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David George Doak (born 11 November 1967) is a Northern Irish video game designer. Originally from Belfast,[1][2] he later moved to England, where he studied at Oxford University on biochemistry specialty[3] and worked as a research scientist.[4] Doak began his video game career working with Rare where he provided network support for Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! and helped develop the critically acclaimed GoldenEye 007[5] and Perfect Dark for the Nintendo 64. His facial likeness and name were used for a non-player character in Goldeneye 007, a scientist named 'Dr. Doak'.

Doak left Rare in 1998[6] with video game composer Graeme Norgate to help start Free Radical Design. From there he worked on the hugely successful video game series TimeSplitters[7] and two other video games called Haze[8] and Second Sight.

Doak left Free Radical (which now is known as Deep Silver Dambuster Studios) in 2009 and set up his own Nottingham-based studio, Zinkyzonk, which would develop games for Facebook.[9] The company evolved from his defunct studio Pumpkin Beach.[10] Zinkyzonk released their first game, Gangsta Zombies, at 11 July 2010 in partnership with Jolt Online Gaming. The company was dissolved in April 2013.[11]