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David Brooks may refer to:



  • Mavado (singer) (David Constantine Brooks, born 1981), Jamaican dancehall artist
  • David Brooks, director of the 2012 film ATM
  • Bubba Brooks (David Kenneth Brooks, Jr., 1922–2002), American jazz musician
  • David Allen Brooks (born 1947), American film and television actor
  • David Brooks (actor) (1917–1999), American actor and stage director and producer



  • David Brooks (born 1955), teenage accomplice of serial killer Dean Corll
  • D. W. Brooks (David William Brooks, 1901–1999), American farmer and businessman
  • David Brooks (inventor), inventor who patented an insulator for telegraph lines in 1867 while working for the Central Pacific Railroad
  • David Brooks (politician) (1756–1838), United States representative in the Fifth United States Congress

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