's "Wilderness Men" 3x45 min A three part series about Alexander von Humboldt, Lewis and Clark, and Ernest Shackleton. Narrator No
2001 BBC's "The Human Face" 4x60min Episodes:"Face to Face"; "Here's Looking at You";"Beauty"; "Fame". Guest interviewee No
2001 BBC's "The Ultimate Wild Paradises - The Top Ten Destinations" Unknown Guest interviewee No
2002 BBC's "The Indispensables" Unknown Guest interviewee No
2002 BBC's Timeshift - "Attenborough the Controller" 45 min Archive footage and interviewee No
2002 Attenborough in Conversation with Mark Lawson 30 min Interviewee No
2003 BBC's "Great Wildlife Moments" Unknown Archive footage Yes
2003 Greenpeace Film's "The Ancient Forests" 3 min Narrator No
2003 Rainforest Information Center, "On The Brink" 34 min Presenter & narrator No
2004 BBC's "William Hodges:The Art of Exploration" 35 min
2004 BBC's "The Way We Went Wild" 3x60 min Guest Interviewee No
2005 "Selfish Green" 60 min Interviewee No
2005 BBC's "The Wild Life of Gerald Durrell" 60 min Interviewee No
2005 BBC's How Art Made the World 5x60 min Attenborough is in the episode "Once Upon a Time" Guest presenter No
2005 BBC's Timeshift - The Lost Road - Overland to Singapore 39 min Guest interviewee No
2005 The 50 Great Documentaries Unknown Guest presenter No
2006 BBC's "Masterpieces of the British Museum" 6x30 min Attenborough is in "The Durer Rhinoceros“ and "Head of an Ife King from Nigeria“. Guest interviewee Yes
2006 BBC's Gilbert White- The Nature Man 60 min Guest presenter Yes
2006 BBC's "Nation on Film: Kearton's Wildlife" Unknown Guest interviewee No
2006 BBC's "Suez a very British Crisis" 3x58 min Attenborough contributes in episodes "Betreyal" and "War" Guest interviewee Yes
2006 BBC's "Folk Britannia" 3x58 min Attenborough is interviewed in the first episode, "Ballads & Blues". Guest interviewee No
2006 BBC's Horizon: "War On Science" 49 min Archive footage No
2006 Planet Earth: The Future 3x60min Attenbourough is interviewed in all three episodes Interviewee Yes
2007 Sharing Planet Earth Unknown Presenter No
2007 100 Years of Wildlife Films 120 min Bill Oddie highlights the passionate, eccentric and pioneering individuals who have often risked life and limb to break new boundaries in wildlife films. He charts the extraordinary changes in technology that have driven the industry forward, and reveals how the last hundred years of wildlife films has as much to do with our social attitudes as it has to do with the animals themselves Guest presenter No
2007 BBC's "Peter Scott: a Passion for Nature" Unknown Narrator and presenter No
2007 BBC's "Watching Desmond Morris" 60 min Narrator and Guest interviewee No
2007 BBC's "Silbury:The Heart of the Hill" 60 min Guest interviewee No
2007 BBC's "Favourite Attenborough Moments" 67 min Guest interviewee No
2008 BBC's "Fossil Detectives" 8x29 min

Episode 1 - "Central England"

Episode 2 - "London"

