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David DeRosa (born 1973 in Ronkonkoma, New York) is an American painter, illustrator and graphic designer. His work is characterized primarily by bold colors and graphic minimalism, a style the artist describes as "POP Impressionism".[1]

In a 2006 interview with XFUNS Magazine DeRosa described Pop Impressionism: "I utilize traditional painting techniques and elements of design, color theory and geometry to translate a depiction of an instance, emotion, event or character thereby creating simplified, graphic icons of complex and often candid moments that visually "POP."[2]

In 2007 the artist embarked on the "Catechismic" Tour, a word DeRosa coined as a combination of "Cataclysm" and "Catechism": "I hope to create an open forum for dialogue through the use of carefully rendered, modern reincarnations of religious symbols, iconography and universal themes of spirituality and humanism as it applies to a broader, more contemporary audience, pack it into a van and take it across America in an attempt at connecting people on several levels and to help promote my idea of a deeper and more fulfilling worldview."[3]

His first solo show was in 2004 in Emeryville, California, as part of the launch for Flawless Magazine. Since then he has had solo exhibitions in San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City. His work also appears in the Hotel des arts in San Francisco, California.

Education and influences[edit]

DeRosa attended The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where he graduated with a BFA in illustration in 1997. Prior to that he studied Anatomy and Biology at UCSF. He cites M. C. Escher, Alphonse Mucha and Mondrian among his influences, and is a fourth-generation student of Auguste Rodin.


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