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David Day (born 14 October 1947 in Victoria, British Columbia) is a Canadian author of more than forty books: poetry, natural history, ecology, mythology, fantasy, and children's literature. Internationally, he is best known for his literary criticism on J. R. R. Tolkien and his works.[1]


After finishing high school in Victoria, British Columbia, Day worked as a logger for five years on Vancouver Island before graduating from the University of Victoria. Subsequently, he has travelled widely, most frequently to Greece and Britain.

Day has published six books of poems for adults and ten illustrated children's books of fiction and poetry. His non-fiction books on natural history include The Doomsday Book of Animals (1981), Noah's Choice: True Stories of Extinction and Survival (1990), and Nevermore: A Book of Hours – Meditations on Extinction (2012). His Doomsday Book became the basis for the 100-part animated-short TV series Lost Animals of the 20th Century in 1995/1996. His books on environmental activism include The Whale War (1987) and Eco Wars: A Layman's Guide to the Ecology Movement (1989).[2]

Day's best-selling books on the life and work of Tolkien, are: A Tolkien Bestiary (1978), The Tolkien Companion (1993), Tolkien's Ring (1994), The Hobbit Companion (2000), Tolkien: The Illustrated Encyclopedia (1992) and The World of Tolkien (2003). Day's Tolkien's Ring was illustrated by Academy Award-winning artist Alan Lee, as was Castles (1984), The Animals Within (1984), Gothic (1986) and Quest For King Arthur (1996).

In 2015 he published Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Decoded on the 150th anniversary of the publication of the classic book by Lewis Carroll.[3]



  • The Cowichan (1975)
  • Many Voices: An Anthology of Contemporary Canadian Indian Poetry (co-editor) (1977) ISBN 0-88894-134-X
  • The Scarlet Coat Serial (1981) ISBN 0-88878-135-0
  • The Animals Within (1984) ISBN 0-88878-135-0
  • Gothic (novel)|Gothic (1986) ISBN 978-0-920428-05-4
  • The Visions and Revelations of St. Louis the Metis (1997) ISBN 1-895449-64-2
  • Just Say 'No' to Family Values (1997) ISBN 1-55096-162-4

Natural history and ecology[edit]

Fantasy and mythology[edit]


  • History and Literature: Sound Heritage Anthology Series (editor) (1975)
  • Myth and the Mountains: Sound Heritage Anthology Series (editor) (1976)
  • Men of the Forest: Sound Heritage Anthology Series (editor) (1977)
  • Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Decoded (2015)

Children's fiction and poetry[edit]

Television, radio, film and theatre[edit]

  • The Scarlet Coat – University of Saskatchewan Theatre (1984)
  • The Lost – CBC Radio (1984)
  • Gothic – Royal Victoria Museum Theatre (1988)
  • The Emperor's Panda – Young People's Theatre of Toronto (1988)
  • Noah's Choice – Channel 4 Television (1990)
  • Still Life at the Penguin Cafe – Ballet – BBC Television (1993)
  • The Whale War – ITV Television Documentary (1993)
  • Lost Animals of the 20th Century – Channel 4 and NHK Japan TV series (1995/1996)
  • Just Say 'No' to Family Values – Poetry and Jazz – The Senator, Toronto (1998)
  • Arthur I & Arthur II – Royal Birmingham Ballet – Covent Garden, London (2000)


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