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David Churbuck is a blogger,[1] technology journalist,[2] and co-founder of Forbes.com.[3][4]


He enjoys sculling and cycling.[5]


In 1988 he wrote "The Book of Rowing"- a book about the history of the sport.[5]


Churbuck has over 25 years of experience in print and online media. He is currently the vice-president of communications at tech company Acquia. Prior to Acquia, he served as the vice-president of Global Web Marketing at Lenovo. From 1994-2000, he directed Forbes' new media strategy. He later joined McKinsey & Company, where he was responsible for launching the firm's e-commerce online publication.[5]

He began his career in journalism as an intern for Cape Cod Times. He eventually worked his way up to becoming political editor and Massachusetts statehouse bureau chief for the Lawrence Eagle-Tribune.[5]

In 1988, he joined Forbes magazine as a senior editor.[5]

Awards and honors[edit]

Churbuck has won a number of awards which include:

  • Computer Press Association's Business Story of the Year
  • National Association of Science Writers' story of the year
  • Two first-place awards in consecutive years in the Excellence in Technology Communications competition[5]


Churbuck and his wife together have three children.[5]


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