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Bowie attending the Tribeca Film Festival in 2009

David Bowie (1947–2016) held leading roles in several feature films, including The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976) (for which he won a Saturn Award for Best Actor), Just a Gigolo (1978), Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence (1983), The Hunger (1983), Labyrinth (1986), and The Linguini Incident (1991). Films in which he appeared in a supporting role or cameo include The Last Temptation of Christ (1988) and Zoolander (2001).

Bowie also appeared on several television series including Extras, Dream On, and the horror anthology series The Hunger. He won a Daytime Emmy Award in the category of Outstanding Special Class Special in 2003 for Hollywood Rocks the Movies: The 1970s with David Bowie (AMC).

Bowie was featured in a number of documentaries, films, and videos focusing on his career. He also appeared frequently in documentaries about other musicians.


As actor[edit]


Title Year Role Medium Notes
Theatre 625 1968 Unidentified Television series Episode: "The Pistol Shot"[2][3]
The Image 1969 The Boy Short film
The Virgin Soldiers Soldier Feature film Uncredited
Pierrot in Turquoise or The Looking Glass Murders 1970 Cloud Television film [4]
The Man Who Fell to Earth 1976 Thomas Jerome Newton Feature film Saturn Award for Best Actor
Just a Gigolo 1978 Paul Ambrosius von Przygodski Feature film
Christiane F. 1981 Himself Feature film Cameo[5]
The Snowman 1982 Older James Television film Alternative opening
Baal Baal Television film
The Hunger 1983 John Blaylock Feature film
Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence Maj. Jack 'Strafer' Celliers Feature film
Yellowbeard The Shark Feature film Uncredited
Jazzin' for Blue Jean 1984 Screamin' Lord Byron / Vic Short film
Into the Night 1985 Colin Morris Feature film
Absolute Beginners 1986 Vendice Partners Feature film
Labyrinth Jareth the Goblin King Feature film
The Last Temptation of Christ 1988 Pontius Pilate Feature film
Dream On 1991 Sir Roland Moorecock Television series Episode: "The Second Greatest Story Ever Told"
The Linguini Incident Monte Feature film
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me 1992 Phillip Jeffries Feature film
Full Stretch 1993 Himself Television series Episode: "Ivory Tower"
Basquiat 1996 Andy Warhol Feature film
Gunslinger's Revenge 1998 Jack Sikora Feature film
Everybody Loves Sunshine 1999 Bernie Feature film
Omikron: The Nomad Soul Boz / The Dreamers Video game Voice
The Hunger 1999–2000 The Host / Julian Priest Television series 20 episodes
Empty 2000 Man Short film Short film[6]
Mr. Rice's Secret William Rice Feature film
Zoolander 2001 Himself Feature film Cameo
Nominated—MTV Movie Award for Best Cameo
The Rutles 2: Can't Buy Me Lunch 2002 Himself Television film
Extras 2006 Himself Television series Episode: "David Bowie"
The Prestige Nikola Tesla Feature film
Arthur and the Invisibles 2007 Emperor Maltazard Feature film Voice
SpongeBob SquarePants Lord Royal Highness (L.R.H) Television series Voice
Episode: "SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis"
August 2008 Cyrus Ogilvie Feature film
Bandslam 2009 Himself Feature film Cameo
Twin Peaks: The Return 2017 Phillip Jeffries Television series Archived footage
Released posthumously

As subject of documentary or video[edit]

This list contains documentaries and videos that have been officially released as films, television broadcasts and/or home video, ordered by date filmed. Bootlegs and privately distributed videos are not included. The list is selective, particularly with respect to television performances and interviews. A more complete list can be found in Nicholas Pegg's The Complete David Bowie (Titan, 2004, revised and updated 2011).

