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David Edelstadt
Born(1866-05-09)9 May 1866
Died17 October 1892(1892-10-17) (aged 26)

David Edelstadt (Yiddish: דוד עדעלשטאַט; May 9, 1866, Kaluga, Russia – 17 October 1892, Denver, Colorado) was a Russian-American anarchist poet in the Yiddish language.[1] Edelstadt immigrated to Cincinnati and worked as a buttonhole maker, while publishing Yiddish labor poems in Varhayt and Der Morgenshtern. He was editor of the Yiddish anarchist newspaper Fraye Arbeter Shtime in 1891 but left the post after contracting tuberculosis, moving west to seek a cure. He continued to send the newspaper his poems until his death a year later.[2]

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