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David Dalrymple (born 23-July-1991) is an American computer science graduate student in the Harvard Biophysics PhD program studying worm Caenorhabditis elegans neurobiology and advanced microscopy.[1] At age eight, he was invited by Neil Gershenfeld to a White House event to demonstrate a device he had built using Lego Mindstorms.[2] At age nine, he joined Ray Kurzweil as a speaker at TED, and at age 14, he was the youngest person ever to enroll in an MIT graduate program.[3] In 2005, he obtained Bachelor of Science degrees in both Computer Science and Mathematics at age 13 from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.[4] He received a Master of Science degree in Media Arts and Sciences from the MIT Media Lab with a 5.0 GPA at age 16[5] and was a student at Singularity University in 2010.[3]

He has worked at MIT Media Lab Center for Bits and Atoms, Cambridge, MA, USA on new programming paradigms such as "Reconfigurable asynchronous logic automata: (RALA)".[6] On November 30, 2011, he lectured in Marvin Minsky's MIT class 6.868 (Society of Mind) on the topic of "Mind vs. Brain: Confessions of a Defector".[7] [8] Early entrepreneurial efforts included selling photography and fractal art, fundraising for multiple sclerosis charity, and portable camera-like devices to “read” street signs and menus aloud into headphones (to assist visually impaired individuals).[5] He has written essays for Edge.org every year since 2007.[9] In 2012, he obtained a research grant from the Thiel Foundation to establish new approaches to brain analysis and control.[1][10] He works for Twitter as an engineer as of May, 2014.


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