David Doremus

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David Doremus
Nanny and the Professor David Doremus Circa 1970 No 2.jpg
David Doremus, circa 1970
Born David Alan Doremus
(1957-12-23) December 23, 1957 (age 59)
Residence Palmdale, California, USA
Occupation Businessman; former actor
Spouse(s) Erin Colleen Doremus (born 1959)
Children 4

David Alan Doremus (born December 23, 1957)[1] is a California businessman who as a child actor appeared as Hal Everett on ABC's Nanny and the Professor and as George "G.W." Haines for five years on CBS's The Waltons.

According to the story line for Nanny and the Professor, Doremus is the oldest of three children of widowed college professor Harold Everett (played by Richard Long), who hired Phoebe Figalilly (Juliet Mills) as housekeeper and nanny. The character Hal is scientific-oriented and good at mechanical matters.

Doremus also provided the voice of Hal Everett on a brief cartoon version of Nanny and the Professor, which aired on ABC as the "Saturday Superstar Movie" in limited showings in 1972 and 1973.[2]

In 1972, Doremus, at the age of fourteen, was cast as G.W. Haines, boyfriend of Mary Ellen Walton (Judy Norton Taylor) & later Erin Walton (Mary Beth McDonough) in the series The Waltons. Doremus appeared through November 10, 1977. In the episode "The First Casualty", his character died in a training accident in the early phase of World War II.[3]

Doremus appeared on NBC's Bonanza in 1972. His last role was in 1981 as Chuck in the film Rivals on the USA network. This film was also known as The Stranger at Jefferson High.[2]

David Doremus is the son of Robert Alan Doremus (born 1935) and Judy Doremus. Before his first television roles, Doremus had already begun acting in television commercials at the age of seven. He once indicated that he wanted to attend the University of Southern California and aspired to become a dentist.[4] Since 1980, Doremus has been in the mobile electronics business. He is married to Erin Colleen Doremus (born 1959) and is the father of four children. A former resident of Glendale, Doremus lives with his family in Palmdale in Los Angeles County.[5]


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