David Bodanis

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David Bodanis
Born Chicago, Illinois
Occupation writer
Notable awards Aventis Prize

David Bodanis is a futurist, speaker, and writer of popular science books. Originally from Chicago, he received an undergraduate education in mathematics, physics and economics at the University of Chicago[1] (AB 1977). He lived in France for ten years and is now based in London.

Writing career[edit]

His first commercial success The Secret House: 24 Hours in the Strange & Wonderful World in Which We Spend Our Nights and Days introduces the "microphotography" writing style, in which the author takes a worm's-eye view perspective that allows him to observe many obscure and complex phenomena of everyday life. Bodanis continued developing this style in other books, including the E=mc2: A Biography of the World's Most Famous Equation and Electric Universe: How Electricity Switched on the Modern World, winner of the Aventis Prize in 2006. He has been translated into 26 languages and featured on the cover of The Economist.

David Bodanis's History of the Ten Commandments was published in 2014 by Bloomsbury Press.



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