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David Eccles School of Business (logo).png
Sfebb exterior univ of utah.jpg
The Spencer Fox Eccles Business Building
Former name
School of Commerce & Finance
Type Public
Established 1917 (1917)
Dean Taylor Randall
Academic staff
Undergraduates 4,409
Postgraduates 1,235
Location Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Campus Map
Language English
Website www.business.utah.edu

The David Eccles School of Business is located on the campus in Salt Lake City, Utah. The school was founded as the "School of Commerce & Finance" in 1917 and subsequently changed its name to "School of Business" in 1927 although business classes were taught through the Economics & Sociology department at the university starting in 1896. The David Eccles School of Business is located on the University of Utah campus in Salt Lake City, Utah. The school currently offers eight undergraduate majors, four MBA programs, five other graduate programs, a PhD program, and executive education offerings.[1] The Eccles School is home to over 31,000 alumni in all 50 U.S. states and many countries.

The School is also home to several prominent centers and institutes including the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, the Sorenson Center for Global Impact Investing, and the Ivory-Boyer Real Estate Center.


The school is the namesake of David Eccles, a Utah industrialist who was the first multimillionaire in the state.

In 1896, University of Utah business education was part of the Economics and Sociology Department. The need to expand academic offerings lead the University of Utah to establish the School of Commerce and Finance in 1917. In its first year, 126 students enrolled, over the next 80 years the enrollment figure increased over 25 times. Today, the David Eccles School of Business educates over 4100 students in six departments of study.

In 1927,[2] the name of the school was changed to "School of Business" and course divisions included Accounting, Distribution and Production, Finance, and Economics. In 1933, the first graduate degrees were awarded. The School of Business was officially accredited by the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business in August 1936. In 1955, the MBA program was instituted at the School of Business.[3] The School's first MBA degrees were awarded in 1957, and its departments were reorganized to Accounting, Finance, Management, and Marketing.

In 1991 a $15 million endowment was given by Eccles’ youngest daughter, Emma Eccles Jones,[4] to honor the legacy of her late father, David Eccles. With that gift, the school was renamed to the David Eccles School of Business.[5][6] David Eccles was a leading pioneer industrialist who in the latter part of the 19th century founded 48 businesses in various sectors throughout Utah, Idaho, Oregon, and Wyoming.


The C. Roland Christensen Center.

The University of Utah campus is located on the lower bench of the Rocky Mountains within driving distance of seven ski resorts and five national parks. The David Eccles School of Business is located on the southern end of campus. Currently the business school campus includes the Business Classroom Building (BuC), the C. Roland Christensen Center (CRCC),[7] and the Spencer Fox Eccles Business Building (SFEBB).

The SFEBB, the school’s flagship building, broke ground[8] in 2011[9][10] and had a complete project cost of $72 million.[11] It was the first LEED Certified building on the University of Utah’s main campus.[12] Its doors were opened to faculty and staff in November 2012[13][14] and to students attending class in January 2013.[15]


Eccles' programs include a 21-month weekend-based Executive MBA (EMBA) program, a high-level management program designed for experienced professionals with an average work experience of 14 years, a 24-month weeknight-based Professional MBA (PMBA) program with an average work experience of 5 years, and a new MBA Online program.

The Executive MBA program was most recently ranked 22nd nationally and 83rd globally by the Financial Times.[16] It is the only school in Utah to be ranked in the Financial Times’ top-100 Executive MBA programs. The Professional MBA program was most recently ranked 42nd nationally by Bloomberg BusinessWeek.[17] It is the only school in Utah to be ranked in BusinessWeeks' top part-time MBA programs. The Full-time MBA program currently checks in at #59.[18] The Master of Accounting, Master of Finance, and Master of Information Systems programs are all well regarded and the Master of Real Estate Development program is one of 5 in the western half of the United States. The Master of Science in Business Analytics is the latest offering from the business school starting Fall 2016.



The interior of the Spencer Fox Eccles Business Building.
  • Executive MBA: No. 83 in the world (Financial Times, 2015) [23]
  • Professional MBA: No. 42 in the nation, No. 8 in the west (Bloomberg Businessweek, 2015)[24]
  • Full-time MBA: No. 59 in the nation, No. 9 in the west (Bloomberg Businessweek, 2015)[25]
  • Master of Finance: No. 20 in the world (Finance Management Association)[26]
  • Accounting: Undergrad Accounting is No. 21 in the nation, Master of Accounting is No. 22 in nation. Among mid-sized schools, Master of Accounting is No. 8 in nation, Undergrad Accounting is No. 7 in nation (Public Accounting Report, 2016)[27]



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