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David Ellis is a Canadian architect.

Ellis is arguably the most well known and celebrated Northern Ontario architect.[citation needed] He is a graduate of Carleton University's Faculty of Engineering, School of Architecture and a member of the Ontario Association of Architects, the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, the State of Michigan Board of Architects, the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario and is a LEED Accredited Professional. He was the founder, principal and lead designer of the firms Epa, Epo, and Epoh; his firm is now known as David Ellis Architect. Ellis' work has been honoured with the Laboratory of the Year Award in the USA, as well as recognition from the Association of Interior Designers of Ontario, Ontario Association of Architects, American Woodwork Council. Speaking engagements include the Commonwealth Scientific Conference, The Pittsburgh Scientific Conference, The Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association, Ontario Global Traders and other venues.

Additionally, he is an accomplished competitive cyclist, having won gold medals as Ontario Best Allround Time Trial Champion for two years running, plus silver and bronze in other years. He used his racing experience to become a frame designer, along with longtime friend, associate and master craftsman, Hans Metzen. Their bicycles have been ridden by athletes competing in National and World Championships, both on the road and track.


The work of David Ellis is regularly featured in design and architectural journals and has received a number of international and national design awards, such as his winning entry for the World Bank's Malaysian Health Development Project Design Competition, awards from the American Architectural Woodwork Institute (LSSU Crawford Hall), the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario (Floreani Clinic) and the Canadian Terrazzo, Tile and Marble Institute (John Rhodes Community Pool). Recognition of technical expertise is evidenced by his R&D Magazine's "Laboratory of the Year" and two "Ontario Global Traders Awards" for his research and work abroad.

His design work has been recently published in: The Canadian Architect, Perspectives, One Thousand Architects, Architecture Malaysia, Magazin fur Kunden und Mitarbeiter, DimensionsMagazine, Research and Development Magazine, Steel Design, Canada's Cultural Places, Canada Builds Magazine, etc. He has also contributed in many architecturally related areas, such as the Ontario government's "Heritage Tool Kit". He was the keynote speaker to the Commonwealth Scientific Congress, held in Sarawak, Borneo, the Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association annual convention in Chicago, and the Ontario Global Trader’s Awards, in addition to lecturing at Construct Canada, Toronto, the Pittsburgh Scientific Conference and many other architectural design and historical symposia.

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