David Dragunsky

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David Dragunsky
DA Dragunskiy.jpg
Born 2 February 1910
Svyatsk, Chernigov Governorate
Died 12 October 1992(1992-10-12) (aged 82)
Allegiance  Soviet Union  Russia
Awards Hero of the Soviet Union Hero of the Soviet Union Order of Lenin (2)

David Abramovich Dragunsky (Давид Абрамович Драгунский; 1910, Svyatsk, Chernigov Governorate - 1992 Moscow) was born to a Jewish family and became a Colonel General in the Soviet Army. Twice he was decorated as a Hero of the Soviet Union.


In 1938, he commanded a tank company during combat operations near Khasan Lake and was awarded an Order of the Red Banner. During World War II, he was in command of a tank battalion and, in 1943, he became the commander of the 55th Guards Tank Brigade of the 3rd Guards Tank Army.

In 1983, he was designated chairman of Anti-Zionist committee of the Soviet public by the Ideological Department of the CPSU Central Committee and the KGB.


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