Interviewee No
2008 BBC's "1968:Sex, Telly and Britain" Unknown Guest Interviewee No
2008 BBC's "Art of Arts TV" 3x60 min Guest Interviewee No
2009 BBC Horizon, "How Many People Can live on Planet Earth" 59 min Presenter No
2009 Carnyx Wild, "The Great Bustard" 8 min Short documentary about the reintroduction of the Great Bustard into Great Britain. Narrator No
2009 "Personal Histories in Archaeological Theory & Methods" 10 min 2009 Panel - "Archaeology and TV". Co-presenter No
2009 BBC's Timeshift – „Archaeology: Digging the Past 59min Guest Interviewee No
2009 BBC's "The Story of the Open University" 49min Guest Interviewee No
2010 BBC Horizon "Death of Oceans" 59 min Presenter No
2010 "The Symphony of Science" 20x4 min Participant No
2010 BBC's "Genius of Britain" 5x60min Episodes: "The First Five"; "A Roomful of Brilliant Minds"; "The Lights Come On";"Out of the Darkeness" and "Asking Big Questions". Attenborough contributed pieces on Christopher Wren and Joseph Banks in Episodes 1 and 2 and conclusions in Episode 5. Guest presenter Yes
2010 BBC's "Attenborough's Journey" 60min Presenter Yes
2010 BBC's "The Born Free Legacy" 60min Guest Interviewee No
2010 BBC's "Mad and Bad:60 Years of Science on TV" 90min Guest Interviewee No
2010 BBC's Museum of Life 5x60min Attenborough is in episodes "A Museum in a Modern World" and "A collection for the Future". Guest interviewee No
2010 BBC's Timeshift – „When Britain Went Wild" 1x59min Guest interviewee No
2010 BBC's "Birds Britannia" 4x60min Attenborough is in all 4 episodes Interviewee No
2010 BBC's "Jane Goodall: Beauty and the Beast" 60 min Guest interviewee No
2010 Beyond the Brink 20 min Guest interviewee Yes
2011 PBS Nature, "Elsa's Legacy - The Born Free Story" 53 min Guest interviewee No
2011 BBC's "Great Thinkers: In Their Own Words" 3x59 min Attenborough is in the episodes "The Culture Wars" and "Human All Too Human". Guest comentator No
2011 "Ocean Drifters - A Secret World beneath the Waves" 16.30 min Narrator No
2011 BBC's "Brave New World" 5x49 min Episodes: Machines; Health; Technology; Environment; Biology. Episode "Environment: At Longleat Sir David Attenborough helps collect the DNA of an elephant for the Frozen Ark - a project to save all the world's species from extinction. Sir David Attenborough also introduces the work of the Millennium Seed Bank. Guest interviewee and presenter No
2011 BBC's "Ceramics: A Fragile History" 3X60 min Attenborough is in the episodes "The Art of the Potter" and "The Story of Clay". Guest interviewee No
2011 Animal Planet's "A City of Wild Cats" 11 min Narrator No
2011 BBC's "The Secrets of Scott's Hut" 90 min Guest interviewee No
2011 Atlantic Productions "The Bachelor King" 75 min Writer and presenter No
2011 "Break the Science Barrier" Unknown Guest Interviewee Yes
2012 BBC's "Tales of Television Centre" 90 min Guest interviewee No
2013 When Björk Met Attenborough 1x30min Co-presenter Yes
2013 BBC's "Goodbye Television Centre" 130 min Guest No
2013 BBC's "The Early Years" 29 min Guest interviewee No
2013 BBC's "Bill Bailey's Jungle Hero" 2x60min Guest Interviewee No
2013 "The Forgotten Story of Alfred Russel Wallace" 5 min Writer & narrator No
2013 BBC's "Edwardian Insects on Film" 60min Guest Interviewee No
2014 The Folio Society’s "For the Love of Books" 15min Presenter No
2014 "Hope" 15 min Documentary about the work of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International to protect mountain gorillas Narrator No
2014 Sir Joseph Banks Society’s "Sir Joseph Banks - Endeavour" 12min Presenter No
2014 A Culture Show Special "Sir Kenneth Clark: Portrait of a Civilised Man" Unknown Guest Interviewee No
2014 "Windows on a Lost World" 6.30 min Narrator No
2014 Lincoln School of Media "Sir Joseph Banks - Endeavour" 1x12min Guest Presenter Yes
2015 Society of Biology "Biology - Changing the World" 1x14min Interviewee No
2015 BBC's "When President Barack Obama met Sir David Attenborough" 35 min Guest Interviewee No
2015 Eden TV's "Wild Canada" 4x42min Episodes: "The Wild West"; "Ice Edge"; "The Heartland"; "The Eternal Frontier" Narrator No
2015 BBC's "VE Day: Remembering Victory" 100 min Guest Interviewee No
2016 Sky's "Attenborough at 90: Behind the Lens" 45 min Guest Interviewee No
2016 BBC's "Attenborough at 90" 58 min Guest Interviewee Yes
2016 BBC's "Zoo Quest in Colour" 89 min Guest Interviewee Yes


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