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David R. Boyd, A.S.C. is an American cinematographer, director, and camera operator best known for his role as director of photography for the FOX television series Firefly and the AMC series The Walking Dead.[1] He also worked as cinematographer on the first three episodes of HBO's Deadwood. On the NBC television series Friday Night Lights[2] he served as director of photography on 18 of 22 episodes in the first season and moved up to direct two more. Later he worked on the pilot, Beyond,[3] for Fox television. He also directed the film Home Run which was released in 2013.

Selected Filmography[edit]

The Walking Dead[edit]

Friday Night Lights[edit]

  • 1.12 "What to Do While You're Waiting"
  • 1.20 "Mud Bowl"
  • 2.05 "Let's Get It On"
  • 2.07 "Pantherama!"
  • 3.10 "The Giving Tree"
  • 5.03 "The Right Hand of the Father"


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