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David Devant & His Spirit Wife
David Devant & His Spirit Wife at The Lexington, 2014.jpg
David Devant & His Spirit Wife performing in December 2014 at The Lexington in London.
Background information
OriginBrighton, England
GenresIndie rock, art rock, Britpop[1]
Years active1992 (1992)–present
Cover of a comic book given away at David Devant gigs

David Devant & His Spirit Wife are an indie/art rock band from Brighton, England. They are named after the English magician and early film exhibitor, David Devant (1868–1941).


The band were formed in Brighton in May 1992 by Mikey Georgeson, songwriter, singer, guitarist and keyboard player, Foz Foster, the ex-guitarist of the Monochrome Set, Jem Egerton, a classically trained musician, who played bass, and the drummer Graham Carlow. Georgeson derived the name for his band from a second-hand copy of My Magic Life, the autobiography of the great English stage magician, David Devant (1868–1941). One of Devant's stage illusions was to produce a floating apparition of his ‘spirit wife’. Georgeson told the Sunday Times, "I knew it was lazy just to nick the name, David Devant and His Spirit Wife, so I decided to research the man. I read the book and his nickname at school was the same as mine – Monkey Face… Our motto – like his – is All Done by Kindness.".[2]

Georgeson explained the idea behind the band to the Brighton Punter magazine: "It's quite simple really, as a magician Devant didn't really fulfil himself so he said 'I shall walk down the corridors of contemporary music', so he chose us. I am his vessel."[3]- hence Georgeson's new stage name, The Vessel. The rest of the band also assumed new names: The Colonel (Egerton), Professor Rimschott (Carlow), and Foz? (pronounced 'Foz Questionmark'). The line-up was completed by "the Lantern", who provided film and light, and two "Spectral Roadies", known as IceMAN (Nick Curry) and Cocky Young'un (Gary Smith), who accompanied the music with visual jokes and magic using cardboard props.

Poster from a 1993 Christmas gig in Brighton. Left to right: The Colonel, Cocky Young'un, Foz, Professor Rimschott, Vessel, and IceMAN.

In concert, the Vessel, who wore a black pompadour Elvis wig and a pencil moustache, might appear flying on a magic carpet, projected as a shadow on a paper screen, or be sawn in half by the roadies. At one Halloween concert, at the Duke of York's Picture House, Brighton, he was fired out of a cannon from the stage, emerging at the far end of the hall in tattered clothes, his face blackened. The climax of every show was the appearance of the Spirit Wife, manifested in the form of a Victorian lace nightgown waved on a pole, while the audience was instructed, 'Don Spirit Specs Now!'

After the 1997 release of their first album, Work, Lovelife, Miscellaneous,[4] the Radio One Breakfast DJ, Mark Radcliffe, told the Sunday Times, 'Initially I was intrigued by the look of them, by the name, by the image. Then I heard some really good songs. It certainly helps that they sound like early Bowie. Since most people will never see the band play, unless the records themselves work there is no point to all the theatricality. But this lot are messing about with the concept of what makes a pop band. Their act isn't just a gimmick. We need more bands like them.'[2]

On 11 December 1999, at the Falcon in Camden, Georgeson unveiled a new David Devant, stripped of the theatricality of the earlier version. The Spectral roadies and the Vessel's wig had gone, and Foz? had been replaced by John Pope on guitar. The accompanying album, Shiney on the Inside,[5] had a harder-edged sound, with driving glam-inspired anthems, "Radar" and "Space Daddy". Eddie Argos, of another art-rock band, Art Brut, would later describe Shiney on the Inside as 'one of the greatest albums ever made.'[6]

In 2002, the original line-up of David Devant reunited, beginning with a concert at Komedia Brighton, on 8 April. A third album was released, 2004's Power Words for Better Living.[7]

Side projects[edit]

Performing as Mr Solo, Georgeson has made appearances as part of This Happy Band, a loose collective of artists, poets and musicians who have performed together at art events including 'Dead Season / Live Art' for Limbo Arts in Margate[8] and Nunhead Open Exhibition 2009 and 2011.[9]

