David Brandner

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David Brandner
Sven Koller as David Brandner (2008)
Verbotene Liebe character
Portrayed by Sven Koller
First appearance Episode 3234
September 11, 2008
Last appearance Episode 3634
June 15, 2010
Created by Tom Chroust
Jens Schleicher
Occupation Servant for the Lahnstein family
Former construction worker at Brandner Bau
Former surf teacher
Residence Brandner house
Cologne, Germany

David Brandner is a fictional character on the German soap opera Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love) portrayed by actor Sven Koller from September 11, 2008 to June 15, 2010.[1]


David lived in Australia and worked there as a surf teacher. He comes to Düsseldorf, when he hears about the breakup of their parents, that his mother Katja (Diana Frank) had a one-night stand with Lydia's boyfriend and is currently expecting a baby. He reunites with his mother and is the only one from his family, who wants to have contact with her. But the reunion with his mother, David also meets Sebastian von Lahnstein (Joscha Kiefer), the potential father of his mother's child, for the first time. But the first one he meets in town is Judith Hagendorf (Katrin Heß), who works for his father Matthias (Thomas Ohrner) at the construction company 'Brandner Bau'. Judith first thinks that David is a Swedish man, who wants to know more about their current project. She is shocked, when she soon later finds out that David is Matthias' son and the brother of her ex-boyfriend Fabian (Shai Hoffmann). In spite of that, Judith begins to fall for him, but David isn't the type for a serious relationship, according to his sister Lydia (Theresa Underberg), who is worried that Judith might get hurt. Judith wants to be near him anyway, but when they actually have some kind of a date, David is asked by Olivia Schneider (Kristina Dörfer) to take a model job. Because he needs the money, David takes Olivia's offer and promises Judith to hang out with her another time. Later, at the photo shooting, David isn't needed anymore and wants to chill some time by the pool, when he discovers Tanja von Lahnstein (Miriam Lahnstein), who he becomes totally fascinate over her. The two have a little chat, before David tries to flirt with her. Tanja takes him on that and he soon lands in the pool, after Tanja pushed him. After that David is sure about one thing: Tanja is a hell of a woman.