David Bagrationi (born 1948)

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David Bagration
Born 1948 (age 67–68)
Tbilisi, Georgia
Spouse Irina Kobakhidze
Issue Ketevan Bagrationi
Tamar Bagrationi
Irakli Bagrationi
Full name
David Iraklis Dze Bagrationi
House Bagrationi
Father Irakli Bagrationi
Mother Zinaida Maskharashvili
Religion Georgian Orthodox Church

David Iraklis Dze Bagrationi (Georgian: დავით ირაკლის ძე ბაგრატიონი) (born 1948) is a Georgian scion of the royal Bagrationi dynasty of Imereti, one of the two surviving direct male-line descendants of the kings of Imereti, the other being his son.[1] He is the current head of the Imeretian Bagrations.

David is a son of Irakli Bagrationi. Direct descendant of King Alexander V of Imereti.

David married Irina Kobakhidze (born 1951) and they have 3 children:

As this branch of the Imereti Bagrations descends from natural offspring of Prince Bagrat of Imereti and no other male lines of that family exists, Imereti Bagrations are usually regarded extinct on the male side,[2] apparently also by other branches of the Bagration family.[3]


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