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David Cayley

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David Cayley
Occupation(s)Writer and broadcaster
WebsiteOfficial website

David Cayley is a Toronto-based Canadian writer and broadcaster.[1] He is known for documenting philosophy of prominent thinkers of the 20th century - Ivan Illich, Northrop Frye, George Grant, and Rene Girard.[2]

His work has been broadcast on CBC Radio One's programme Ideas.[3]

List of works[edit]

  • Ivan Illich: An Intellectual Journey (2021) ISBN 978-0-271-08812-9 (Pennsylvania: Penn State University Press)
  • Ideas on the Nature of Science (2009) ISBN 978-0-86492-544-2 (Toronto: Goose Lane Editions)
  • The Rivers North of the Future: The Testament of Ivan Illich (2005) ISBN 0-88784-714-5 (Toronto: Anansi Press)
  • Puppet Uprising (2003) ISBN 0-660-19006-0 (Toronto: CBC Radio Canada)
  • Corruption of Christianity Illich, Ivan (Author) Cayley, David (Editor) (2000) ISBN 0-660-18099-5 (Toronto: Anansi Press)
  • Northrop Frye in Conversation interviews with Northrop Frye (2000) ISBN 0-88784-525-8 (Toronto: Anansi Press)
  • Expanding Prison (1998) ISBN 0-88784-603-3 (Toronto: Anansi Press)
  • George Grant in Conversation interviews with George Grant (1995) ISBN 0-88784-553-3 (Toronto: Anansi Press)
  • Ivan Illich in Conversation interviews with Ivan Illich (1992) ISBN 0-88784-524-X (Toronto: Anansi Press)

Ideas on the Nature of Science[edit]

Edited transcripts from the radio series have been turned into a book, published in 2009 by Gooselane Press as Ideas on the Nature of Science.[citation needed]

How To Think About Science - Radio Series Episodes[edit]

Episode Guests
Episode 1 Simon Schaffer
Episode 2 Lorraine Daston
Episode 3 Margaret Lock
Episode 4 Ian Hacking and Andrew Pickering
Episode 5 Ulrich Beck and Bruno Latour
Episode 6 James Lovelock
Episode 7 Arthur Zajonc
Episode 8 Wendell Berry
Episode 9 Rupert Sheldrake
Episode 10 Brian Wynne
Episode 11 Sajay Samuel
Episode 12 David Abram
Episode 13 Dean Bavington
Episode 14 Evelyn Fox Keller
Episode 15 Barbara Duden and Silya Samerski
Episode 16 Steven Shapin
Episode 17 Peter Galison
Episode 18 Richard Lewontin
Episode 19 Ruth Hubbard
Episode 20 Michael Gibbons, Peter Scott and Janet Atkinson Grosjean
Episode 21 Christopher Norris and Mary Midgely
Episode 22 Allan Young
Episode 23 Lee Smolin
Episode 24 Nicholas Maxwell


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