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David Deejay
Birth name Adi Cristian Colceru
Born (1980-12-10) December 10, 1980 (age 36)
Origin Bârlad, Romania
Genres Dance, House
Occupation(s) Producer, Composer, DJ
Years active 1998–2014
Website https://www.facebook.com/daviddeejayofficial?ref=hl

Adi Cristian Colceru also known as David Deejay (born December 10, 1980, in Bârlad), is a DJ, producer and composer from Bucharest, Romania.[1] He studied violin in primary school. After moving to Bucharest, he worked with several local producers, and in 2007 started with the hit single "Sexy Thing".[2][3] David Deejay released several singles in the last years. He has a long time collaboration with Dony (Cornel Donici from the band Refflex).[4]


Studies and beginnings in music[edit]

Born in Bârlad, Colceru studied violin at a special school.[5] At the age of 16 years started to mix songs on the computer.[1] In 2003 he moved to Bucharest, where he composed songs at MOF Records for Akcent, TNT, 3rei Sud Est and Hi-Q.[5]

David Deejay project[edit]

Besides time spent in the studio, Colceru appeared as DJ in clubs under the name DJ David, and in this period he composed his first single "Sexy Thing" where he collaborated with Cornel Donici from the band Refflex which had the nickname "Dony".[3][6] Colceru wanted the project to remain anonymous.[6][7] His single, "Sexy Thing" reached the number 1 spot and stationed for 12 weeks in the Romanian Top 100[8] and number 37 in the Bulgarian Top 100 where it stationed two weeks.[9] In December 2009 he entered the Dutch Top 40 with "Sexy Thing". In the Netherlands he lifts on the success of Eastern European acts like Inna and Edward Maya. "Sexy Thing" won the award for Best Dance Play at the MTV Romania Music Awards 2008, ceremony held at Iaşi.[10] The second single released, "Nasty Dream", was also a collaboration with Dony; the song peaked at number 1 in the top Romanian Top 100.[11] On April 30, 2009, Colceru released two songs simultaneously being the first Romanian artist to do so.[12] "I Can Feel" premiered at Vibe FM, with Ela Rose being the lead vocals that worked for this single, and "So Bizarre" (in collaboration with Dony) was presented for the first time at Radio 21.[12] The "So Bizarre" single reached number 1 in the Romanian Top 100. In 2011, David Deejay released the single "Perfect 2", in which was also featured P Jolie & Nonis.[13] This single peaked at number 26 on the charts,[14] and ended the year at the number 78 spot in the top 100 Romanian End-Year Chart 2011.[15]



  • Popcorn (2010)[16]
No. Title Length
1. "Sexy Thing" 3:14
2. "Nasty Dream" 3:14
3. "So Bizarre" 3:20
4. "Temptation" 3:31
5. "Disco Lights" 4:10
6. "Kiss The Deejay" 3:15
7. "Dubainian" 3:44
8. "So High" 3:43
9. "Jacuzzi" 4:00
10. "Sexy Thing (Extended Version)" 5:22
11. "Nasty Dream (Extended Version)" 4:03
12. "So Bizarre (Extended Version)" 5:15
13. "Sexy Thing (Deepside Deejays Official Remix)" 6:02
14. "Magnetic (Feat Ami)" 3:14
Total length: 56:07

All songs featuring Dony.


Year Title Chart Positions
Romanian Top 100 Bulgarian Top 100 Netherlands Top 40 Netherlands Dance 40
"Sexy Thing"
feat Dony
#1 #9 #3[17] #25[18]
"Nasty Dream"
feat Dony
"I Can Feel"
feat Ela Rose
#3 #2
"So Bizarre"
feat Dony
#1 #8
feat Dony
#1 #37
feat Mossano

"Perfect 2"

feat P Jolie & Nonis


Year Title Section Nominated for: Result Reference
2008 Romanian Music Awards
Best New Act
"Sexy Thing"
Best Song
"Sexy Thing"
Best DJ
"Sexy Thing"
2009 Romanian Music Awards
Best Dance
"Nasty Dream"
Best DJ
"Nasty Dream"
New Sound Creator
"Nasty Dream"


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