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David Elfick
Born (1944-12-20) 20 December 1944 (age 72)
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Occupation Director, producer, actor
Years active 1969–present

David Elfick (born 20 December 1944)[1] is an Australian film and television writer, director, producer and occasional actor. He is known for his association with writer-director Phillip Noyce with whom he has collaborated on films including Newsfront (1978) and Rabbit-Proof Fence (2002).[2]


Elfick began his film career as the producer of the 1971 surf movie Morning of the Earth, directed by Alby Falzon. In 1973 Elfick collaborated with surfer, writer and cinematographer George Greenough as producer-director of Crystal Voyager. This became one of the most successful Australian surf movies ever made, grossing over A$100,000 on its first release, followed by six-month run in London, where it ran on a double bill with René Laloux's Fantastic Planet and grossed over UK£100,000.

Elfick was co-writer (with Philippe Mora) of the original story for the acclaimed docu-drama Newsfront, in which he also had a small role, and he also had a minor role (as a projectionist) in Albie Thoms' Palm Beach (1979). In addition to writing, Elfick has also worked as a director, making his directorial debut in 1969. Directing credits include Crystal Voyager (1973), Love in Limbo (1993), and No Worries (1994).[3]

Elfick's credits as a producer include the pop film Starstruck (1982), the comedy Emoh Ruo (1985), the drama Blackrock (1997) and the multi-award-winning Rabbit Proof Fence (2002).



Year Title Notes
1969 Magnificent Males
1973 Crystal Voyager
1975 Surfabout 75
1976 The Levi Strauss Story
1988 Fields of Fire II Miniseries
1990 Harbour Beat
1993 Love in Limbo
1994 No Worries
1998 Never Tell Me Never Television film
2002 Gliding with George
2003 Combat Women Documentary

Acting credits[edit]

Year Title Role Notes
1975 The Golden Cage Man at Party
1978 Newsfront Rocker
1980 Palm Beach Projectionist
1985 Emoh Ruo Suitor



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