Georgeson is a lecturer at the University of East London,[10] and has produced artwork shown by Sartorial Contemporary Art and Dulwich Picture Gallery.[11]


Current line-up[edit]

  • The Vessel (Mikey Georgeson, also known by pseudonym Mr Solo) (lead vocals, keyboards, guitar)
  • Foz? (James Foster) (guitar, saw)
  • The Colonel (Jem Egerton) (bass)
  • Professor Rimschott (Graham Carlow) (drums)
  • The Genius (saxophone)

Previous additional members[edit]

  • ICEman (Nick Curry) (spectral roadie)
  • Cocky Young'un (Gary Smith) (spectral roadie)
  • Lantern (projections)
  • John Pope (Jon Klein)



  • Don Spirit Specs Now! (1993) [Cassette Only]
  1. Miscellaneous
  2. Madame Devant
  3. Don't Tell Me / Slumberland
  4. Monkey's Birthday
  5. Goodnight
  6. David's Coming Back
  7. Look What They've Done To My Song, Ma
  • Work, Lovelife, Miscellaneous (16 June 1997) - #70 UK Album Chart
  1. Ginger
  2. Miscellaneous
  3. Lie Detector
  4. The Last Ever Love Song
  5. I Think About You
  6. Parallel Universe
  7. Re-Invent the Wheel
  8. Ballroom
  9. This is for Real
  10. I'm Not Even Going to Try
  11. Light on the Surface
  12. Goodnight
  • Shiney On The Inside (13 July 2000)
  1. Radar
  2. One Track Mind
  3. Dangerous Dilettante
  4. 21
  5. Sex Maniacs
  6. One Thong After Another
  7. Space Daddy
  8. Groover
  9. Shiney on the Inside
  10. Here Come the Impostors
  11. Take a Deep Breath
  12. Track 12
  • Power Words For Better Living (12 April 2004)
  1. About It
  2. Contact
  3. Gentleman Jim
  4. The Real World
  5. Social Comet
  6. Whatever Turns You On
  7. Souls Window
  8. Any Fool Can Fall in Love
  9. Holiday on Ice
  10. You Saw Me Coming
  11. Hidden Track
  • The Lost World Of David Devant (2006) [rarities compilation]


  1. Misc (Eringer Production)
  2. Monkeys Birthday
  3. One Track Mind
  4. Pimlico 95
  5. Slumberland
  6. Happy Accident
  7. Gentle-Man Jim
  8. Taking My Time
  9. Big Man
  10. Light on the Surface
  11. Giant
  12. My Magic Life
  13. The End is Nice
  14. Twenty One


  1. Ginger
  2. Don't Tell Me
  3. Madame Devant
  4. Reinvent the Wheel
  5. David Devant
  6. Black & White
  7. Parallel Universe
  8. Pimlico Live
  9. Easy Being Sleazy
  10. Everything Fits
  11. Making Monsters
  12. Out of Order
  13. Davids Coming Back
  14. Mr Talent


  • "Cookie" / "One Hand" // "Trouble" / "Untitled" – 1995)
  • "Pimlico" / "This is For Real" // "Magic Life" / "David's Coming Back" – Sept 1996
  • "Miscellaneous" / "Ballroom" – 1996
  • "Ginger" / "Life on a Crescent" // "Slip It To Me" (live) / "Parallel Universe Pt 2" – 10 March 1997 – #54 UK Singles Chart
  • "This Is For Real" / "Ghost in My House" // "Pimlico" (live) – 9 June 1997 – #61 UK
  • "This Is For Real" / "Why Can't Someone Else" / "Everything Fits Into Place"
  • "Lie Detector" (remix) / "Who We Are – 13 October 1997 – #84
  • "Lie Detector" (remix) / "Black and White"
  • "Radar" / "Dolphin Square" // "Incurable" – 18 October 1999
  • "Space Daddy" / "Born Yesterday" // "Imposters (Mixed Up)" – 3 July 2000
  • "Contact" / "One Thing" // "Lifeline" – Outstanding Records OSTRS002 – 22 March 2004
  • "About It" / "Any Fool Can Fall In Love" – OSTRS003 – 22 November 2004


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