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David Brevik is a video game designer and producer known as the co-founder of Blizzard North (back then under the name Condor Inc.), the highly successful video game company behind titles such as the Diablo series.


Brevik grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and was educated at California State University, Chico from 1986 to 1991.[citation needed]

Following his position as lead technical director at Iguana Entertainment, Brevik left to form Condor / Blizzard North, holding a position as president on the company from September 1993 to 2003. GameSpot named him as 1996's fourth most influential person in computer gaming for his role in the inception and development of Diablo.[1]

Brevik resigned from Blizzard and co-founded Flagship Studios (in 2003) as well as Ping0 (in 2006), a sister company to Flagship Studios. After the company dissolved it was announced that he was appointed new creative director for Turbine and its new West coast studio.

In 2009, David Brevik began at Gazillion Entertainment in San Mateo, California working in the Gargantuan Studio.[2] In 2011, Gargantuan became Secret Identity Studios and David Brevik was named president and chief operating officer of Gazillion Entertainment.[3]


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