Title Year filmed Year first released Medium Releases Notes
Film Television VHS DVD
Love You Till Tuesday[7] 1969 1984 Promotional film 1984 2005 (UK) The film was unreleased until its 1984 video release.
The 2005 DVD release contains the television film Pierrot in Turquoise (also known as The Looking Glass Murders) as an extra.
No official title shown in film; known as "David Bowie Special" or "Nationwide Report - David Bowie"[8] 1973 (May) 1973 Documentary film 1973 (BBC1, Nationwide) This short 12-minute documentary was made for the BBC News TV programme Nationwide and narrated by Bernard Falk.
No official home video release.
Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars[9][10] 1973 (July) 1974 Concert film 1979 (world premiere);
1983 (general cinema release);
2002 (re-release)
1974 (ABC, In Concert; short 60 min version) 1984 1998;
2003 (enhanced version)
The film screened a few times in 16 mm format before its 1979 world premiere. Video and DVD releases were under the title Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars: The Motion Picture.
Jeff Beck appeared in the TV version, but not in other releases.
The 1980 Floor Show[11][12][13] 1973 (October) 1973 Promotional film / concert film 1973 (NBC, The Midnight Special) The film has been broadcast more than once on NBC since the first showing. Clips from the film were also shown on the UK television show Top of the Pops.
Marianne Faithfull, The Troggs and Carmen also appeared.
No official home video release.
Cracked Actor[14][15] 1974 1975 Documentary / concert film 1975 (BBC2), rebroadcast 2013 (BBC Imagine)[16] The film was made for the BBC's Omnibus documentary series.
No official home video release.
Live at the Beat Club[17][18] 1978 1978 Concert film 4 August 1978 (Radio Bremen, Musikladen) Filmed on 30 May 1978. Following its original broadcast, the film was shown in reruns on German TV and on VH1 in 2003.
No official home video release.
Serious Moonlight[19] 1983 1984 Concert video 1984 1999 (unofficial release);
2006 (official release)
The 2006 release also includes an extended version of the film Ricochet as an extra.
Ricochet[20][21][22] 1984 1985 Documentary / concert film 1986 (USA, Night Flight) 1985 2006 (extended version included as an extra on the Serious Moonlight DVD) The film version originally aired on U.S. television and released on VHS was approximately 58 minutes long. The version released as an extra on the 2006 Serious Moonlight DVD is an extended version running approximately 78 minutes.
The film has occasionally been screened since its TV and home video release.
Glass Spider[23] 1987 1988 Concert film 1988 (ABC special, David Bowie: Glass Spider Tour; short 50 min version) 1988 2001 (as Glass Spider Tour);
re-released 2007
Peter Frampton and Charlie Sexton also appeared.
Tin Machine Live: Oy Vey, Baby[24] 1991 1992 Documentary / concert film 1992 Alternate title is Tin Machine: Live at the Docks.
The film shows a 1991 Tin Machine concert in Hamburg, a different performance from those used on the Tin Machine Live: Oy Vey, Baby album release.
No official DVD release.
Bowie – The Video Collection[25] 1993 or earlier 1993 Music video compilation Prior to the home video release, individual music videos had been broadcast on various TV programs and channels. 1993 Compilation of music videos from Bowie's career up to 1993.
These videos were later included, along with new additional material, on the Best of Bowie DVD.
David Bowie: Black Tie White Noise[26] 1993 1993 Documentary (interview) / mimed performances / music video compilation (3 videos included at end) 1993 2005 Both the VHS release and the later DVD release contain interviews interspersed with mimed performances and followed by three music videos. The DVD contains additional chapter stops marking the start of the interviews.
David Bowie and Friends: A Very Special Birthday Concert[27] 1997 1997 Concert film Broadcast as a pay-per-view television special in the U.S. in March 1997 Bowie's 50th birthday concert, filmed at Madison Square Garden.
Frank Black, Foo Fighters, Sonic Youth, Robert Smith, Lou Reed and Billy Corgan also perform.
No official home video release.
VH1 Storytellers: David Bowie[28] 1999 1999 Concert film 1999 (VH1; VH1 Storytellers) (8 songs) 2009 (extended version, 12 songs) The original VH1 broadcast contained performances of 8 songs. The 2009 DVD and iTunes release contains the original 8 songs, plus performances of 4 additional songs.
Best of Bowie[29] 2002 or earlier 2002 Concert film / music video / documentary (interview) compilation Includes a clip from previously released film Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. Includes live clips that were broadcast on 1970s television shows The Old Grey Whistle Test, The Dick Cavett Show, TopPop, and Russell Harty Plus. Some individual music videos had also been broadcast on MTV, VH1 and other TV programs and channels. Includes material from earlier VHS releases, including all the music videos from Bowie – The Video Collection (1993), and clips from Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars: The Motion Picture (1984) and Serious Moonlight (1984). 2002 DVD compilation of live concert clips and music videos, most of which were previously released in some form. Includes the videos from Bowie – The Video Collection (1993) along with additional videos, live performance clips, an interview and an advertisement.
Also contains the promotional film Jazzin' for Blue Jean.
Some material is accessible only via Easter eggs.
Reality album bonus DVD[29] 2003 2003 Concert film 2003 Contains live in-studio performances of all Reality album tracks. DVD was released as a bonus with special tour edition of Reality album.
A Reality Tour[29] 2003 2004 Concert film 2004 Film of a live concert from the 2003–2004 Reality Tour.
Moonage Daydream 2022 2022 Documentary film First film to be officially authorized by Bowie's estate, exploring his creative, musical and spiritual journey through never-before-seen footage, performances and music.

As himself in other documentaries[edit]

This list is selective. For a more complete list, see Nicholas Pegg's The Complete David Bowie.

As producer[edit]

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