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David Edmonds (philosopher)

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David Edmonds (born 1964[1]) is a British philosopher, and a radio feature maker at the BBC World Service. He studied at Oxford University, has a PhD in philosophy from the Open University and has held fellowships at the University of Chicago and the University of Michigan. Edmonds is the author of Caste Wars: A Philosophy of Discrimination and co-author with John Eidinow of Wittgenstein's Poker: The Story of a Ten-Minute Argument Between Two Great Philosophers and Bobby Fischer Goes to War: How the Soviets Lost the Most Extraordinary Chess Match of All Time.

With Nigel Warburton he produces the popular podcast series Philosophy Bites.[2]

He also presents the Philosophy 24/7 podcast series[3] produced by Hugh Fraser of the Storynory podcast, and consults with Michael Chaplin on the BBC radio plays The Ferryhill Philosophers.

He has also written a book on the trolley problem, entitled Would You Kill the Fat Man?. In this he outlines the problem and several of its variations, providing a rounded view on the trolley problem whilst analysing many ethical theories and how they would respond to the trolley problem.

Selected works[edit]

  • Wittgenstein's Poker, Faber & Faber, 2001. ISBN 978-0-571-20909-5
  • Bobby Fischer Goes to War: How the Soviets Lost the Most Extraordinary Chess Match of All Time. 2004. HarperCollins Publishers. ISBN 0060510242
  • Rousseau's Dog: Two Great Thinkers at War in the Age of Enlightenment. 2006. ISBN 978-0060744915
  • Caste Wars, Routledge, 2006. ISBN 978-0-415-38537-4
  • Would You Kill the Fat Man, Princeton University Press, 2013. ISBN 9781400848386
  • Undercover Robot, My First Year as a Human with Bertie Fraser, Walker Books, 2020. ISBN 978-1406388664
  • The Murder of Professor Schlick: The Rise and Fall of the Vienna Circle, Princeton University Press, 2020. ISBN 978-0691-16490-8
  • Parfit: A Philosopher and His Mission to Save Morality, Princeton University Press, 2023. ISBN 978-0-691-22523-4


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