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The David Cohen Prize for Literature (est. 1993) is a biennial British literary award given to a writer, novelist, short-story writer, poet, essayist or dramatist in recognition of an entire body of work, written in the English language.[1] The prize is funded by the John S. Cohen Foundation and administered by Arts Council England.[2] The writer must be a British or Irish citizen. The winner is chosen by nomination and entries are not required. The prize is valued at £40,000.

In 2005, The David Cohen Prize incorporated the Clarissa Luard Award. The winner of the David Cohen Prize chooses the recipient of the Clarissa Luard Award, valued at £12,500.[2] The Clarissa Luard Award is funded by the Arts Council of England and is given to a writer under the age of 35 or an organisation that supports young writers.[2][3]

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